Reviews For Goosebuds

It’s kinda hot
It’s an enjoyable podcast, once they actually get to talking about the content. Each episode starts with anywhere from 10-20+ minutes of the hosts just chatting and really providing nothing relevant to the episode. Every time I start an episode I have to skip over all of this content to get to the true purpose of the episode. I’d recommend putting in time stamps for listeners who want to skip over this introductory content.
I never read Goosebumps as a kid because I was a scaredy baby who was in fact scared of dem ghosts! I watched some of the show but was never inclined to read further. Low and behold some of my favorite internet boys decided to make a great show that gives me the good laughs every episode. Thanks guys! Check this out if you want a little nostalgia trip, mixed with banter, tangents, and a couple of boys havin a goose of a time. Now let that Slink in and start listening!
I happened to just stumble upon this podcast while trying to find something different for me to listen to while I fall asleep, and I honestly went in with kinda low expectations. As a kid, I only watched some of the goosebumps episode so I was never super into it, but after the first episode of listening to Goosebuds I was hooked. Now, I listen to them every night and it’s a great experience. It’s also sparked a lot of nostalgia and a newfound love of how awful goosebumps really was. Tl;dr I love Goosebuds and hope it never ends
I’ve been aware of GooseBuds for a little while now but kept putting off listening for no good reason. I wish I had jumped in sooner. Hilarious and fun discussion of Goosebump books and a lot of off topic nonsense? I’m hooked. Every time I find anything with the Continue boys involved it‘a a grand time. From ContinueCast to Syndication Station, to Fantasy Fiction to Pretend Friends and beyond. I’ll follow these wacky boys anywhere.
I hope you guys can come over to my birthday party at Newport Rhode Island on august 20th
This podcast has quickly become my favorite! It’s like getting stoned and hanging out with my bestfriends...keep it up you legends and hit me up when you want another voice to grace the airwaves of this goodness that is GOOSEBUDS! Peace and love boys!✌️🤟 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
This is the first podcast I really listen to it is awesome
These guys are great
I liked this show a lot more before I knew Chad worked on Troll Hunters. All I’m saying is I don’t think anyone from that crew should be allowed to criticize anyone else’s writing.
I love the show. I never would have even thought about Goosebumps books again after my youth if not for these gents. My favorites have been the give-yourself-goosebumps books and Kevin's RPG episodes, but all of them are excellent. There was a period of time where I would wake up in the middle of the night and not get back to sleep, but putting old episodes of this show on at low volume helped me drift off.
Paul, Dom, and Chad, thank you for giving me comforting voices and laughs during a period where I have to live alone! I miss my roommates a lot, but to cope with being away from them I’ve been listening and relistening to all the Goosebuds podcast episodes, smiling and giggling the whole time. Y’all are amazing, please please keep making episodes together, I have been recommending your podcast to everyone I see. Thanks again! Love from Idaho. Edit: just heard you guys compliment Civilization too. Marry me?
I work in EMS and frequently listen to info heavy podcasts. I love the lighthearted fun and humor. You guys brake up my day and bring back some good memories from my childhood. Thank you!
This podcast is alright. At least one host reads a Goosebumps book and talks about it with the others who have usually have at least watched the TV episode or read the Wikipedia entry. They give a pretty good summary of the book although they don't always do a very good job of building tension leading to the ending twist/reveal that Goosebumps were famous for. They do, however, always let you know when one of the kids has been JOing somewhere.
This podcast has all 3 G’s baby! Goosebumps, Giggles, and Great buds! Paul, Dom, and Chad have great chemistry and have me holding in laughter constantly. Started the pod this month and I’ve almost caught all the way up. They have great conversations and hot takes on the works of R.L. Stine. You will not regret listening to this bad boy and if your not carful ya might just get a spook or two. This year has started pretty bad for me and discovering this podcast has brought me a lot of joy and laughter during tough times. Thanks for making such a great pod boys and keep on Goosebuding!
I miss Fantasy Fiction
If you're looking for a podcast that has three friends talking about random off topic stuff and once in while talking about the not so classic Goosebumps books well bud do I have a podcast for you.
Love this podcast and all the people in them 10 bumps out of 5
If you haven’t checked out Goosebuds you haven’t lived... do yourself a favor and listen now.
Why listen to any other podcast? This is the only one that matters.
Autistic people listen, my dudes. Goosebumps is a common special interest pls be conscious of me thx
Spook yourself real good with some of the funniest indoor kids on the internet. I just finished my second annual Goosebuds Spooktober Scare-athon and every episode from these guys and their guests leaves me cracking up and occasionally letting out a little fear pee. I didn't read Goosebumps as a kid, but they've allowed me to experience the inner workings of R.L.'s mind from the safety of my own phone. The show is a sweet grab bag of everything you could ever ask for including culling plans, 9/11 timed jokes, sensual christmas demons, and so much more. 13 poorly animated evil dog eyes out of 13 P.S. I want to thank you guys for all the work you do. I've been following Dom and Paul for about 7 or 8 years now and have loved everything you've worked on. Continue? was even the first channel I subscribed to. Hope you can all keep up the amazing work and know your fans really appreciate it. P.P.S. Paul's pants: Black 32x32 jeans or Size 30 JNCOs with a chain wallet
This show always makes my day better. These guys are hilarious, and have great chemistry. I’ve never read a Goosebumps book, but this show is as enjoyable to listen to as a Mickle pullover is to wear. Still waiting on that Fear Pee series.
This podcast is perfect for getting in that spooky mood. It combines 90’s chapter book nostalgia, great jokes, and wacky pitches for reality shows with Shaq. Truly cannot recommend it enough. 10/10 P.S. Dom’s a snaccc
As a fan of Continue? for nearly a decade, I’ve kept up with most of their projects throughout the years. Not being a huge fan of Goosebumps, I didn’t pay too much attention to this podcast until recently. Only now do I realize how much of a fool I have been. May Slink visit me this Christmas, and every subsequent Christmas for being as stupid as the average goosebumps protagonist. Special shout out to Kevin Cole for DMing the RPG episodes that drew me in permanently. The chemistry between the hosts is clear, and brings a lot to the table. Their tangents ranging from the most effective culling strategies, to tasteful jokes that happen to take place on 9/11. Their analysis of each book is very entertaining, as viewing children’s lit through an adult lens usually is. If you grew up with Goosebumps, or just want to listen to 3 guys insult an old man and his art, this podcast is worth the listen.
Definitely a great add to your podcast library. These golden voices have been one of the final puzzle pieces to a perfect life. Would love to see some josh love on this podcast (cough fantasy fiction comeback tour *whink whink*) great podcast love you guys
This past summer, me and my boyfriend of three years were headed to Chicago to celebrate our anniversary. What should have been a five hour car ride from R.L. Stine’s hometown of Columbus, Ohio quickly became a seven hour terror trip of traffic, detours, and closed pizza shops. Tensions were high and morale was low — luckily for us, Dom, Paul, and Chad saved the day! We listened and laughed to Goosebuds the WHOLE drive. From the chemistry of the hosts and their clever banter to the creativity of the format and frequent 90s pop culture references, trust me when I say this one-stop shop for spooky nostalgia just might save your vacation! Keep up the great work and thank you for all the laughs — and hey, if you boys choose to read this review, give a shout-out to Geoff, aka my Goosebud for life 💚
I’m only one episode in and I like it more than goosebumps welcome to deadcast really funny
They just get it, and they’re funny. What you see is what you get.
Yeah, download it.
I kinda wish you guys would only ever create the Choose Your Adventure/RPG episodes because I have been laughing out loud like a sour-smelling mask that somehow comes to life and takes over the autonomy of the person wearing it—during every. Single. One. Keep it up boys plus Kevin!
I fart/laugh a lot while listening to this podcast. So much that you owe me pants now.
Dom clearly spends too much time on twitter which leaks into pretty much every aspect of the show in recent episodes. where he politicized just about everything he can. He somehow manages to shoehorn men’s right activists and trump into a show about children’s “horror” literature. The show itself is fine, aside from doms need to constantly be offended by Mormons on the internet, he, Paula and chad are great hosts.
I was recommended this podcast by my brother, and just by looking at the name I was not surprised to find out that the majority of the hour long podcast was just three nerds talking about there wierd childhoods for 50 minutes and then remembering that they also have to talk about goosebumps in the last ten minutes. And honestly it’s grown on me, 5/5 better than you’d think.
The boys are really funny. I mean, really funny. And when they actually choose to talk about the books the show is amazing. The problem comes with all the filler. At the start of the show there is a 15-30 minute section of random discussion. At the end of the show their is 15-20 minutes of sign offs and calls to action. On a bad episode it will feel like they won’t even talk about the books. Usually nothing funny or worthwhile actually happens in these opening or closing moments. That’s almost 50 minutes of filler in a 75 minute show. It’s ridiculous. I came here for jokes structured around an analysis of a children’s horror series, but for the majority of the show that’s not what I’m getting. If the boys just want to make a podcast of them randomly talking more power to them, but stop pretending it’s a Goosebumps podcast.
Goosebuds has been my favorite podcast to date. Comedy to DIE FOR and Unified R.L SLAM DUNKS!!!! A podcast I gawk over for HOURS. Tho I don’t know you guys on a personal level, you three gentle, have stolen my heart.. KEEP IT UP BOYS!! YOU'LL GET R.L ON HERE SOME DAYY
Goosebuds is the perfect companion podcast to read along with. I remember when I first heard the show I thought it was odd that they spent a lot of the episode not talking about the books but the trio's banter really grew on me quickly and now it's one of my all time favorite podcasts. I love the crazy RL theories and the legend of slink. Keep up the good work.
It’s got dem spoopies
Never got to read Goosebumps as a child because I was such a scaredy cat but this is an fantastic way to actually understand the mind of R.L Stein, who killed my dog, and put a curse on my crops.
I have been listening to this show since the first episode and although i never read the books I’m happy I never spent my 4 dollars at the scholastic book club orders I think that they really go in depth on the scary stuff like Spider-Man and Elsa or how to survive the culling they make my day and are the best goose bumps podcast out there


More please
Really a good podcast with hosts that have shown true commitment to this journey. You’ve got Dom for the comedic relief, Paul as the literary expert, and a single person laugh track for some reason. Just razzing ya Chad, I’m just salty about Paranoia Shoppy. Love you guys, Paul go have a shweet tea
Watching Toy Story and “Good job, Slink,” is a line. Thought of you busters. 10/5 would listen again.