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I always love how this show just pops up on my feed, a welcome and refreshing surprise! Great to hear these guys just rambling about stuff, some big issues but a LOT of fluffy nonsense stuff... nice change from all the heavy.
This is an enjoyable, sometimes laugh out loud podcast about whatever Thomas and Sam want to talk about. Get to know them - they are two funny guys.
Brothers make each other laugh with bits on their shared experiences, including tv commercials, fast food, their dad, and any random thoughts they remembered to write down
Check out everything by Thomas Smith: Serious Inquiries Only, Thomas and the Bible, and Opening Arguments.
I came to Shoosh through Serious Inquiries Only and Opening Arguments (great shows in their own right). I like the ranting, rambling humor that Thomas and Sam bring. It is usually a nice, light-hearted show. Listen now!
Will this new character introduction be looked back on as the moment Sam and Thomas jumped the proverbial shark? Or will it breathe new life into the show as listeners tune in each week to hear if TinyBaby has started doing anything yet?! Sooooo muuuuuccccchhhhh draaaammmmmaaaaa.
I listen just for the Dad stories, because mine sucked, too. But occasionally the guys say something else entertaining.
One of those I look forward to every week. You guys are great.
Don't expect structured comedy routines. The "FUNNY" is in quotes for a reason. I have been binge-listening to Thomas and Sam's previous podcast (F This!) between Shoosh sodes. I don't know what I'll do when I have to wait a week between fixes. Probably die or find a new podcast or something. This probably isn't the show for you if don't enjoy sudden bursts of laughter or seemingly unexplainable irritation toward the world around you. Thomas has a hundred other podcasts, so check those out if you enjoy this one, which you will. Unfortunately, if you want to hear more from Sam, he doesn't exist anywhere but this podcast.
If I had to describe this podcast in three words, those words would be "a violent and ill-fated abortion of the primal mother, a savage and dismal catastrophe of nature." By the way, Sam, Thomas, if you are reading this, hi, it's dad. I know I never said this enough when you boys were growing up (it is just really difficult for me to open up emotionally), but both of you really disappoint me.
Facebook told me to leave a 5 star review.. So I did.
Hilarious, and I have to wonder why there isn't more widespread recognition of this. Maybe the humor presented is more Jersey dockworker oriented? I can only speculate though, as I myself have known nothing else than that hard and desolate life.
Many podcasts have those segments that feel like they are droning on; they aren't bad, but aren't enjoyable. Not so with Shoosh. Every single minute of this show is great. Sam and Thomas have a really good back-and-forth that is extremely entertaining and sometimes thought provoking. It's hard to articulate, but there's something really special about this podcast and it's absolutely worth the listen. Always good, but then there's those moments where it is extraordinarily funny, and they are some of my favorite moments in all of podcasting. Keep it up, guys.


This is the only podcast I'm a patron of. Lol.
Funny stories and commentary.
This show is less of a comedy show and more of an outlet for ranting for the two hosts, Sam and Thomas. They rant about pretty much everything, from TV commercials to stupid people at work; from politics to their emotionally-stunted dad; and pretty much everything else that upsets them. Which is pretty much everything that exists, has existed, or could possibly exist. I think Thomas would probably be a nice guy if it weren't for hosting other podcasts where he has rage-inducing, but totally self-unaware trolls (e.g., Christian Apologists, science deniers, and the like) as guests, to whom he feels compelled to give the benefit of the doubt and a platform to air their views. During those shows, he's always nice and respectful, but if this show proves anything, it's that he experiences daily frustration that finds its way out on a weekly basis. Conversely, Sam just seems to be an a-hole for no apparent reason.
Really funny show.
If you enjoy listening to wassocks complain about common first world problems this show is for you. Worth a listen while on the trainer.
Vote Crump.
I hate this show 5 stars amount
Worth a listen. 😎
A groundbreaking podcast that tackles the important issues of the day; pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible in a podcast
Thomas and Sam are the Mozart and Beethoven of comedy
Please just talk about your dad for the next 20 episodes. Freaking hilarious.
"I'll edit this out" Thomas, he will not. "No one is listening anyway"
I give this podcast 5 out of 5 potatoes.
I think this is one of the funniest podcasts out there, and I look forward to each episode. Admittedly, they might be an acquired taste.
One of my favs!
I love your show. You guy's always make my drive to work pleasant.
Thomas Smith = commitment to podcasting.
This is another great podcast by Thomas. I listen to all his podcasts. They are always entertaining, thought provoking, and have great sound quality ( this is a huge one for me).
If you are someone who enjoys laughing, this podcast is for you.
I give this podcast four kids worth of sperm
I pretty much just use this show for financial advice. I've heard this story a few times of this stockbroker who pulled out of the stock market because the guy who shined his shoes was telling him about all the shares he owned. The broker than immediately sold his positions just before the initial crash of the Great Depression. He figured that if this guy is investing there must be a huge bubble that is bound to pop. So I listen with my finger just hovering over the sell command.
....entertain yourself while commuting, running, riding the bus, cleaning the gutters, sitting, standing, reading a book, working with great focus, etc......or just listening to the podcast.