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Reviews For The Digiday Podcast

As the news media slowly transitions to digital formats, this podcast breaks it down for those seeking to understand.
Go ahead. I dare you.
Informative, entertaining, insightful about the industry without all the boring stuff.
Good content but it's a very unpleasant experience when you can't hear the host.
I work in the media industry and listen to this podcast religiously. I find the episodes to be extremely helpful as I think about my team and where to put time/energy (ex: not Instant articles). While I love that there are a lot of A level players in the podcast I would love to see someone from one of the mid-side media groups. It would be how their challenges differ compared to those with massive budgets and VC money.
Brian does a great job as host, for someone hosting a Digital Ad business podcast, he's someone who defintiely does not drink the kool-ade and questions motives, but is also very welcoming to his guests.
Super big fan of Digiday already, so it made me so happy to discover [late to the game] this podcast. Now I'm hooked and they can't come out fast enough. Brian does a great job making each podcast interesting and relevant. Keep it up!
Always a lively conversation relevant to the real challenges facing media today. One of my few 'must listens.'
As a career media buyer and planner, I love this podcast. The content is compelling and the guest are the top leaders in the industry. My only qualm the audio balance between the two speakers is terrible. Please fix this so we can focus on the content and not straining and blasting our ears. Thanks a lot and please keep up sharing interesting, relative, and important conversations for the ad world today.
This is a consistently excellent podcast. Great listen each week. One request: Try to get voices from outside New York, DC and California. The podcast leaves the impression that there is no innovation taking place in local media.
I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to several podcasts. I thought the discussion with Rishad Tobaccowala of Publicis Groupe was fantastic! Any plans to provide podcasts via Stitcher?
This podcast is exceptional.


The Digiday podcast has quickly risen to the top of my podcasting priorities and is one of my "must listens" every week! I use it to get my wheels turning on my drive to work. The commentary is on point, educational, and even humorous and entertaining. Great guest interview selections. Highly unpretentious. I love this podcast and am so glad you guys started it. Keep up the great work.
I’m a regular listener and love the weekly updates. Great insights and views on relevant topics. An important podcast to keep up with everything that’s happening in the digital world.
Everyone knows that Digiday is a "must read" for anyone who needs to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of digital advertising. This podcast adds a new dimension to their journalism. It's a weekly wrap up of the new things they learned this week with extra color. I like the smart discussion and the delivery as a podcast - now, I can keep up with the latest trends in digital advertising while on my commute to work or out for a walk. Thanks!
If you listen to a digital industry podcast, listen to this one. Best topics, best analysis, best tone of voice. Brian Morrissey is the god.
It's the year of the podcast and Digiday is helping to lead the way!
Best podcast ever.