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I’ve been listening to this podcast since back when I got my first smartphone during my sophomore year of high school. I am now a sophomore in college and am still an avid listener. I recommend you give these people a try.
Entertaining Manga pulse only wish I could start from 1 and go through them all


By ee9918
Gave these guys the 3ep test, and decided to drop. The IRL new at the beginning of the show is similar to listening to paint dry, followed by someone reading all of the forum comments from the past week that are primarily the same few users commenting. These two segments take up over 1/2 of each episode leading the hosts to try and rush though reviews in order to stay near a palatable amount of time. The reviews themselves are quality, although rushed.
Good shows, entertaining to listen to.
I'm liking this
i have been listening to this podcast since i was 12 and now i am 20 and it has only gotten better
I have been an avid listener for a few years. I do miss Ichigo and TC but as with everything life goes on and people change priorities. I still enjoy the Red and Rio show though. Just missing my weekly fix now. Still my favorite Anime podcast.
I have listened to this show for a LONG time. I started listening when the original gang was still part of it. Back then, Ichigo, Batou, Chigo, Rukia and the gang were young and full of vigor. Now the show has gone through all these mutations and transformations. Anime Pulse has branched out to shows like Manga Pulse, Fan Pulse, Popcorn Pulse and Script 2 Script (no Pulse?) Since there have been so many shows, my complere review is 4 stars, because not everything is perfect on every show all the time. With all the host changes, some people have had to grow into their roles. Even with all that's happened, I still support Anime Pulse. TimeChaser, we miss you already!


This show is garbage.


By Ryumoau
I don't care much for any of the different shows in this feed. Anime Pulse is the most japanophilic podcast i've ever heard. Its the least annoying of the podcasts though. Manga podcast is incredibly boring to listen to. But by far the worse is the VG Pulse. Its one of the worst videogame podcasts i've ever heard. Its just a bunch of liberal weeaboos whining about various subjects that have nothing to do with gaming. If you want an anime podcast to listen to try A3K or if you want gaming try the other million videogame podcasts out there that actually talk about gaming.
Boring, weaboo hosts. Forgettable reviews which are just episode recaps. Advocating to "download" in 2014.
I wish I could give this Podcast a 5 out of 5 because I love their anime Podcast. Unfortunately their manga podcast and video game podcast are not that good. The hosts in the manga podcast are rude, bitter and arrogant. Everything is terrible on their book. I honestly don't understand why they are doing a manga focused podcast since they sound like they dislike 100% of manga out there. The video game podcast is not terrible but stay away if you like Nintendo. They expend 50% of the podcast just talking about what they did last day and another 20% of the time trolling Nintendo. Their anti-Nintendo attitude is so obvious that I stopped listen to them. In the other side their anime podcast is great. Their host are friendly and mature and their conversations are interesting. Unfortunately I have to give them a 3/5 because of the poor quality of video game and manga podcast.
I have downloaded all episodes from dec 2013 onward, and I am starting with VG pulse (as the title suggests). I am very impressed with your content. You are informative, but you aren't afraid to nerdrage when the moment calls for it (Dead Rising 3 was a great review). I just got done with 176, and I appreciated your format from the moment I started. You guys (and girls, because where would we be without them). I appreciate the fact that you don't give any information on a topic without at least a half informative review (Net Neutrality was a great discussion and could be given to any uninformed person) sorry for the block of text, but your hard work deserves the praise, and the only way I can show it is by bragging about it. And get those ladies talking Millenum! and I love Kas's accent. it's hawt *salute*
Well the thing is there's so much more to anime pulse than just the anime podcast, there's also popcorn pulse, manga pulse, etc. so really in all truth your not stuck listening to the same person repeatedly. Not that it matters since each show on its own is fascinating, informative, and humorous. I would recommend it. Definitely worth your time. Something here for everybody!
Which I have to say is Manga Pulse. Both Tim and Weltall do their best in putting on a good show. They do not sit there and read the jacket copy of the review to you and they give you their honest opinion without any bias. Out of the three other shows Manga Pulse is the only part of the Anime Pulse that is actually TRYING to create an entraining show.They have done wonderful in introducing new segments and adding in their own view world and on certain subjects and topics besides manga. Both Tim and Weltall are very funny and informative to listen to at times. Their recent format flip of putting the manga first is also a welcome change. Anime Pulse is great but, the problem is that they go over anime and other things s like that. Bu,t that's it. No deriving from the plot.I think that Ichigo and whoever is co-hosting is great but the show's format hasn't really changed. They have remained stagnant and to be honest you can go anywhere else and still get the amount of information that Ichigo and the other guy is offering. Next up is Video Game Pulse.To be honest, I didn't listen to the original hosts when they were there so I can't talk much about them. The current hosts unfortunately suffer from the same stagnation as Anime Pulse but, worse. Millennium X seems to be the most Gung-ho individual out of the three but the guy really does not have the chops to be the lead guy. That in addition he sounds the driest when he's throwing out internet slang for example: ' You are weak saucing like a boss.' The delivery doesn't sound natural it's almost like he's reading it off the cue card at times. Then there is Dark God Who like Millennium can be very try as well.When she isn't being lackluster on Mike most of the tim she seems completely uninterested in what Millennium is talking about most of the time either throwing out an 'ok.' or 'not really' when prompted to by her X.Finally came Kaz who was the saving grace of VG pulse Fan Pulse Listened to a few shows, don't know what it is. t's annoying contrived, loud and obnoxious. Hopefully they will not be back.
Lol her interview with Kyle. I'd be flipping. Your talking to Aziensama show some excitement
The manga pulse is really funny and anime pulse is vary informative
If you like listening to kids talk about how awesome they are because of how much they can drink, this may be the podcast for you. If you're over 16 and stopped caring how much cheap beer you can binge on in your dorm room, you should look elsewhere. Little anime insight; little of anything interesting discussed. Not even amusing enough to be considered train wreck enjoyable. Plenty of better 'casts out there. Skip this one.
First of I like all the different pulse shows there are l. Anime pulse is a little bland but informs you on everything anime related. Next VG pulse was confusing at first but I understand there in jokes
I love this podcast It has rekindled my nerd like passion for anime.
great show a great way to kill 2 and a half hours of time
I Love THis Show, Ichigo is an awesome dude. i enjoy his views on japan, while living in japan. and one day i hope to live there to.
AP is kinda boring it's more information than entertainment. VG is terrible, the guys that started the first VGs were better. Lastly is MP, their the best of both worlds, funny and informative. If you mostly listen to MP the hour and a half is worth it. Listen to the might gods TIM & WELTALL!!!!!!!
It's been 2 week's and there's been no new anime pulse episode's did you guys quit making that podcast or something?
Best anime podcast ever. Thank you AP GUYS..!!!!
The VG podcasts are done well but the guy in charge of the anime podcast is horrible. If the anime is not considered "mainstream" or does not have catgirls he does not like it all. Also his reviews of shows he does not like are not explained very well. He just says what happened in the first episode and says he won't watch anymore.
Can someone tell me why it is rated so, because it is locked on my iPod.
This podcast introduced me to titles like Black Cat, Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist, and many others. And it also covers older titles too.
When I refresh my iTunes podcast directory, Anime Pulse is the first on my list of things to listen to. Ichigo, Tim, and Weltall have all been a huge help in directing me to gold mines of anime and manga I have never heard of; without this show I would still be scrounging the web for the next issue of Bleach or Naruto.


By Fisch86
I'm a big fan, love the show and makes work fun again. Domo Arigatto Gozaimas
I love it! Sure, Ichigo is a bit annoying, and the loss of Batou is saddening, but MP is just amazingly awesome!
I've been listening to this podcast for a few years now and it has helped me pick out some great anime to watch. Eventhough they lost Batou it's still a great show. Keep up the good work Ichigo!!!
Most anime podcasts came from ppl listening to this show. However the show is falling on hard times. Anime pulse lost it's funniest members. Vg pulse is kind of boring. Manga pulse is hilarious but spends very little time talking about manga. I hope they find their way back to the powerhouse they once were.
Ap is a decent podcast but will suffer without a bato-esque personality to balance out Ichigo. I do like their work overall though
Love the anime and manga podcast.Great cast in anime and manga podcast but VG puls is just bad.hate the VG cast with a passion.Please change the cast.
It's hard to believe that one of the two founders of AP is leaving. I don't know if he will read this or not, but if so, thanks for the memories. Hope you will come back one day. The show has gotten a lot better over the past few months. It did seem like the guys were seeming a little tired whenever they did a show. Now they seem more enegized, which makes me happier to hear each episode. Energy and enthusiasm are what male Anime Pulse, Manga Pulse, and Video Game Pulse so enjoyable. Keep it up guys. Much love.
Can't remember how I stumbled across this gem of a podcast, but I'm sure glad I did. Manga Pulse has been the highlight of my week for over a year now - and if that doesn't that speak volumes about my life, I don't know what would.
It nice informative and well it doesn't drag on and on and make good recomendations of what movies to watch very good music as well you guys made a good impression listening to your podcast for the first time good job guys keep it up.
Amazing show. So funny and very informative.
I've been listening to the podcast for a year now. It's flippin legit.


Honey Badgers are awsome.
These people are genious! Manga pulse is my peronal favorate. It is the hilight of my week when I get a new AP/MP epeisode. Soo entertaining no way i'd stop listing.
Hehe. this podcast is really awesome and is entertaining~ it's worth your time and often times... they can go off topic. hahaha. :D
This show is the best. Wish Tim and Weltall got more funding but it is worth it
These guys are awesome. Between Ichigo, Batou, Weltoll and Tim the Enchanter, there is no other group as entertaining as this. They know their stuff, and have first hand knowledge of the culture of Japan, with Ichigo living there now. Definately the best anime podcast out there.
I tell you this,its hard to get use to, but after a couple episodes, youll get use to the show and keep listening.
THIS IS THE BEST PODCAST OUT THERE THIS IS MY FAVORITE PODCAST actully i listen to it while trying to fall asleep i cant get to sleep with out it its so peacful wen their screaming their heads off ull luv ichigo and bouto (tim chigo ext)
The title says it all this is a pretty good podcast also it is up to date and wow!!


If you like anime you need to get this. Its also really funny