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Can’t get enough of these stories..
This is the best writer in the world! Up there with Steven King and Lovecraft!! Keep at it!
As I listened to your other work (derelict) I discovered this wonderful tale. I feel like I’m in the story next to the characters living the story.
It is such a good podcast. This is such a good app I love it so much it is so far so good game
Love it!!!
All of the books for the theories are amazing please do a book on zombies
I’m feeling withdrawals where is my Friday unload! This series has been absolutely amazing! Mr. Cooley jumps into your imagination and pulls an epic world to the forefront of your mind...and then he fills it with monsters... everything with this mans name on it is gold!
I wrote this in the wrong feed but this does not change the fact that that what I said was true, I loved this series and. And I started listening to The Black On Thursday and justed finished listening to The Black:outbreak I just could nto put it down when I started to listen to it,
Started in December 2018. This is a great story. Done with original piece starting Arrival and I’m all in.
Loved the first book. Will be purging the second book.
Great series! Loved it! Buying soon!
The Black series of novels is ncredibly well crafted and kept me fasciated through several weekends of binge listeneing.
I just binged listening to The Black stories. My skin is still crawling! Great storyline and had me on the edge of my chair. Can't wait to hear what the leftover characters get to do!
Amazing!!! I want more!!!
All I ask in a podcast is that it entertains me. This podcast has a great story and is fantastic horror.
Thankfully this entire three part series easilt fit into a single work week so that i could only go one week without a solid 8 hour sleep. The mood is well set and the paid content is only better. I listened to the podcast first and then just had to get the book to add to my collection. A few friends loved this story so much we even put together a survival horror Table top game for it. Spoilers... They all died.
This guy keeps you riveted and unable to turn this off. You have got to listen to this!!
Paul Cooley captures the claustrophobia of being on an offshore oil drilling rig. But what at first looks like a beautiful rich field of oil turns out to be a living hungry frightening nightmare inducing monster. When Paul Cooley says "We don't believe in happy endings" don't doubt it for even a fraction of a second.
I was doubtful about oil becoming this thing that kills people. But I kept on listening and couldn’t stop. It was a great story and Good job to Cooley. I can’t wait for Closet Treats!
Great story!
Check it out. Great stuff
I hope to find something akin to other great podcasts like Below or Earthcore but just gave up after investigating 7 hours. Too many plot holes, not enough science, minimal character development and just poor writing. Give this a pass.
Paul Cooley writes great, scary stories about people. Sometimes it’s action adventure horror like the Black, or psychological horror or supernatural horror or suspense…okay sometimes it’s scifi dinosaur fights, but that’s another thing. The Black is first and foremost a great story about people in a bad situation. It’s like 'Deep Blue Sea’ meets ‘The Thing’. A few technical glitches do not mar the quality storytelling and setup for scares to come.
This is a wonderful monster story. It really got under my skin and creeped me out and that is not easy to do. Cooley has created a fascinating monster. He has written a very complete story while still leaving you with the feeling, and fear, that we really have no idea what the full size and future threat of this creature might be. I find myself thinking about this story again and again. Do yourself a favor and check it out. You won't regret it.