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A lot of toxic liberals who think their funny.. Why would anyone listen to a podcast that disrespects a certain audience ? Nah. Funny thing they say their the open minded ones lol


These are vile, toxic people that have horrible taste. And actually are inept any awards predictions. Quite fitting how they never receive any comments on their AwardsDaily posts. Gross.
Great conversations about TV and film. These three are so fun to listen to!
I enjoy your podcast every week and am so glad you continue doing it . I love the 3 Ms and enjoy hearing your insights . Thanks for all the great content
I love this podcast featuring the “3 Ms.” I look forward to hearing them each week—it’s always like catching up with old friends. And unlike other podcasts I have been following this awards season, they are able to keep a certain energy alive without rambling way off course of topic or disregarding each other’s perspectives. When they do go on tangents, it is always entertaining. In addition, I love how each of their personalities shine through in each conversation. It makes each recording informational and entertaining. Clarence is a great moderator and host. He always has an outline that makes sense and helps to keep things on track. I like how Megan is not just the “token girl” like a lot of other pop culture podcasts. She is funny and is able to dictate her opinions in a clear and relatable way. Joey is probably my favorite though. His banter is always hilarious (I love how he sings “TV Tidbits” in a different way). And as a gay man, I really appreciate hearing a diverse voice on the show. All in all, the three of them have incredible chemistry together, and they never fail to make me laugh or consider watching a new show or movie. I think it would be extremely helpful for Awards Daily’s editor, Sasha Stone, took a critical listen to this podcast and infused some of this energy into her own podcast, All this and the Oscars Too. I have listened to both podcasts for almost a year now. However, were I a new listener, I never would have guessed that they both derive from Awards Daily.
I really love the energy and chemistry between the hosts of this podcast. I like how each week they start with a category (Worst Series Finale, Guilty Pleasures) and then just have a casual discussion. It’s almost like I’m in the room with them just hanging out!
Really enjoying the new podcast so far. Looking forward to hearing more!
I drive for a living in Seattle. I really enjoy listening to Craig Kennedy and his friends taking about TV. The mood is light and there are laughs in each episode. It's the TV Age & they're all young at heart. Keep up the good work!