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Reviews For Free Daily Bible Study Podcast

This podcast is such a blessing. As we journey through the Old Testament, this podcast keeps me reading and more importantly understanding. I love how Gerber continues to point to Jesus and the gospel so you see the big picture throughout. Simple, straightforward truth. Love this podcast. Please keep doing what you are doing!!
This podcast offers an excellent Bible study, whether you want to just listen while you drive or work around the house or if you want to sit down with your Bible and delve deep into the day's chapter.
I have been a Christian for a long time and studied the Scriptures just as long. Never have I learned such salient & applicable points (outside of Sunday preaching) that cause me to think, “wow!” as I do this podcast. Thank you, Pastor Gerber, for sharing your faith & your excellent seminary education.
I came upon this podcast and began listening to it each day. It has really helped me understand what many of the Old Testament readings are about. It comes in 5 minute sections, so I have the ability to digest what's being said in small parts, which is what I need. Thank you and God bless🙏
Insightful, Christ-centered accompaniment to the M'Cheyne Bible reading plan. Highly recommend!
For some reason, the podcasts for 2016 aren't automatically downloading. I didn't know you were still posting daily until I looked at the feed. It's just as well. You started over with Genesis instead of continuing on with Ezra. - 01/15/16 Listened to the last episode of 2015 and made it through the first year! Keep up the great work! - 01/04/16 Made it to Exodus! I know we're going to be in this book for a very long to but I'm committed to sticking to it... a little bit every day. - 02/23/15 Still reading, listening and rating! - 01/25/15 The best part of this bible study.... keeping up with the reading plan. As long as you keep posting episodes, I will read along and rate. Thank you so much for your help! - 01/17/15
I listen every day at work!! I look forward to these daily!!
These careful explanations of scripture are less than 5 minutes long but full of great background and application. This is an interesting and easy way to work through the Bible!
It would be difficult to spend 4 minutes more wisely than by listening to this podcast on a regular basis. Jacob does an excellent job of relating the Old Covenant to the New, pointing out God's faithfulness and holiness.
The insights and wisdom shared by Jacob Gerber in this daily study really resonate with me, and I carry them with me into my day. I’m very happy to have discovered this podcast, and it’s now a regular part of my daily study and prayer time.
Great podcast! I’ve been looking for something like this. Short and insightful especially with the readings.
Reading the Bible on a daily basis has never been so simple. By subscribing, you automatically receive an e-mail each day with a new scripture. These daily scriptures are quick but also help you understand the bigger picture. The informative podcasts make it even easier to listen on the go. These meditations keep you engaged while helping you navigate through tough passages. Take advantage of this free and easy to use tool to help you learn and grow in your faith.
A few days ago I was searching for a Bible study to start on January 1 and came across this podcast. I listened to all the podcasts before January 1 and was impressed with the approach to reading the Bible over a 3-year period year and only taking about 10 minutes a day including the time for reading the Bible passage. The preliminary podcasts were thorough and covered all my questions. Now I have listened to the first three days. It has brought my goal of reading the Bible every day finally to fruition. The commentary is comprehensive, informative, easy to understand and keeps my interest high.