Surviving Survivor

Reviews For Surviving Survivor

Have listened to you for the last month since I'm rewatching them with my boyfriend. We love you guys and are really hoping that you'll continue on!! We listen on our way to work and find you guys hilarious! Please come back and do more episodes !!!!
This podcast is a must-listen for all Survivor fans. Daniel and Nathaniel are funny and interesting in their episode commentary. They're like the Rob to my Amber and the Ted to my Ghandia.
Now you don't have to! Survivor expert Daniel and self proclaimed Noob Nathaniel (although at times begrudgingly) watch for you and break it down in their weekly recaps. It's fun listening to Nathaniel pick up on small nuances and totally ignore things that become Survivor history. Daniel is a great guide! Even their segues (I know far too much about their youth) are hilarious. DL it today!
Perfect companion to my rewatch.
GHE37 and The Funky Magistrate consistently deliver excellent entertainment. Captivating and habit forming.
This show is a lot of fun. Just 2 good friends talking about a great show. Nathaniel is really growing in his knowledge of the game and Daniel is a great navigator thru the episodes. Keep it going gentlemen, thank you!
As a huge Survivor fan and a huge podcast listener, I listen to a ton of shows about Survivor. Most of them are podcasts about the current season as it is airing, with a few that are about fans going back and revisiting the old seasons. This podcast is going through the old seasons as well, but with the unique twist being that one of the hosts is experiencing the show for the first time and giving his impressions as he goes which adds a very fun perspective that I haven't really seen before. Very enjoyable, would recommend to any Survivor superfan like myself.
Getting a shoutout on nearly every episode is probably the closest I’ll ever come to being famous. Dan and Nathaniel are pretty great, too. Love the podcast!
This concept is actually genius. I'm currently rewatching the entirety of Survivor, so this fits in well! Regardless if you are rewatching or not, Nathaniel and Dan are entertaining and provide interesting insights of the show and the game. This was recommended to me, and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite podcasts. Blood is delicious.
As somebody who has never watched Survivor, I find myself enjoying the enthusiasm both Nathaniel and Dan bring to this genre. (Of which I have no idea if it is actually "a thing.") Really fun, and breaks things down for a "noob" such as myself.