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Hey I am a 13year old boy have brown hair and blue eyes if any one wants me to be there boy friend text me at +1206512
Happy to add this pod to my list of pods! Super different from everything I’ve listened to and feeds my sociology soul. Awesome work y’all !!!
I am new to “podcasting” this is the FIRST podcast I tried out 🤷🏽‍♀️ actually really like it !!! Interesting and funny !
Love this podcast and I would love to hear new episodes!
Hi my favorite food is Ramen 🍜 and I like the color ⚫️
The absolute best! I listen to one episode after another during my long drives to and from work. It’s very educational and entertaining, and is my favorite podcast!
I’ve been listening to the podcast off and on for awhile now, every time I revisit it I find new episodes about so many great things. It is not limited to just basics about sexual topics. They have many great guests who discuss any thing and everything, there is no bias or judgement. I was very pleased to hear different perspectives and accurate descriptions of different sexual interests.
Two episodes in, and the show has already taken a hostile stance toward male-bodied people that are attracted to female-bodied people. Sorry I was born.
Where did you guys go?! I miss your episodes!! BRING BACK THE SHOW!
A wonderful source of important information!
Where did the show go?! Feeling like I got dumped over the Internet LOL. Loved this podcast and often shared with others. Please make more episodes!!


By Afrez
Noah is my inner voice!!! LOVE IT!!!


I really enjoyed the easy way the hosts interact with each other. Very fun to listen to.
The woman who used to color my hair recommended this and I am so glad she did (and so sad she moved so I can't get more good suggestions from her). This is terrific and thoughtful and I just love listening to it and have suggested it to many friends.
Really enjoyed this podcast, but now with this new format...I love it. I tell everyone about it; it's become a favorite.
I like Noah when he is on the Michealangelo Signorilie show every week, but don't think he pairs well with Carina. The vocal fry and over use of the word "Iike" get old after a while.
Nicely researched, open, and balanced approach to this central subject. Educational material for sure.
A great balance between good information and interesting fun stuff. I don't usually write reviews, but this is an important podcast, and I'm glad this is out there!
i am a prude, sexually conservative, virgin gay guy. this is my guilty pleasure and i love it.
Great pod cast, great info.
Love these two hosts! They are so honest without any judgement or fear of any topic! They delve straight into the subject. Love this show! Thank you so much!!!!!
Very open and informative, highly recommended
They do a wonderful job of making sure it is informative, but fun and casual at the same time.
You can really feel the love and heart put into this. Lots of good laughs while educational at the same time. Quirky and still totally relatable. Can’t wait to hear what they think up next.
This is my favorite podcast! It is so insightful, interesting, funny and meaningful. Noah and Carina are super open and interview people with lots of different perspectives about questions that are so important to ask. I have learned so much from this podcast (but it’s also really fun and makes me laugh)!
But I get very worked up listening sometimes.
Great but not enough episodes. Gave you the gold stars, I hope HuffPo will give you guys what you need next time!
Informative . Host are cool and the topics are relevant .
One of the best ones out there! Great stories and very personable hosts that keep you wanting more.
Podcast is mediocre...hate the hosts. They seem so bored and their voices get on my nerves so quickly. Topics can be interesting most of the time but not too sure how long I'll keep listening.
Love this show! Just discovered it and have been binging. I love the positivity and open discussion we all need to be having more often.
A friend introduced me to this podcast earlier in the year in 2015 and I have been hooked ever since! Interesting discussions and a wide range of topics are addressed.
I wish the whole world listened to this podcast. Great topics and attacked with a great attitude.