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The Purpose Driven Mother Podcast is simply AMAZING!! This Podcast is exactlywhat women need all over the world to encourage them to be the best mom, entrepreneur, business woman, and wife that they can be. This podcast is a great way of letting moms know that their dreams do not have to die once they become a mom. Great Podcast!
I really enjoy listening to The Purpose Driven Mother podcats every week when I have the chance! Usually on my drive to work for a little morning encouragement. Props to them, It must take a lot to open up and share their personal stories to women they don't even know. Also, Alisha Askew is a very vibrant and enthusiastic host which makes any guest feel welcome. I follow her on Facebook, where she has 15second clips for your everyday motivation. I'll be looking for more to come! Truly a blessing to my life :)


By iculuv
I love to listen to This podcast. It gives great information for mothers! It gives much needed motivation to keep one going. Its easy to lose yourself after becoming a wife, mother or both. But finding a way to juggle it all and still keeping your identity is a must. I find comfort in knowing there are others out there such as myself. I just love this.