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This used to be a dependable, well produced podcast. Now it suffers from inattention and corporate apathy. Too Bad. John and Dave do a good show. It's just not put in podcast form anymore.
The last episode removed all the Ads and the local news. Way better!!!!! The information is thoughtful and the presentation is very accessible. Hopefully they keep this format.
I can do commercials. Not 10 minutes of old local news though. Fast forwarding was getting too annoying.
I listened to the May 17 episode of this podcast. The podcast began with several minutes of local news from Charlotte, North Carolina, a weather forecast and traffic report (!), and President Bush's weekly radio address (!!) before finally, eight minutes in, the Home Improvement Show began. They actually cut out the advertisements, but left in all the other stuff. Why? Why would podcast listeners want to hear local news from Charlotte? And why would anyone want to listen to a traffic report that's not live?
I subscribe to several podcasts and have found this two-hour program to be the most informative and useful above all others. I can't count the number of times they've given advice to people that have helped me repair and understand my home better. I normally download the podcasts and burn them to CD so that I can listen to them in my car. While I wish that the commercials and President's Saturday Radio Address weren't part of the podcast, I just fast forward through them, enjoying the program. John and David are humorous and a lot more patient than I'll ever be.
This is probably a commercial venture. Those who whine about the commercials need to give it a rest. I think that we all would prefer not to have them, but they are a reality. When I find a podcast that I like, I will listen to it regardless. Keep up the great work, guys. Love the show.
Whats up with the advertisements? It's a podcast.
If I wanted to listen to commercials, weather, news, and radio jingle I would listen to radio in my own town. I gave it a few minutes and gave up.