Elevating Beyond with Mark Minard

Reviews For Elevating Beyond with Mark Minard

Mark, host of the Elevating Beyond podcast, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Mark and his incredible guests talk all things entrepreneurial, but it’s so much more than that! You’ll get tons of actionable advice and tangible tips, but you’ll also get heaps of inspiration from truly engaging individuals that have been where you are and want to see you succeed. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show Mark - keep up the great work!
This is business real talk, with so much truth, so amazing, with so much depth. I play this for my entire leadership team at our weekly meetings , it’s taking our culture to new heights!
This is the best👏👏
Elevating Beyond will make you laugh, cry, be truly motivated, sometimes all in one show!
Mark you have no idea how you have helped me to not give up when I was in such a dark place. May God bless you.
There are so many good episodes, one of my favorites is the one with Jeff Heffron. It just keeps getting better!
I am a huge fan of leadership and just heard the episodes with Ken Coleman, this is good stuff.
Never Settle, Keep Elevating Beyond....I love you, Mark!
How am I just now hearing of this? I don’t normally ever write reviews, but I just binged out, listening to over 16 hours of Elevating Beyond on my drive to California, and my mind is 🤯
Elevating Beyond is literally a GAME CHANGER!
I found Elevating Beyond after listening to the interviews with Eric Thomas, and this has now become one of my favorite podcasts! Mark is the real deal!
Finally someone who is actually a business owner, with employees, and years and years of experience, has a podcast for Entrepreneurs on every level!
I have been following Mark Minard for years, and his podcast just keeps getting better and better.
I really enjoy the transparency of Mark and the guests he has on are spot on with their honesty and how to grow!! Highly recommend.


This podcast has really placed my mindset on a new level. It really is true what they say "Bad company can corupt good nature" So when you are thinking about your mind set you have to think the same thing. If you around other minds who are uplifting and inpsirational then you can do anything you put your mind to. Thanks again Mark for the words of encouragement and believing that I can be a better me. -Chris Tomson
Having heard Marks story and hearing his core message from his podcast episodes and book I am inspired! Love his positivity mixed wih gritt and vigor..Thanks for producting a great show Mark!
Really enjoyed being a guest on Mark's show. He cut through the superficial and got right to the meat of my message. You can tell Mark is a genuinely positive person with tons to offer his listeners. Thanks for the great interview, Mark!
I really dig the real talk and and vulnerability of Mark, Dayne and their guests. The stories and the learning points have helped me grow more as a man and in my own abilities as a coach and mentor of men. Continue Elevating to a life of Abundance. - Wally


By IHundt
I love Mark's podcast. The stories being told are so inspiring. It is wonderful to see and hear about what people go through and how they've gotten where they are at now and yet never gave up, always aware of the bigger purpose they have. I highly recomment listening in.
Mark Minard is truly one of the best people I've met and his podcasts and content in general is very uplifting, powerful, and most importantly, authentic. Authenticity is rare nowadays in social media, but thanks to people like Mark for maintaining it. Highly recommended!
Mark's authenticity shines through and his own story is truly empowering! Mark is a talented writer and he doesn't talk the talk but walks the walk! Take a listen and elevate beyond!
Mark Minard is an inspiration!
This podcast changes the game on every level! The co-hosts have a special chemistry, which challenges the listener, makes them cry, laugh, and inspires with real courage. Elevating Beyond is literally eliminating limits and proves all things are possible!
Mark and Dayne really want to help people. This is a great podcast that shares valuable insights on how to elevate your life and business. They bring on some great guests that offer words of wisdom that will help catapult you to the next level. Keep it going guys!
The hosts of this podcast not only are genuine guys, but they love God and inspire others to do the same. They continually bring on guests that just make your jaw drop further and further to the floor. Not only are they changing lives but they are inspiring people who go on to also change lives.
Dayne and Mark do a wonderful job - creating real moments, meaningful conversations, and inspirational fun. These two work very well together and are a great broadcasting team. Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch
Been following and listening since the beginning. Can't say enough good about these two and their podcasts. You want to improve your life and fulfill your dreams? Then you need to listen to their podcasts!!!
What a great podcast! Each episode encourages, motivates and inspires the listener to greatness. Duayne and Mark are a great team. Keep up the good work!
Mark and Dayne are funny and encouraging. They are open and honest about their own life experiences and they speak truth in a way that I’ve never experienced before. The Podcast is Emotionally and Spiritually uplifting. Love it!!
If you are content with how things are, this probably isn’t for you. Love this podcast series because it gives real life scenarios and ways that you can take your game, life, situation to the next level. Very inspiring and very helpful hearing how others are pushing themselves to the next level.
Mark and Dayne challenge, encourage, and inspire in every single episode. This is one of my go to podcasts.
Thanks for providing a podcast that discusses real life!
Let's face it, life is challenging! Through trial and error, you can become very success! Mark and Dayne do a wonderful job of keeping it real, remaining optimistic and being truly inspirational. I love the diversity of their quest. May God continue to richly bless others through you two, Mark and Dayne! Thanks for your awesomeness. ~ Kevin
This is a great podcast if you have time take a minute and listen how these two hosts are funny and lighthearted yet they move the show along.
There was Martin and Lewis, Kirk and Spock, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, Buzz and Woody. Now there's Mark and Dayne (not saying they're clowns, just that they have chemistry). I'm new to Mark, but have listened to Dayne for several years. Gotta say, they go together like peas n carrots. I enjoy the banter, yes, but more than that, they can soar without sounding esoteric or pie in the sky. One might excitedly fly off like a kite about an idea, but the other will hold the string to the ground, if you know what I mean. They really "complete" each other in this format. The show offers solid, real and useful content, not rah-rah pom-pom waving. The podcast I love the best (so far, I'm still catching up) is The Art of Laser Focus. Sure, heard stuff like it before. But something about the way they break it down into daily living, and with personal examples from their own lives makes it fresh and accessible. And at about 13:40 minutes in, Coach Dayne describes laser focus in a way that made me stop and listen to it over and over. It grabbed me, and I saw mistakes I had been making. I'd call that a successful podcast!
This really helps!!!
The main reason I enjoy listening to Mark and Dayne is the content of their show is relevant. It's not some kind of polished program just selling another product. The quality interviews provide action steps to move you forward. If you want to engage, educate and execute, you have found a "Top Shelf" podcast to assist you.
The main reason I enjoy Mark & Dayne is you get genuine guys telling the truth. This is not some polished show trying to sell more products. This is a show that has great guest telling real life stories. These 2 guys have your best interest at heart and it shows through ever podcast interview. Thanks for being awesome!
Wonderful show! Well worth your time to stop and listen to Mark and Coach Dayne and their inspirational guests!!
I’ve known Dayne through Twitter for awhile now. I’ve always loved his powerful message, and I’m glad he has started this podcast to spread his wealth with everyone. Go ahead and hit the subscribe button now!
Mark and Dayne have changed the face of what a podcast should be. Their honest no-holds barred approach to life, business and success is beyond anything I've ever heard. Definitely on the top of my list. Thanks guys!
This podcast is a unique blend of authenticity, encouragement, and entertainment. The two guys are funny as they pick on each other and move the show along with light hearted humor. As they keep you engaged they pull out life stories from the guest in a way other hosts can't. This is a real show worth catching.
In a world where too many people are trying to 'fake it til you make it', Mark and Dayne bring a refreshing approach because they are the real deal. They have the experiences, insights, and stories to help you elevate beyond doubt, fear, and struggle.
This podcast takes on a roller coaster of emotions that you can wait to get more of!!!! From laughter to pain this is definitely one of the best shows I've heard in awhile!!!! I'll be sure to subscribe.
Best ever with co-host's that bring in a new flavor to the leadership podcast world!! Mixed with true stories of overcoming and powerful applications to learn and grow in every level of leadership, entrepreneur, life, family, marriage, parenting, and faith!! This is amazing !!!