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Don’t like swearing. But love the bantering.
I discovered this podcast a few weeks ago and have since binged all the episodes. The hosts are funny and relatable and present the information in a way that make court cases approachable. Other reviews have criticized the podcast for getting off topic or for not providing a deep enough dive into the details of the cases. If you are looking for an all-encompassing, super intense dive into Supreme Court cases, this is not the podcast you’re looking for. This podcast makes the Court approachable, exciting, and fun while also being informative. Definitely worth a listen!!
This is a enjoyable, not to serious, podcast on SCOTUS cases, albeit left of center.
Listen, here’s the deal. I’ve read the Reddit theory, and while I have no idea how that person figured it out, they did. I’ve known Brett since high school, where his nickname was Nazim (he loved the poet Nazim Hikmet). He records the Brett parts first, listens to it, writes the Nazim script, records the Nazim part, then edits. It’s honestly impressive. To me this show is like watching a tag team match between The Megapowers and two sharks that attack in tandem. Five stars.
I really wanted to like this podcast. I wanted to hear about law. The first episode I listened to the first 25 minuets was about doughnuts and Wahlburgers. I don’t think I will try another episode. If anyone has better Supreme Court or law podcasts let me know some how.
5 minutes in and we’re still talking about where the hosts buy their underwear. I just don’t care about that.
Summary: This podcast focuses on the host’s feelings and opinions rather than facts and quotes from the court cases. Also it has an obvious left leaning bias. I’m not a right leaner, but I am an independent capable of thinking and not have opinions shoved in my face... or ears. Long Summary: I was hoping I find a good podcast that talked about Supreme Court Cases in an unbiased way. Both hosts spend a lot of time going off topic in the beginning of the episode and then constantly talk about their opinions and feelings. I am not interested in the host’s opinions and feelings. I want to background of the case, oral arguments, and history behind why the justices might have giving the ruling they did. These hosts do not have a good knowledge of the legislation and go on a rant of their opinions. I’ve listened to SCOTUS 101 and it is a much better podcast. Supposedly right leaning but I have yet to notice it. Their focus on opinions is minimal and they rarely go off topic.
Love these guys. Good podcast. It’s like having a discussion about the supreme court with your friends - ya know, if your friends actually knew anything about the supreme court. Sure, yeah, there is some off topic content, but it’s fun, there are plenty of sources to get bone dry law information if that’s your thing.
I attend law school and love Constitutional Law. I love podcasts that discuss the Supreme Court. This podcast is the best! Two lawyers talking about the Supreme Court, who are both hilarious and interesting! A must listen to!!!!
I fell upon this podcast by accident. As an incoming law school student these conversations are thought provoking. I’ve been working on law since 2007 and as the years past my interest in law has growth. So this podcast was right up my alley. Brett and Nizam’s dislike for law makes me laugh the most.
Perfect blend of useful information, playful sarcasm, and random knowledge! Loving it🤟🏼
Hilarious and informative in equal measure, Citizens Guide to the Supreme Court has quickly become one of my MUST LISTEN podcasts. The hosts are incredibly eloquent without ever tipping over into pretentiousness. They excel at making complex legal issues easy to understand by zeroing in on the core of the matter’s practical repercussions. Plus, it’s laugh out loud funny. Post-Script: More stories about the aquarium, please.
Brett and Nazim do a good job. I get a dose of what’s going on with the Supreme Court with a dose of banter. I read another review that said it was too much banter, but I’m ok with their chatter. The guys aren’t annoying, and I share their interests (football, food, and I’m a mom to a baby and toddler) so I find the banter suitable to my life. As to the meat of the podcast, I am able to absorb what is happening in the Supreme Court without needing to read decisions myself. Five stars, two thumbs up.
The two co-hosts are super knowledgeable and informative about the law. The only downside is that they get distracted too much when talking.
Great fun Supreme Court podcast
Out of the 45 minute podcast. They might talk about the law for maybe 30 minutes. Which is perfect for this podcast, it’s for those interested in the law but not that deep. I want to hear about the recent case, but also about was Brett has been doing with his life recently. Which is exactly what i get from this podcast.
I expected serious debate or at least informed conversation. This has neither.
Wonderful banter on the psychology of pro wrestling. The law talk is pretty informative too.
Totally agree with other reviewers, the hosts are way too self-indulgent with their inane and boring and non-relevant chit chat. The first 10 minutes of the one episode I started - I wanted to give it a fair chance - had the host giving goofy and boring commentary about how his toddler son didn’t want to go to an aquarium over the weekend. DONE. Pressed stop and Unsubscribe even before I could get to the substance.
I listen to a lot of SCOTUS and law podcasts. I really enjoy CGSC. The hosts have their biases—though not nearly as strong as those of the SCOTUS 101 podcast. To be honest, I mostly listen to the podcast for the banter. I've also learned a lot about the law and SCOTUS from the podcast. But Brett and Nazim aren't as efficient and meticulous in their discussions as I would like, but I can get that stuff elsewhere. Still, I'm going to continue listening every Sunday. Also, Brett is often wrong in the opinions he holds, especially when it comes to food and movies.
If you came to the this podcast with the idea of learning about the Supreme Court and the cases it adjudicates, don’t bother. As an educated lay person with a working knowledge of the Court, this cast offers zero insight into how the Court decides cases. There is precious little law discussed. Forget about hearing anything about precedent or statutes or law basically. The opinions are of the quality that you can get chatting with the guy next to you at a bar and you figure out in two minutes has just the shallowest knowledge of the topic being discussed. Banter is painful to listen to. I listened through three episodes hoping it would get better. It didn’t. The hosts are ill-prepared. They just don’t try very hard and don’t know very much.
I enjoy the legal discussions but would enjoy them a lot more if the hosts were more authentic and could lose their internal audience. Especially the guy with the good mic. Just talk as if no one was listening - such a simple concept that distinguishes the the best in all walks of life for those who can actually accomplish it. This podcast falls into the category of two friends who are funny to each other and one day decide that it would be funny to others, too, and go on to produce a podcast that’s coated with a layer of ‘listen to how funny we are.’ Totally correctable and there’s a lot of good meat to this. I’d just love to see it hit its potential. And get a good mic for the other dude!!!
Brett and Nazim are like uncles that you want to be your best friends. Whoever said that their banter is what turned them away from the podcast is a fool! The boys banter makes everything more interesting and easier to listen to- the comic relief makes the podcast what it is. This is the best podcast around, if you don’t agree you’re playing yourself. 10/5 stars!!!
Two smart guys talk about Supreme Court decisions before they come down, give predictions based on their humble but informed opinions. I still give it a five despite the inside jokes that I don't get and giggly stuff that is usually not even smirk worthy. To their credit, they say when the substantive discussion begins. Just fast forward a few minutes.
A good way to learn about the law in a common sense way and hear opinions about what the law should be.
They have insightful and informative discussion on Supreme Court cases, mixed with funny and enjoyable banter between the hosts. I love the back-and-forth between the two hosts, whether they are talking sandwiches or law, they manage to disagree but remain respectful of each others' opinions, I cannot recommend this podcast enough!
They discuss current cases and for some reason talk a lot about food ;)


I love learning about the Supreme Court and this is definitely the best podcast out there.


Many of these reviews are critical of the banter. That is why I listen. If I wanted simply to hear about case law I would open a book, and opinion I can get from C-Span. Keep it up.
I'm notorious for getting super excited about something new, then losing interest halfway through. This podcast is a major exception!! Even with my full-time job and part-time law school classes, I will always make time for these guys! Fun & informative, offering great insight in a format that is the perfect length of time and keeps me coming back! Thank you!
This is an awesome podcast that covers the dark legal times we are in a soul-refreshing way.
I love this podcast! Brett and Nazim are two lawyers who don't act like lawyers but act like regular human beings with a deep knowledge of the law and the Supreme Court. I can always follow their discussions of Supreme Court cases because they give enough background to give context but don't get bogged down. They are a great team and a podcast like theirs is vital as we enter a very scary chapter in our American history with a passing acquaintance with the truth seeming to guide our political discourse. These guys give me hope.
Keep up the great work, gentlemen!
Learn Supreme Court history and decisions while being entertained. One of the podcasts I eagerly wait for each week. This may not be a law quality review of the podcast but you'll get it if you just listen.
An amazingly funny and highly addictive podcast. Although I was already a huge Supreme Court fan, the podcast's hosts, Brett and Nazim, have caused me to re-evaluate what I know and believe SCOTUS is and who it's justices truly are. Other reviews have noted that the hosts go on tangents - and they knowingly do, but with their sharp humor and minds it's fun to stray left field with them and enjoy off topics before diving into the complexities and many different perspectives concerning constitutional law. Awesome podcast!
Love the off topic stuff, you guys are hilarious together. Love the chemistry and the personalities of the hosts. I dare say that if anyone else hosted this show it would be dull and boring! Thanks for a great informative show thats not too serious and keeps the listener interested.
I love the idea of this podcast and I honestly love the on-topic discussions because I feel like I'm learning something and engaging in a topic I wouldn't normally otherwise. Unfortunately, the hosts spend a lot of time bantering - which would be fine if it was a few minutes, but this can drone on for 10-15 minutes to start en episode and doesn't include tangents they take anywhere else in the ep. I'm sure this makes me sound like a cranky asshat, but i'm choosing to listen to this podcast to educate myself not to listen to jokes and who is having a baby (and I truly am not trying to be mean about this). I want to love this show so much, but I am always giving up on it for long stretches because the off-topic chunks drive me insane. If you could fix this, I'd love this podcast and would go back to recommending it to friends.
One of my favorite podcasts
Please take the opportunity to listen to Brett & Nazim (sorry about the spelling) inform and entertain you about Supreme Court decisions without preaching or condescending attitudes. Their delightful banter gives you information on court cases and their possible implications mixed in with fun stories on food, travels, WWF and sandwiches. It's pure fun for people starved for intelligent conversation that stays lighthearted while imparting interesting information on the American judicial system.
A great, loose format, program with two guys discussing recent court rulings. The content is very flexible and you will often find a tangent or two outside the main content of the program, often about food, or something else unrelated to the Court, or food. The loose format tends to be overall beneficial, though, because they will also go on Court related tangents about related content from law school, personal interactions with other lawyers/judges, or experience in the courtroom, all of which adds a lot more depth to the overall topic than you get in a discussion purely about the legal reasoning in the one specific case at hand.
Please add a timestamp in each episode description that indicates when law discussion begins. For example, the most recent episode begins with 10 minutes of talk about Battlestar Galactica. Definitely don't want to listen to that. An indicator of hat far to skip would be much appreciated.
The podcast offers exactly the type of informative entertaining style that makes it superb for road trips. Thanks. I would rate it 110%.
Well done and super knowledgeable! The hosts have a great dynamic and lay out really compelling legal reasoning. It’s great insight!
This is a great podcast for anyone who wants to learn more about the inner workings of the legal system without being alienated by banal minutiae or confusing legal jargon. Most surprisingly it has changed the way I see the Supreme Court. I still feel that the court makes bad decisions but better understand that they are usually made for thoughtful legal reasons rather than petty political ones. I very much recommend this podcast!
A review for people who like the law, but hate law school... Currently in law school and this podcast does an AWESOME job of describing the law, except like way better than law school. Can't say enough great things about it, my girl friend (lay person) likes it even more than I do now!
I don’t mind a little banter. But I’m a busy girl. I don’t have time for a 12 minutes and 30 second conversation about cooking travails before the topic has even been introduced. If you want to listen to one of those chit-chat, talky banter shows to kill the time, and are cool without about 25% substance and 75% filler, then this show is for you.
Brett and Nazim have hilarious banter and I always learn a ton about the law!
So I listened to an episode today and was very put off; the hosts began by discussing the Hunger Games at length, a topic that has no relevance to SCOTUS topics. They then followed this by discussing, as two childish males, the relative “hotness” of Jennifer Lawrence. I was expecting an educated, informative podcast about judicial matters, not a puerile fan boy playground. I will try another episode; maybe this was a fluke.
"The Wayne's World of Supreme Court analysis." That was their half joking self-description on a recent episode. This podcast was recently recommended by SCOTUS Blog by the way, so it's a bit more respectable and insightful than Wayne's World, but it is as least as entertaining. Subscribe. This is one of your new favorite podcasts.