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Too many cooks spoiled the broth on this one. Go look up his WFMU stuff if you want the good stuff.
Everyone else in the podcast game is a fraud.
There's gotta be nothing quite so funny, strange or patience rewarding in the iTunes podcast section. If there was I'd like to know it. Tom and a bum caller can be like High Noon in terms of suspense (will they turn it around or will they be Bad Companied?) Listen live on Tuesdays at 9pm at if you want some choice music as well.


Why are you so mean to everyone who calls in, tom? Dont you know we like you?
The bits with Wurster are really funny but Tom is very snobbish and complains too much. Gary the squirrel is horrible. Tom also caters to the same handful of annoying people who seem to call in every week. Turns out Slice of Life is a much better podcast overall.
Listen to Podcasts brah!
Name says it all. Tom is operating on another level.
This show is way too funny, you can’t handle it. Those 3 losers that left bad reviews are right. Just stay with something safe. This podcast is not for you.
Tom Scharpling is the equivalent of a nail gun to the ear drums. If I had to choose between Best Of and a podcast where I listened to loved ones getting tortured I would choose the latter. He can be considered The Godfather of podcasting if we’re talking Part 3 and only playing the scenes with Sofia. Simply put he flippin stinks, to avoid any adult language. He’s like The Ring, but after seven days you just kill yourself to get his voice out of your head. Congress needs to put a stop to this podcast
Longtime listener since WFMU Love this Show! Takes a few episodes but it Grows on you. Give it a chance.


By KmL95
This is terrible
Accept no substitutes...
he’s funny, insightful and charming...
I will say it once again ... it IS the Best Show!!
Make no mistake, this is the Best Show, chumps will be steamrolled.
This is the apex of the form. Makes absolutely every other podcast look like try-hard garbage
Pretty much the best call-in/podcast out there. 2.5-3 hours of ad free, quality, funny content. Tom has really good taste in music so you’ll possibly be exposed to music you didn’t know existed. Airs live every Tuesday night at 9 EST. Tom knows what he’s doing w/ the Best Show. Hopefully he’ll keep producing them for many years to come. Thanks Tom & all involved!


Self-important boor pontificates for 3 hours. He reminds me of an only child I knew: Can't stand different opinions, can dish it out but can't take it. Prolonged, unfunny skits. Fortunately, most of the bad music is edited out. A White Knight, he heaps abuse on young white male callers while being condescendingly nice to women and the rare minority. Tom swears puerile vengeance on all those who give him a bad review.
Funnier than your favorite podcast
This is a radio show, not what we've learned to expect from a modern day podcast. It's a lot of fluff.
Not only were they in several of the coolest bands, but they are the charming couple you wish were at every dinner party. Christina is as charming as she is lovely.
I'd rather hear my car not being able to start and have to deal with that.
Been listening for a decade now. Thanks Tom and Jon!
Okay, you have to be willing to be in on the joke. Except it’s not exactly a joke. No one’s sure what it is, not even Tom. But it’s definitely the best.
I owe a lot of my self-esteem and mental health to Tom. This show is silly and funny but mostly, it is amazing. Tom is the best of us.
Matt Skiba wouldn’t shut up about this show so I finally listened to it and it turns out he was right. It’s pretty great.
About 10 years ago, the first time I heard Tom pronounce vanilla as “vanilly” I knew I had found my new favorite entertainment. I now have an abiding affection for the citizens Newbridge similar to the way I felt about the Mellonvillians when I discovered SCTV in the late ‘70s; SCTV, Letterman’s morning show, Get a Life, Cabin Boy, Mr. Show, Tim and Eric and King Crimson paved the way towards me getting The Best Show, when others don’t get it.
The Best Show is the best show!
5 flippin' stars!!!!
I like the Newbridge guy.
The low key free form comedy genius of Tom and the Best Show can’t be beat. Other Podcast chumps should just quit trying.
This show keeps evolving and getting weirder and better. Don't be intimidated. Give it a try. Starting in on the Best Show is kind of like trying to jump in on a comic book at issue 500, but the only way to do it is to just jump in. Listen a few weeks. Absorb Tom's rhythms. Follow his ups and downs. Figure out who does or does not have e-cigarettes for legs.
Simply the best
It’s entire existence and it will be you’re favorite podcast too
This is the best show.
The Mount Rushmore of comedy will be chiseled on a mountain in Newbridge adorned with the faces of Tom, Jon, Vance, Gary, AP Mike, Philly Boy Roy, the Gorch, Darren from work, Bryce and Gene Simmons. It might take a while.
Does he still do the squirrel? I really enjoy the squirrel. Wait... what does "enjoy" mean again? Listen and hear a bitter old man metastasize right before your ears. The only good thing that happened after Trump and rise of fascism in America was that Tom had to put his Reagan loving conservative skeleton back into the closet.
The Best Show is the pinnacle of quality podcasting. The show represents a lot of what I respect about humanity. There's something very comforting about knowing that I can always listen to the Best Show at any time day or night. Plus, the content is always new and exciting! Tom, Mike, Dudio and Pat are all heroes!
The calls with kids are always charming and often uplifting. Kudos to Tom for encouraging youngsters to do their best and be their best.
Truly lives up to the name. Don't listen just once, stick around and you'll join the fold.
It may be the best show, but it's not as good as the WFMU version. Unfortunately, the crazy callers (Spike, Fredericks, Lori, Geneva) don't call in anymore. Wurster is still as good as ever. But I'd rather listen to those radio callers than the clutch of Hollywood hacks. And Tom doesn't do as many bits as before.
The Best Show is a weekly radio show hosted by TV writer and indie rock crank Tom Scharpling (Monk, Adult Swim, etc.). The show features stream of conscious rants, music, obscure pop culture refrences, yelling at callers and absurdist characters played by the drummer of Superchunk (Jon Wurster). It really is one of the funniest podcasts out there. If you're a total music geek or you just love snarky alternative comedy then go and download this now!
This is only thing you should listen too we get it they don’t
Tom Scharpling is the hero we need but don’t deserve. He is a better human than anyone. Music, Mayhem, and Mirth.
This is the best podcast out there. I'm new to the show since it's revival in webstream/podcast, but it's an instant favorite. Tom and Jon are the two funniest people on the planet. If you're new to the show, check out the Best Show Bests or just dive into the 3 hour (!!) interview with James Murphy that is maybe the greatest interview I've ever listened to.
There is simply no other show in any medium quite like The Best Show, so any attempts at comparison would fall short. I don’t laugh as hard or as often during any TV show, movie, or podcast as I do The Best Show thanks to Tom’s unique command over the wide-ranging atmosphere they have curated. For the full experience, listen live on Tuesday nights, but listening later via the podcast is never a disappointment. This show has been on since the Clinton administration, so there’s a lot of history here, and while you don’t need to dig too deep to have a good time, the more immersed you get, the more you’ll enjoy it!