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The perfect podcast for TV fanatics and broadcast dabblers alike. The hosts Robert and Rich have a great balance between entertaining banter and honest programming critique. The show covers a variety of pilots so there’s a little something for everyone and gives listeners the chance to pick up a few new shows of their own.
Robert and Rich have overcome many trials and tribulations to reach this zenith of podcasting. While they may no longer be roommates, Rich's love for TV and Robert's mild interest in it has broken through every barrier to make the pilot episode review show the common man has been waiting for. For fans of: The Flop House, How Did This Get Made, Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, Revolver by The Beatles, High Fidelity starring John Cusack, Problem Solverz.
I'm always looking for a new show to watch and this podcast is an entertaining way for me to find out which ones I may like. Not only is the show funny, but the hosts also seem to know what they are talking about when it comes to television shows. They even title the episodes as the name of the show they watched, so if there was a particular show you were thinking about starting, you can skip directly to that one.