Reviews For Hardcore MBA Podcast

Solid intervews and readily applicable content.
I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on the show, which naturally had me listen to the show and I became a raving listener of the show. Not only is the host a great interviewer but I love the content and how helpful it is to building a business. Keep up the great work!
Matthew Turner is a gracious host and generous with his gifts of knowledge. This podcast definitely gets a thumbs up for any creative who is wanting to learn more about the business of being an entreprneur.
Matthew is a great interviewer and I had an awesome time being on the show. He brought out a few things I hadn’t ever talked about before.
Matthew really knows how to pull out the uncommon and interesting questions from his guests. Highly recomend listening!
I am a rather new listener and quite enjoy the podcast so far. I plan to listen in regularly and recommend it highly.
Erlend Bakke’s podcast is a show of substance, delivering the most cutting edge thinking applied to business. Business, like life, is multidimensional - and Erlend covers the gamut of what we need to be thinking about as entrepreneurs. Great show offering lots of value.
Erlend, is a great podcast host and an amazing entrepreneur. He has an amazing lineup of guests that continue to come episode after episode. I love how he drives down into the conversation and continues to ask questions. The topics are helpful and the conversation is great, thanks a lot.
I have enjoyed listening to these episodes. Erlend asks insightful questions and gets his guests to break down step by step processes to how they achieve success. All valuable information for entrepreneurs.
Amazing podcast that can change your life for good! Started listening to this awesome podcast last year and its lauded with information for every one who wants to be an entrepreneur and also for people who have already taken that step. This absolutely changed my life.
I actually wanted to listen to the whole podcast because the interview is so human. There is no hype just two intelligent men discussing how to gain an edge in this often very competitive world. I loved the niche idea: go where there is less competition and blow it up!
As both a listener AND one of his guests, I have to say I love Erlend’s podcast. He actually takes the time to really get to know your business and dig deep into the good questions that lead to big changes in your business. Great stuff!
Erlend is an energetic and engaging host who is a master at extracting the most actionable information from his very high quality guests. Great podcast. I’ve learned a TON and am excited for future episodes :)
I appreciate the variety of information complied here. Interview styles is great and I enjoy the guests. Recommended.
Great podcast with a wide variety of people interviewed. Erlend asks good questions, and everyone can learn something from the episodes. Highly recommend it!
I had the pleasure of being a guest on Erlend's show (look for the episode featuring Dave Schneider), and really enjoyed the engaging topics Erlend went through. One of the things that stood out was that he continued to ask questions even after the show was over, showing that he wasn't just interested in recording an episode but actually getting to know me. I highly recommend checking out this podcast, filled with practical business advice from aspiring entrepreneurs.
This is what every single kid (and adult) should listen to. I’ve listened to a few episodes and have to say that there is a goldmine in each episode. Wow, keep them coming!
Erlend brings it on every episode, he gets entrepreneurs to give action oriented advise on how to grow your business.
Great job on the guest lineup! Thoroughly enjoyed the episode with Dan Pena. I was so inspired and learned so much too. Looking forward to listen to more episodes! Two thumbs up!
This show has really pushed me to kick off a webinar for my business, this is some of the most valuable information I have ever heard!