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I attended a service with my daughter 2 years ago & Pastor Jimmy Evans was speaking. That day, I gave my life back over to God. I had strayed too far for too many years & there was something (still is) about Pastor Jimmy that was able to push thru the darkness & pull me back into the light. I am now a current proud member of this church & continue daily to be blessed. Thank you TFC!!!
My family and I love TFC's podcast but haven't been able to download any podcasts for months! Please help!
I have been trying to download podcasts from here for a week. It does not work :-/
I also can only "preview" the sermons. It won't let me stream the whole thing and it won't let me download it??


I love Trinity! It is my home church but when I'm unable to attend I actively listen to podcasts while picking up kids or getting ready for work. This new podcast app, however, never let's me download them and I need help with that. Bug fix, miracle, anything so I get my Trinity podcasts back.
Love Trinity, Jimmy and the whole crew. Our of town a lot and can not down load!! No problem with Gateway. Wish Trinity would get there own app.
I can add them to my cue, but the progress bar never moves, it just says "preparing to download". I have 6 gigs of memory available. Please help!
The sermons are great to listen to but I can't get them to down load. Please help.
Preaching; Meaty, hearty, with substance, great podcasts!
I appreciate Jimmy's straight forward and right on application of God's Word for living in the here and now. No crying. Just straight up Truth. Thank you and God Bless you and your ministry.
We recently moved to Maine, and are still looking for a new church. Amarillo is truly blessed to have Jimmy & Karen and the whole TFC staff. We miss our church family so much. Thank you Lord for Podcasts!
This is a podcast that I stumbled into. No one "told me" about it. But I have to say, it is one that has changed my life. I'll never be the same.
I am currently working out of town and have a schedule that doesn't allow me to make church very often. These podcasts allow me to stay plugged in to church and grow spiritually even though I don't currently have a "church" to go to right now. I just have church while I am working or any other time I like.
I attend Trinity when home and while I have been away at school in Europe being able to still be connected has been priceless! Keep it comin' Jimmy!
Jimmy Evans is one of the main teachers on here and offers great balanced teaching. While he teaches with a hopeful outlook it isn't just candy-coated positive thinking. Rather, he applies Scripture to real life. I am always inspired by his insightful delivery.
I attend TFC and could not be more thrilled that we offer this free podcasting to people all over the world. Pastor Jimmy is so real and down to earth that his teachings speak right to you. You will love these sermons.
Finally, Jimmy Evans has published a Podcast!!! This is a wonderful, encouraging message delivered by an honest, humble, humorous man. Listen and be enlightened. I look forward to more postings!!
These messages are absolutely amazing! I attended Trinity Fellowship for a few years prior to moving to Tucson and then later to College Station. These messages are a blessing to anyone who is looking to hear deep, challenging, and applicable teaching for their life. These messages will not only minister to you, but will supplicate your walk with Christ in your quiet times. They will present new and fresh translations, and they will allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the pastors of Trinity Fellowship. Most of all, they are encouraging, and can become a significant factor in your relationships with Christ as your online church home. Whether you’re having trouble finding a church, live in Amarillo and want to listen to the message again, or need a copy for a friend, this is definitely the best podcast on the internet!