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First: Cory I'm so glad you have restarted the podcast after many months hiatus-- I've really been enjoying catching up on several years of back episodes - glad there will be more! Second: This series features loads of insightful interviews with guests I, as an artist just getting started in business, can relate to. I sometimes find the episode titles a little off-putting. They seem "hyped" to me. But then I listen to the episode and find the guests have a lot of humility and real-world experience to share. Cory Huff does a fine job keeping the interviews focused, practical, and kind. Very valuable.
I rate this podcast on the level of Impact Theory, The Tim Ferriss Show, and all others for the amount of actionable information it brings to the table. Cory Huff is an exceptional interviewer and has a knack for choosing guests who bring intelligence, insight, and outside-the-box ideas to the table. I've read all of the common marketing/business books from Gary V to Carnegie to Godin, and The Abundant Artist builds on that platform with artist-specific information that breaks all the molds. Thank you, Cory and team. You are doing an incredible job bringing your gifts to the world.
Cory Huff knows how to market and is generous with his knowledge. He also has top notch guest with inspiring stories
Learning a lot from this podcast, and using the info to help me in the next phase of my art career.


By Goff1Br
A lot of great info for new artists!
I love all the tips and information. Real artists telling how to make a full time living as an artist! Thank you, Cory Huff and your network of hardworking, inspirational artist! You have made me very excited to use all the information you've shared!
Truly so helpful. This podcast covers every piece of wisdom and knowledge that I've been looking for. A true gem. And I need more. (Really...please post more :)
The Abundant artist is an amazing podcast! He brings artist the knowledge of business, and promoting side of the art universe. Something most artist fear, and dread to face. I promise you won't leave empty handed.
If you've made the decision to earn a living with your art, this podcast will help make it a reality.
I love the honest helpful content you bring to artists. So often I find a business/entrepreneur podcast that is helpful but not always understanding an artist. We are a different person! I take notes and getting ready soon to do this full-time! I can't wait to hear more!
Cory knows his stuff. If you’re an artist, and you want to learn to make your art pay, he’s your man! I’m so glad he’s got this podcast — it’s filled with great info, interesting guests, and actionable tips. Super inspiring. Listen and you will BUST the starving artist myth.
Great big picture and nuts and bolts! It's helping me get my business together!
Exceptional podcast! Learning so much! Thank you!!!
If you're an up-and-coming artist looking for ways to improve yourself, this podcast is extremely helpful. The interviews are great and very informative.
Thanks, Cory, for the link about Confidence. I just finished listening to the podcast and it was perfect for me! I definitely need more help in the confidence department. Might help me to "fake it, 'till I make it".
I love this podcast. Cory’s calm and grounded manner really helps make the messages he brings to artists easy to take. No hype. No stress. Just clear, focused advice. The artists he interviews are successful and generous with their knowledge. I’ve left every podcast with actionable inspiration. I have already recommended this to many artist friends. Sensible, encouraging, supportive and practical. I love it.
Please don’t miss these podcasts & cheat yourself. Cory Huff is committed to providing a breadth of highly useful and thought-provoking tech & inspirational help to visual artists. He has a warm, friendly manner and both he and his guests are beyond good to listen to.
Time after time, Cory provides topics that I'm interested in. I've been listening and reading his Abundant Artist material for over a year. Today I listened to "How to Start Your Art Business with a Bang with Ann Rea" and once again was jotting down notes throughout the whole podcast. Thanks so much, Cory!
Love, love, love the new podcast! I've been listening to Creative Insurgents since the start and while it's really fun and light hearted, I really appreciate the straight shooter approach in this new launch. It's great to listen to while I'm actually painting. Inspiration three times over!
I really appreciate your kind words everyone. The podcast is a blast because I know you’re listening!
If you're an artist who dreams about going pro, this is the podcast for you! It's full of actionable tips and great interviews to inspire anyone who has a desire to turn their creative passion into profit. Cory is full of useful information about marketing your art online and he is truly passionate about busting the starving artist myth. Listen in, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Oh, and after you see all the value in this podcast, make sure you come back here to rate, review, and subscribe so Cory can help more artists like you and me =)
Loved this podcast! Definitely told me about research methods I did not know about. And even how to use popular social networking sites as research tools. Thanks for sharing Cory!