We Should Know Better

Reviews For We Should Know Better

Great concept. Join these guys on a wiki adventure and learn new and weird things.
If you like things like Caustic Soda and just random trivia and information, you'll like this. It's a walkthrough random information and a lot of fun along the way. It's a shame that the guys can't all record in one room as the mic differences is a little distracting but I'm sure they'll fix that soon.
Fun show with a very unique approach. These guys are nerds but in a cool way where you want to keep listening to hear where the show will end up.
These guys will kill at a trivia night. They play a fun and unique game that’s really entertaining to listen along to (and often play along with). Good for a listen.
Really digging the style of the podcast. These guys know how to present great quality. Great content and funny hosts. What else can you ask for?
For anyone who's really picky about sound quality, you might not like it. The mics aren't all that quality but the content of the show is really great and it's well worth a listen!
I am really enjoying this super silly show. It's funny and entertaining, and I learned a bunch of weird trivia. Only complaint - sound quality could be better.
Ten minutes into the first episode I subscribed. I've fallen down the rabbit hole that is wikiedia more times than i care to count and it's just as enjoyable listening to others do the same. Especially as a game. good stuff!
a great idea for a podcast game. there are some audio issues, but if they can improve open that and maybe tighten up the show, they could have something really fun on their hands!
One of the best, most unique, Wiki-based p-casts out there.
Good show, it’s a shame the audio is so poor.
Good concept, always has an aim, really funny.
I was listening to this while lesson planning and it really did make the monotonous task of coming up with things for my English class to write a million times better. Instant fan, and I look foreword to more.
I know what you're thinking - "what a weird concept" - but it works, and works better. You should know better (see what I did there) and get over your initial hesistance - this is one of the best podcasts you'll listen to out there.
This is definitely a podcast concept I haven't seen before and I really enjoyed listening to it. If you are a fan of random facts and fun game show style games, this is for you.
These guys are nerds in the best sense of the word. Good lord I love this podcast.
There have been a lot of podcasts that have tried to have game shows but a lot of them always seem to get lost in the limitations they have in being on the radio. Not these guys. They make it a point to explain a simple but fun game that anyone can play. Their electric personalities help to make the podcasts incredibly entertaining.