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I really enjoy listening to karate cafe, I like listening to martial artists talk about their experiences, especially since it is different from my own. I don't always get a chance to talk to people from other styles and systems, so this is perfect to get that experience. I don't always agree with everything, but it gets me thinking about martial arts, which is the purpose.
This is the best podcast in the history of everything.


Keep 'em coming guys! By far the biggest negative about this show is the infrequency of releases. Excellent martial arts conversation.
I have heard a lot of martial artist talk in my life, and this show is as narrow minded as most. So typical for them to think they know it all when no one has ever heard of them either.
Hasn't been the same since the two other guys left but still great compared to others.
Good job covering the fundamentals, principles, and random ideas you may not have considered before.
Pretty good podcast. I just can't stand when he uses filler words. In almost ever sentence I hear the word um or ah and it gets so annoying I have to turn the podcast off.
This is a good podacst for you if you like traditional martial arts.
Definitely worth a listen for anyone with a background in traditional-based martial arts
If you want to know what it's really like in most dojos, this is the podcast for you. It focuses on issues faced by most modern martial artists and sounds so much like the discussions in our dojo, I feel like I know these folks. Sound quality is a little raw at times, but the content more than makes up for it.
I just started as a student of karate a couple of months ago, and I was so lucky to find the Karate Cafe podcast. I've been catching up with all of the shows starting from the beginning, and they just keep getting better. Whether the listener is a newbie like me or a seasoned karateka, I believe everyone can take something useful (and usually entertaining) away from this podcast. Thanks to everyone involved in making these shows available. You keep posting, and I'll keep listening! Travis Brown