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By 789tv
I was prompted to look for something to occupy my mind while working around the house today, so I opened the podcast app and randomly found this podcast show. Thank you for all of the ways that you shared your testimony and experiences, your podcast was an answer to the prayer in my heart!
This podcast is really encouraging and full of hope! It has really helped me to gain perspective on gospel fundamentals like faith, grace, and the atonement. It looks like these guys may be done making episodes, but the 7 episodes that they have made are priceless!
I love this so much! I listened to the first episode and couldn't wait to listen to the rest. These guys bring clarity to things through open & friendly dialogue. They also give great resources to continue your own journey of faith. There is so much quality content here, so glad I found it!
I always feel the spirit strongly when I listen to this podcast. They make living the gospel seem less intimidating and I feel a greater desire to follow the Lord after listening. I have listened to some of their podcasts multiple times and I pick up new things every time I do.
I just stumbled upon thos podcast and it is my favorite.These guys are amazing you can feel the spirit and you can feel hope in jesus christ.
Just stumbled on this podcast and I have loved it! I really hope that they do more of them! I can't emphasize how much i appreciate the topics and how genuine these guys are.
I've been struggling with being an active/faithful member and this podcast really helps bring me back and helps me remember why I love the church :) I love listening to it and I love what it does for me
I've enjoyed listening to this podcast. I'm looking forward to more. The reason I like it: simplicity. Josh and Dallan aren't trying to present anything new or earth shattering but they are trying to understand the gospel of Jesus Christ better. As a listener you get to join them in that goal and increase your own understanding. The things they say are often nice (and necessary) reminders of what I already know and have forgotten or they present a new angle for me to try and understand. Just a friendly discussion. So far, so good!
This is nothing short of life changing. I have a new outlook on grace and works. Keep the faith everyone.
I have really enjoyed listening to these podcasts. The topics discussed have been things I have thought about and even wrestled with. They provide such great insight and I always feel that as I listen, I have received inspired answers to my questions. They have great energy and you can feel their love for the gospel! Thank you!!!
These podcasts are worth listening!! They provide awesome talks to read, quotes to look up.. all to help understand the topic. Awesome insights, powerful in depth knowledge, and wonderful personal stories. These podcasts played part in motivating me to studying my scriptures and talks more in depth and also strengthening my testimony!
Great discussion about interesting topics. Some insightful perspectives. I like that they don’t just talk but they read and reference scriptures. I found these guys on Instagram first and then connected with their podcast. Some good content here and I look forward to more podcasts from these guys.