Reviews For Better Cast Saul - Better Call Saul Unofficial Podcast

I listened to the first few episodes of season 5 podcasts and was totally threw off by the host change. No offense to Alex but she just doesn’t have the same effects and chemistry Aron did. At the same time I was getting kinda sick of Aron’s constant rant and nitpicking of the show’s pacing in season 4 so I understand why he dropped the show. I have listened to all their podcasts from BB to BCS and it’s just a shame how things ended up.
Just finished a rewatch of Better Call Saul along with this podcast. Alexis is simply not good. Her analysis is often way off base. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. And the dynamic between Jim and her is nauseating. It’s like a dad trying to encourage a kid when they start to play a sport even when it’s very obvious the kid has no talent. Please bring back A-ron for the final season. I would hate for Alexis to ruin an otherwise fantastic show.
Love these guys- the only downside to listening to older seasons is that I’m not able to send in relevant feedback. Happy to send in my share for the club so they can continue to put out excellent content.
Y’all are great, especially Alexis. I don’t fancy too many female podcast hosts but She is the best...I identify with her demeanor and humor. Cheers🍻 Please have her join the next (and hopefully final) season of Westworld, you all could use more female perspective on that show.
Jim and Alexa are great. Love their personalities and deep dives into this show. Both have funny subtle senses of humor. Enjoy this combo of hosts just as much as when it was Jim and A-ron


Not the same podcast I once looked forward to each week. I’ve stuck through the entire fifth season of Saul along with Jim and Alexis and now at the end may I please ask for the original Bald Move duo to take back the reins for the final season next year? I applaud the devotion put forth by this effort but was received more as an unsuccessful experiment by the hosts than a move in the right direction. This did not bring nearly the same satisfaction as hearing banter and insight between jim and a ron. Not even close. This made me cringe most throughout and the consistent cutesy tone of the couple set me outside of the focus of each week’s episode.
I’ll admit I was hesitant about the new host but after a few casts I think they have hit their stride. I’m really enjoying the different perspectives and am now looking forward to the next season with these two. Some critiques are valid but to be honest nothing about this new team that I wouldn’t have for Aron as well. Keep casting, I’ll be listening.
It was actually nice not having to hear Aaron stumbling and bumbling all over Jim's talking points for once, but unfortunately Alexis doesn't deliver. Not everyone has a voice for radio and hers can be nails on a chalkboard at times. Not to mention the overall flow of the show feels like I'm eavesdropping on a date night. I'd rather hear Aaron and all of his uhhhhhs and uhhhhhms over this.
What a pleasant turn. Great season Jim and A-Lexis.
Big Bald Move fan but Jim and Alexis just doesn’t work for me. I feel bad because they are nice people but trying to be honest. I do like A Ron and Cecily with American Horror Story. Hope A Ron is back for the last season.
This is the one you want to listen to. Skip the afterbuzz one. For sure.
I’ve tried several BCS podcasts, but none of them cover the show the way Baldmove does. Jim and Alexis really help me break down my thoughts and relate to what jimmy and Kim are going thorough. It’s an intense show, so I enjoy the light hearted and casual discussion style. Give them a listen, and honestly, give all of the many Baldmove shows a listen. Very good show wrap ups for all the best shows. Thanks guys!
Yall need to stop hating. Jim’s wife brings a much needed unique perspective to this show.
This podcast is ok with JIm and Alexis. It’s listenable but it was so much better with Jim and A. Ron. The thing that gets me is the jokes that Alexis tries to make. They just are not funny The two had great chemistry. JIm and Alexis give some good insight on BCS, though the humor often falls flat. I still like the show but it enjoyed it more with A. Ron. Why did he leave in the first place? This was never explained.
Jim is very good but the only thing worse than Aaron saying like every other word is this corny girl laughing at her own unfunny jokes.
The chemistry beteeen Jim and Aaron was great on past seasons. But Alexis and Jim are coming into their own. Jokes are starting to land, passion is apparent, and analysis is engaging. “Unbearable” seems strong. That aside I am glad to see an in depth humorous take on the penultimate BCS season! Check it out!
Don’t know why everyone is down on Alexis. I think she is a wonderful addition. Her dry wit brings so much to analysis. And I don’t think they are leaving anything unsaid that would have otherwise been addressed if ARon was still on...
Used to love this podcast. Since the introduction of the “trying too hard to be cute” guttermouth Alexis, I can hardly listen to this anymore. Sad. Bring back A-Ron, or just replace her with someone else.
Please bring A Rob back... this is unbearable now.
Alexis is great,it is fun to listen to!!!
I use the “Trim Silence” feature on my podcast player and each episode is only about 3 minutes long.
Show not as good as it used to be I wonder why.
Was surprised to see the negative comments about the change, but I guess I shouldn’t be because that’s how it is these days. But, its been my go to BCS pod, nothing has changed that. Love listening weekly.


I feel bad for Alexis. She was essentially set up for failure. Obviously if you change hosts at nearly the end of the series people are going to be upset. I wish Alexis and Jim had done a different, new show. They have great chemistry and I appreciate their humor and discussion. However, it’s impossible for me not to compare this to Jim and Aron which was 5/5.
I, like many, have enjoyed Bald Move content for so many years because of the chemistry between Jim and A.Ron. And I realize now, that chemistry is largely because they’re so different. A.Ron is boisterous and talkative while Jim is a little quieter, a little more thoughtful. They both talk, obviously, but the mix between them worked extremely well. Now, it seems Alexis is a little more like Jim, which I’m sure is great for marriage, but for a podcast, it falls a bit flat. That said, it wasn’t all that fun to listen to A.Ron when he wasn’t enjoying the BCS, so... Either way, the fans get a (slightly) lesser podcast. I guess I would’ve preferred the tried and true formula and hoped A.Ron came to his senses lol. It’s just very strange to not hear his voice. Especially since this is currently the only show they cover regularly that I watch. But it’s still a good listen, because BCS is great to talk about no matter what. It’s not the Bald Move I signed up for, but...things change. 🤷‍♀️


I’m obsessed with Jim and A. Ron. Such a bummer that A. Ron randomly quit the podcast. Alexis is super annoying (not sexist, I’m a female).
Fanbases are the worst, and Bald Move’s are unfortunately no exception
They changed hosts after around a decade of building a foundation in the BB BCS universe. The host switching to Jim’s wife is brutally unfair to her. As a fan it’s equivalent to switching Odenkirk as Saul to Steve Carell in season four with NO warning or lead up explanation. You couldn’t have set her up for backlash more efficiently.
Hard to beat Jim & A. Ron on BCS, but the new thing with Jim & Alexis could prove a contender. The fast-paced and witty convo is always much enjoyed and appreciated, but as someone with special needs there is one thing I’d ask. Is there any way you could read the listener mail a little more slowly / in a normal tone of voice? The listener mail on BCS is some of the best, e.g. the therapist who wrote in last season about 404, “Talk”, but sometimes it sounds like you’re trying to read the messages as quickly as possible, or maybe a little sarcastically or dismissively. I know you’re going to have to say something about the message after you finish reading it, but it’s not a quiz, and there’s no time limit. You could even pause and then cut out the pause. It’s just hard to hear what the person was saying sometimes. Maybe Jim or Alexis could read it from the perspective of whoever wrote it and then respond afterwards. Even odd ideas can help us think about characters and the show
From the best dynamic team to now just another listen. Sadly, this was a can’t wait for -now is a meh maybe I’ll listen. I understand wanting and needing to expand the brand but not on a flagship show. Disappointing.
This used to be a great podcast. Bring back A. Ron!
Oh man, I used to love this podcast.... I literally cannot stay awake now. Bring back A.Ron and I’ll reconsider.
This is embarrassing now. What a huge disappointment. Bring back A.Ron!
The new host doesn’t work.
Had to quit listening to the season 5 coverage before they were even finished with the first scene. Like watching “The Office” with no Michael Scott. Painful.
I love Bald Move and I’m even one of their patrons. But I’m a little annoyed that A. Ron quit the show with no explanation onto why. I feel manipulated...
I hate the change. I gave it several episodes. This last episode I can’t even finish. So disappointed with the host switch. Huge lack of BCS and BB knowledge. Every other word is “like” or an F bomb. Over it.
Good content. Well researched. Worth your time.
SHOW HASN’T missed a beat! Great job guys. Keep it up!!🥰🥰
Bald Move is as great as ever, with so many podcasts in demand they have adapted time and time again to a way that works best for them and their audience. Alexis has been a welcome addition to a few different pods this year. Great coverage for Better Call Saul, and if you’re wondering where A. Ron is just listen to any of their other podcasts, or their recent Bald Lunch, and become club member already!
She’s really funny and I think a real couple talking about the emotional complexities of a relationship like Jimmy and Kim’s adds a fun perspective
Wow this is bad pod. Awful in every way. No one wants to hear from your girlfriend Jim.
I agree with many of the others. Bringing your wives into the company as on-air personalities was not in the best interests of your listeners. We have always listened for A-Ron and Jim, and their dynamic. Alexis seems smart but she is, frankly, kind of annoying on the pod. I am no prude (at all!) but she drops a needless f-bomb about every three minutes. A good f-bomb is needed for effect sometimes but she drops them constantly. She comes across sounding like a 14 year-old skate punk. Nothing like Jim’s style. I am glad Jim is happily married to her but we didn’t choose her, like he did.
It’s not even a sexist thing , I just don’t enjoy your gf and you doing this . I would pay a dollar a month just to get the podcast back to the original co hosts .
I'm a long time listener and was really excited to hear about Alexa coming in to take Aron's place as host. Jim and Alexa have great chemistry together and they are both clearly fans of the show but not so much as to never criticize. they are honest. They are both have very different personalities and I think they complement each other .
Wow, just wow. Nearly 10 years with Jim and A Ron in this universe and he quits with a season to go. Disgusting.
Sorry, been a BCS listener and subscriber since day one but can’t do the new host. Gave it a couple episodes but no thanks. Here’s the thing guys, just because you want to sit around and talk to your wives or girlfriends doesn’t mean the audience wants to listen to it.
Gonna be honest, I listen to this for Jim and A.Ron’s dynamic and I’m disappointed you changed it and won’t be listening. Please hear your fans out on this one and bring back ARon. For real, years of Breakind Bad and Better Call Saul podcasts together and you switch it up??!! Why?! Y’all are going to lose a lot of listeners and reviews are going to go down hill.
This used to be my fav BM podcast.