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The message series about grace is the best topic I've ever heard from a pulpit. In a world that looks down on Christians as legalistic and arrogant, Brady and Clark deliver clear, Biblical truths that explain why Christ was the most gracious and how following rules will never get you saved. I have personally been so inspired by their messages!
Sunday is the highlight of my week ever since I've started attending New Life Church, and during the week I listen to and ponder Pastor Brady Boyd's sermons thanks to this podcast! Every week Pastor Boyd brings a messaging that feeds my spirit and inspires me with the knowledge that Jesus Christ can transform my life. While Pastor Boyd's sermons are practical and relatible, Christ remains the clear center of the focus. It is refreshing to find a man, like Pastor Brady Boyd, who has the heart of a shepherd. He's not like so many other "big-time" preachers in Christendom, men who care only about wealth and notoriety. Pastor Boyd is a humble man who truly loves and cares for his congregation. This has been especially apparent as he has led New Life Church through a period of crisis and tragedy. He has done so while giving all the glory to God and seeking none for himself. With Pastor Boyd, it's all about Christ and Christ alone.
Wow, I am loving this podcast... Brady is a great communicator.
In light of recent events, these message document the processes New Life has been going through the past year, as we have re-evaluted ourselves as a church and searched for direction and purpose. The messages are honest, heartfelt, and relevant to anyone who desires to find purpose and to surrender more fully to God.
Pastor Ted represents all that is wrong with organized religion and those that blindly follow. His brainwashed followers support the teaching of hypocritical values and these podcasts are tools of propoganda and deceit. Pastor Ted took himself down, not some other conspiracy. The God I believe in isn't short on cash and full of hate.

By DE450
What do we do now?
Thank you New Life for making these postcasts available! I love being able to hear the messages throughout the week and connect with what's going on in the church.