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Kerri & her team are amazing at providing unbiased journalism about critical issues facing the world today. Wish we had another 1000 like them.
The topics are varied, the guests are wonderful, and the callers provide new perspectives that expand the discussion. A wonderful podcast for anyone who wants to expand their understanding on complex ideas.
I agree with most of the concerns about the new format but Kerri is one of the best interviewers out there. She asks follow-up questions and knows what points matter. Even the book interviews ( I am not a big reader) can be insightfull. Given her background as a political reporter I am not suprised about that focus. I wish the enviormental news would focus more on the science and how we know this but they are covering the basic points and that puts them ahead of the curve. Ken is always great, I follow him too! Tom Webber is okay. I feel he is not asseritive enough to follow through on interview questions and keep things on point.
I always enjoy the in-depth coversations and the expert guests on Kerri's show. Always well researched and well presented, so I have subscribed. However, during this election year there is far too much political coverage and there is not nearly enough time spent on other topics. I'd love to turn on the radio and listen to a story without commentary on the presidential candidates, but alas. Election coverage fatigue! I wish they would put all the political commentary on a separate podcast and keep it there.
Kerri's selection of topics is so spot-on! every weekday, most people will find stuff theyre interested in of two out of the three, at least. It's also one of the few podcasts I'm promtpted to write to on a regular basis.
She offers her opinion as fact - poor journalism
...and I would really appreciate it if you could add the duration of each segment, as well as the name and brief background on the guests who appear. Keep up the great work!
Far too disjointed for podcasts. Miss longer focussed discussions of Midmorning which are also more podcast friendly.
Used to like to listen to Midmorning while exercising. Still great content, but now multiple news breaks which are useless when it is a podcast. Also, frustrating to have to skip thru all the fundraising pitches
Not a fan of the new format, it just not as podcast friendly, I prefered longer discussions.
Finally, a way to listen AFTER work!!
Kerri always has an informative show!
Love this podcast. So many important topics discussed in depth.
Balanced, well-researched interviews with industry/research experts, authors, scientists. Wide variety of topics. NPR listeners with an interest in in-depth news will love this podcast.