Reviews For Music Marketing Podcast with Bob Baker

I've been following Bob for years. His books, podcasts etc. have really helped me move forward with my career as a songwriter and musician. I am now a member of ASCAP, have one song that was actually published, won four major awards (National & International) and got a song on iTunes as singer-songwriter. Now I have a Home Recording Studio and thanks to Bob my hobby as become a second career.
This show has been so helpful since I discovered it recently. Every episode offers some kind of practical tips for my music business! Thanks Bob!
Bob Baker is the Godfather if music marketing. He is the man, period. I could stop there, but I want to stress the value of the information he shares for FREE. He offers marketing advice, sales, motivation, goal setting, booking indeas, interviews and more. Personalble, relatable...real world USEABLE stuff for any one in the biz. Great stuff to listen to on the way to gigs and safer than trying to read a book while driving. Try it, you'll like it.
Bob Baker specializes in helping new musicians, writers, and other artists learn how to create and market thei art. His products are very reasonably priced (this podcast is free) and full of both practical tips and inspiration. Much of his material is geared towards musicians, but I am a writer and still find his work helpful. In addition to this podcast series, he also has books, onlines classes, etc. Click where it says "website" on the left side of the page to learn more about Bob and find more of his products.
Bob Baker's resources are always inpiring and informative. Bob Baker is the best!
When you "make it", and you are being interviewed on Letterman, chances are 'ol Dave might ask you: "So how did you do it?". Chances are, you'll respond: "Two words for ya, Dave: BOB BAKER."
Bob has some great tips for artists.