Reviews For A Dark Companion: A Haunting Melissa and Dark Hearts Podcast

This is taking the mystery of Dark Hearts even further. I love the app and I love this podcast!!!


By Ah5683
Even as a person who hasn't seen HM or Dark Hearts - this podcast has given so much insight into the app that I want to download it right now and join in on everything! ... And I don't particularly like scary things.
Fantastic! A must have for anyone who can't get enough HMDH. Insightful and fun- thank you Zero and guests!
If you are watching or have watched Haunting Melissa, or its sequel, Dark Hearts, then you'll love A Dark Companion. Hosted by Twitter personality Citizen Ziro (@APublicWitness), the podcast features commentary by the host and regular guests on the plot of Haunting Melissa as well as Dark Hearts. With strong insights and fresh perspectives, you'll find you're never alone in your quest for answers as long as you have A Dark Companion with you through on your Haunting Melissa journey. So turn out the lights, put on your headphones, and listen. Listen. Melissa's back, and these are the things they don't want you to know!