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I love listening to Sabrena and Matt, both for the banter and content. Thanks for calling out the ubiquitous BS across the industry, reminding us all to stick to the basics, and sharing vulnerable personal stories, like that of the Irish Mile. :-) Keep it up!
Not only are Matt and Sabrena full of hysterical comments and jokes about life, their podcast is super informative and provides and incredibly real perspective of fitness & health. No quick fixes here folks just a sassy, sometimes profane and authentic approach to making you the best you!
One of my favorite podcasts covering health and exercise. Best part of Tonos Radio, though, is their laughs.
Sabrena and Matt are a blast to listen to. Their banter alone is worth it, even if you never do a thing to improve your fitness or nutrition from their discussions. But you inevitably WILL do something, because their discussion and way of presenting worthwhile info is too good to ignore. It's honest, it's aproachable, it's practical, and it's a lot of fun!
I love this podcast for several reasons but one main one is because I feel like I just agree with every opinion Sabrena and Matt have. So, needless to say I like getting my opinions confirmed by two strangers and feeling really great about them every week! They also give a lot of great, useful information for fitness enthusiasts. I like how they each have their own perspective, as they do different types of fitness. Great show! Keep it up :)
I love listening to Sabreena and Matt! They always have great insights and interesting perspectives.
Really appreciate your balanced perspectives which can be difficult to find while navigating the waters of the health and fitness industry.
Matt and Sabrena are the bomb. They are (mostly, lol) non judgmental and interested in helping people be their best selves. I can't get enough of this podcast and I listen every week!
These jerks keep making me look like an idiot, as I walk to and from saving the world listening to the podcast through my earbuds, they unfailingly say something pants-pissingly hilarious and make me literally LOL in public. Sabrena is obviously the star and a genius, while Scanny rides on her coattails. Nevetheless, he contributes some gems whenever his Jimmies get chapped. Seriously though, both of these great hosts know their stuff when it comes to real life health and fitness, and they are very good at not laughing or coughing into the microphone.
Sabrena, who continues to be the star of the podcast, explores interesting issues related to health and fitness with poignant analysis. If your expectation is a Barbell Shrugged type of podcast you will likely be surprised as most of the episodes deal with nutrition, recovery, and general fitness and less so the down-and-dirty of strength training. Interesting perspectives, funny comments, and good times every time. What's your weakest movement or what are you the worst at in the gym, and what are you doing to work on it? - Patrick M.
These topics can be so confusing and overwhelming that people shut down and give up. Sabrena, who is obviously the star, and her co-host do a great job of breaking down the confusing information and keep going back to encouraging reasonable and manageable food choices and sustainable activity. Consistency is key so make sure you listen to every broadcast by Tonos Radio!!!


This podcast gives realistic, honest advice rather than anxiety over not doing the right exercises or taking the right supplements. Matt and Sabrina make everything seem approachable and attainable. It's true what they say... you don't need to look much further than a chicken breast, a salad and a barbell to achieve the goals we are all mostly chasing!
Evidence-based and entertaining as hell. Matt and Sabrena tear through the rumors and pseudo-science plaguing the world of health and drop a ton of knowledge bombs. Equally suitable for the fitness novice and those with more experience seeking to maximize their health. Addresses the physical and psychosocial aspects of wellness at any age. Listening is one of the high points of my week and makes me want to live a healthy life--and motivates me to believe it's possible. Kaizen!
I love to listen to Matt and Sabrena banter on how to be a better me. Fun discussions on health and exercise/movement. Kaizen! Would like to hear you discuss TENS units and Powerdot (do they work for recovery or is it mumbo jumbo)? Thanks. Trying to think of an inappropriate question for Sabrena, but I just like her too much! Keep em comming! Ted
If you want to hear the most professional use of the word "masturbatory" while also getting incontrovertible truth about fitness and the fitness industry, this podcast is for you. Question for Sabrena - what's the worst way (or most hilarious way) someone has hit you under the guise of you helping them with their fitness?
Seriously...effing awesome. πŸ˜‚ makes my week every week. Keep it up.
I love listening to Matt and Sabrina!! They give great health and fitness tips for all ages and stages of people. And love that they talk about everyday life and making healthy changes. I have learned so much by listening to their podcast. On top of it all, they are extremely funny!! It may or may not be worthy of discussion BUT it did come up during team building the other day. Which is more effective: doing more sets of a strength activity with lighter weights or fewer sets with heavier weights?
This is not your standard "bar-head" grunt "I PR'ed my overhead squat . . ." podcast. Rather, it covers the health and fitness gambit with thoughtfulness, wit, and style. Funny as hell, in your face with tough realities when necessary, and always open-minded and scientifically grounded, Sabrena and Matt take you on a fun ride and leave you with a lot learned and more to think about. Question: Forget Starbucks and Google as potential sponsors . . . how about Barnum and Baileys? Or better yet, a vineyard? Good luck to you guys.
I've recently discovered this podcast, I'm loving it. I'm catching up with all the past episodes daily during my elliptical time. I love that I learn something each episode. I, too, have that aha moment where I get it, as another reviewer said. I started a lifestyle change in 2011 and it was the best decision I ever made. I'm so hungry for valid info. Thanks for feeding me! Keep it up! πŸ’―β€ΌοΈ husband is the used car manager @ Olathe Toyota but I don't think I can get you a sponsored Prius, I'll work on him. πŸ˜‚ Skorupski shower, nsfw. HILARIOUS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I am constantly amazed at how each podcast has a moment where the light goes on and I get it. In a world that compartmentalizes everything, these podcasts cover how everything works together: health, nutrition, work outs, life and career. They are a joy to listen to. The passion from the hosts is very evident. I hope it inspires you to make changes that benefit your life, like it has mine.