Park Hopping 3-D Video Podcast

Reviews For Park Hopping 3-D Video Podcast

the title was god 3dness but rest of the videos not so s3dness
This is really cool. I am going to Disney World soon and this just got me really pumped up. Too bad that Buzz Lightyear Show is gone...
The video quality might not be as good as some of the other disneyland vedio podcasts i have seen but it doesn't need to be i mean when something as good as Disneyland turns up as 3-D on my computer i am one happy little bug! Jessiestudio
What a wonderful idea!
WOW!!! 3-D videos of Disneyland. That is a great idea, but I dont have 3-D glasses. I sugesst making these vidoes non 3-D for those of us who don't have 3-D glasses. Thanks.
This isn't such a bad podcast. I would have given it a 5 star, but the video quality is slightly fuzzy; that gave it a 4 rather than 5. This, besides Happy Tree Friends, must be the best podcast!