The Alphabet

Reviews For The Alphabet

Well done very funny.
The Lobsters are crushing it. What a fun podcast - perfect for Thrilling Adventure Hour and Comedy Bang Bang listeners. It reminds me of what SCTV radio would sound like. Fantastic writing. Brilliant editing. Hilarious acting. I love it, top to bottom. Can't wait to hear more.
Very funny. Can't wait to hear the others!
The Bardi Twins are hilarious! I can't wait for more.
You guys! YOU GUYS. First epi and this is already a fave. Worth the download for the final gag alone. This is going on my must-play along with WITS and SuperEgo.
Love this! It's like a funny version of The Truth. If you listen to things like Comedy Bang Bang and Improv4humans you'll get this.
I LLOLed (literally laughed out loud) many times. The performances are great, the writing is top-notch, and The Bardi Twins are great hosts.
I love this kind of comedy.