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Great interviews, great information, great guests, great host, just great!
This podcast has summarized for me, the last 7 years of personal development! Books I've read and either didn't apply or have forgotten, thanks Andrew for bringing all this invaluable information to one forum!
If you want to become a better man check this podcast out. They have one round where they ask the guest "What would you say to someone who is lost and doesn't know what to do with their life," and every time there are life changing answers followed up by the guest and Andrew Ferebee. This podcast teaches you step by step how to find your passion and purpose in life. Incredible stuff.
This was my first men's self-help podcast but I must say, as someone who has read a lot about personal development, this has got to be one of the most personal host/listener experiences you can get. Andrew does a great job of inviting quality guests and in trying to pick their brains. I personally LOVE the podcasts done by Andrew solely. Just listening to him talk gives me a fresh perspective on life each time. I absolutely recommend this podcast to every man and would like to give a huge shoutout to Andrew for his hard work! Keep it up brother! :D
As far as informative podcasts go- this is the only one you need! Andrew Ferebee is excellent as host to some of the most fantastic guests anywhere, asking poignant questions that get right to the heart at what it means to excel in life. I’ve only found this podcast about a month ago, but I’ve already listened to over a dozen guests talk about their experiences, thoughts and advice on what is required to become a true master of yourself and of life. Thanks Andrew!
There is no place to start when something like KFM enters your life, grabs you by the shoulders and whispers loudly "wake up." The content is life enriching. If you don't get it, either it's not time for you to eat or your soul is full and not hungry. Every episode is like a brick on the way to see the wizard of OZ, only KFM lets you know that it's not the destination it's the journey. And the magic is within. KFM helps you go inside yourself and pull out The Man you are supposed to be. Most episodes do inspire you to learn more about yourself, however if you listen well you can find a life altering nugget in each episode. Don't be lazy, it's on you to explore further when some of the content touches your conscience. This is my first review ever, glad it's for KFM and trying to figure out how I too can change lives for the best with what tools I have been granted. Thanks Andrew
Love this podcast. Andrew interviews great guests full of useful information.
Useful information, pertinent questions and answers!
I love the podcast! Its full of great information and instructions you can directly apply to your life. Its awesome to listen to answers from these successful people in every field and to understand there are basic principles that can be applied in every field to grow and develop your own success! Keep up the great work it means the world to have this positive force out there impacting people in such a positive way!
Andrew does a great job with this show. I hope to meet him at the Podcast Movement conference. I really enjoyed episode 17 w/ Dan Bacon. Great show... subscribe today! ~@jaredeasley


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Apply the concepts to your life for the better!
If you are looking to improve yourself in all areas of life this podcast is for you. I highly recommend this podcast it's been a great resource for myself.
My life has literally changed after listing to the KFM podcast! Andrew interviews successful men (and women) in all different areas of life and asks them very useful questions and their responses will help anyone begin to see changes in their life, provided they take the required action. The fact that his successful guests share their secrets through years of trial and error (FOR FREE) makes this podcast one of the most valuable resources you can have in your pocket. I absolutely hands down recommend this podcast to ANYONE (male of female) interested in self improvement and changing their life for the better. You will not be disappointed!
There’s a lot of valuable content in these interviews that I always have on my phone.
I look for authenticity whenever I learn from someone, and having known Andrew for several years I know that he is authentic and communicates directly from the heart in every project he takes on. e's not afraid to be vulnerable. Instead of serving up empty calories the way most media outlets do, Andrew digs for insights that men can actually use to find more success, happiness, and fulfillment in life.
Awesome content. Andrew delivers a phenomenal podcast that can really help anyone trying to reach new levels in their life. He brings in great leaders and entrepreneurs that give us listeners so much value from the knowledge they share. If you're seeking growth, this is a no brainer
Honest value adding content that sparks growth! You gotta check it out!!! thanks andrew!
After being a listener for over a year now, going back into the archives and listening to some old podcasts I still find myself taking some tidbit of knowledge away. Something you sure can count on Andrew bringing on great guests and asking great questions that force those guests to become vulnerable making each episode a great experience.
This podcast has been tremendous toward helping me achieve the life I want to life. Highly recommended if you’re interested in personal development!
One of my favorite podcast. The guests in this podcast do not only share their knowledge with the listener - they share their wisdom with us.. The guest on this podcast are the type of guest who you would want to have as mentors in your life and by picking their brain during the interviews, it allows the listener to realize that anyone has the potential to become a better self and change the world. If you're a man between 18-36, this should be a MUST LISTEN TO podcast for you.
Knowledge For Men brought me into the world of self-improvement podcasts after I noticed an interview with a dating/relationship company I follow. Andrew, the host, is a great example of someone who can start his own business and emerge from the 9-5 grind. He interviews several other guests that are at or above his level who give valuable advice to men. Tune in!
Amazing information from the most successful people in the world, with nuggets in every episode.
Andrew has worked hard to provide listeners with quality interviews with a variety of knowledgeable guests. You will definitely find answers to questions you have about personal growth.
Knowledge for men is a great podcast exploring issues related to masculine idenity. These are the archives a great place to start.
I appreciate what Andrew has put together. Most of my life I have tried pulling resources from one place to another to make improvements in my life, and the life of those around me. Now I have more information then I was ever able to gather and gain an understanding from those that have experienced, been successful, and even failed allowing me the opportunity to learn from them.
Knowledge for Men was the most useful source of empowering information I found in 2014, and it will help me make the most of this coming year. I hope its as useful for you as it was for me.
This isn’t another typical podcast with cookie cutter questions and token inspiration. Andrew interviews some awesome guests and really dives deep to get to the meat of their lessons and epiphanies . Every time I listen, I get an instant spike of motivation and it propels me to do awesome work and push my boundaries. If you’re feeling stuck, or just want to blast through barriers and take your life to the next level, then this podcast is for you.
The caliber of the Andrew has on here is unbelievable. Keep going buddy this stuff is amazing!
Knowledge For Men: The Archives will completely rock your world and potentially change your life. With high-level guests such as Steve Harvey, Robert Greene, Ryan Holiday, and T. Harv Eker, this podcast allows you to transform your thinking by learning from the masters. Including breath-taking solo episodes where the host allows himself to be completely vulnerable, Knowledge For Men: The Archives will give you access to multiple mentors and help you live the life of your dreams. - Dan McDaniel
This is the best self improvement podcast. I always come away with great new ideas! Always great interesting guests!
This is a phenomenal program for any male wanting to change your life for the better. Andrew, the creator of this podcast, is a great communicator, an effective leader, and he encourages each and every listener to do the things that are going to change your life for the better. Subscribe now!!!!!
No FLUFF. Just Action. Take knowledge from trusted sources. This one of them. Success minded individuals listen to successful people. Period. Have a great New Year.
The Knowledge For Men archives are your one stop shop for all things personal development. Andrew Ferebee gets top notch guests that consistently deliver crazy high value and actionable content. Do yourself a favor and subscribe and download!