Reviews For Videos - Beginner Guitar Lessons and Songs by iPlayMusic - Fun for the Whole Family!

Sorry but it appears this podcast is no longer available So will someone please remove it
None of the videos will download! My 10 year old really wants these videos to get started playing!
It won't let me download :/
im an expert on giutar now
This Waac the most awaomest song ever
These jams is the best!!!! But I need help fiding free music videos to go on my iPod now, anyone know a website? Thanks! :)
Love all that jams


it none if them even downloaded for me.


This helped me a lot


By Kgawd
I am just learning guitar and this is helpful
These videos are great, they show you what you need to learn for basic guitar playing. These videos are perfect for beginners who want to learn how to play guitar!!
Great quality. Good audio and video. I would buy these lessons if they weren't free. They are worth it. No complaints here. Instructors are friendly and easy to learn from. Anything that is advanced is explaned in detail. It's like taking online college classes at your own pace without homework. Or this is no differrent then walking into your local music store and buying a tab book. Actually this is better because it has video and is explained in detail. A must have for your collection.


By jeci17
i'm only getting the sound for some reason, not the video... doesn't make any sense this way.
I recommend this for anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar
As a complete beginner guitarist, this was a great podcast. It covers all the basics, and even gets you into a song. While it doesn't do everything, you'll sound like you can actually play the guitar by the end. It also has great visuals so you can see what he's doing at any point. Highly recommended.
this is really great for beginners, I hope that you can keep adding lessons so that I can learn more, it's really awesome, I'll be waiting for lesson 16
With 4 different camera angles, a comfortable pace, and pleasant instructor, this was the most fun I had with learning guitar thus far. I especially like the country piece he put together using 4 chords. It's catchy and easy to learn. Corinna & Red River were fun to learn too. I definitely recommend iPlayMusic for beginner lessons.
This video really *cough* helped *cough* me *cough* a lot *cough*
Given that podcasts are free, most of them are very low quality. Not so with iPlay Music Guitar Lessons. They are easy to follow and fun (this is a human being saying that, not some weirdo-advertiser). I recommend it for any guitar lovin' begginner, they are really awesome and get you playing the guitar in no time!!!
While some lessons are a bit superfluous, (ahem, making noise? a three year old can do that) but for free these are very handy especially since you can put them on your ipod. i mean, why pay 20$ for an instructional video when you can get this one for free?