Arlington Street Church

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Best sermons ever. Always inspiring, never preachy.
I have had the most wonderful opportunity to hear Arlington's Street Church podcasts for almost two years! And every single one of these lovely Sermons have never fail to inspire, get hope, and direct my life in a extremely positive way. Rev. Kim H. is a blessed lady with the gift of Love, Caring, as well as an Inspirational speaker. The church is very lucky to have her and I am sure they know that. Thank you so very much for these life inspiring Sermons!
I'm agnostic, but I found that I really enjoy listening to these accessible and meaninful sermons when I have time.
Arlington Street Church is well-known among Unitarian Universalists and religious progressives as being one of the most respected and influential churches in the country for its historical legacy and because of its continual dedication to social justice. Reverend Kim Crawford delivers emotionally powerful, empowering, highly accessible, and intellectually potent sermons (think henceforth of them as spoken essays). The sermons don't rely on narrow dogmatism but rather draw from a variety of faiths, philosophies, cultures, and ideas from around the globe. You wont find any guilt or shame, instead the message is one of constant hope even when the topic is one of sadness. These sermons will appeal to almost all people on almost any spiritual path.Atheists and Humanists will find themselves right at home too.