Diamond Dreams Baseball Performance Podcast

Reviews For Diamond Dreams Baseball Performance Podcast

Amazing info! Great work!
Love listening to this podcast- lots of great information!
Love listening to this every day.
Awesome podcast for the sport one of, if not the best one that covers all the aspects of the game.
Awesome! Not only is it a pleasure to listen to, this podcast provides you with essential information for becoming the best player you can be. The Don Shehan interview was extremely informative and I will tell all my high school students who are looking to play at the next level to tune in. There is a lot more involved in selecting the right college then a lot of students think and this is very helpful.
I really like it! Good job!
Awesome information for all aspects of the game! Love it so far and can't wait to hear more!
Jon is knowledgeable, passionate and has the personality to make him a great teacher. The podcasts are a great medium to expand DD reach to the world. Any baseball or softball player, coach or parent looking to learn and improved their game should not miss this opportunity to listen to what Jon has to say.
Great content for all on all aspects of the game!
Hitting at it's best!
Very enlightening content so far! Looking forward to seeing more episodes.