Reviews For Empowered Women Show | Fortnightly Show For Introvert Women Entrepreneurs|

Casey is a great host, and runs a really informative show. She picks out great guests and is really engaging. Great podcast.
Whenever I notice fear taking over and stopping me from taking action that will further my business I watch Casey’s show.
Although a female-centric show, I found it provides much insight, perspective and advice relevant to both women and men. The flow and ease of conversation between Casey and her guests, produces a comfortable authenticity that makes this show inviting and easily digested.
This is a phenomenal podcast! Women need other inspirational women to support their dreams. Thank you for this content sincerely!
...because it has potency beyond accepted boundaries, so a "Calm Tidal wave of Revolution" might be more apt. The sub-heading "Stories and secrets from the quiet women who are changing the world" perfectly captures the spirit of what Casey is doing. As one of the Quiet Warriors she highlights on the show, Casey's own gentle voice is authentic and smart. It is quiet yet unfathomably compelling and compassionately supportive. Her guests are inspirational and real. They're women like us, living life and making a difference at the same time...because it is as improtant to us as the breath we take. It takes a village to make change.... as like-minded women we are part of a groundswell of passionate engagement, drawing on ancient wisdoms and Lioness-like energy and courage. Thank you for Casey for being a catalyst and a voice for us. This show is a MUST LISTEN TO. Make time.
If it's inspiration you're after, look no futher than this wonderful podcast by Casey Lightbody. Her interviews are real, motivating, and so very inspiring. If it's motivation your looking for and practical advise to being making your own mark on the world, you've come to the right place. Great stuff here Casey!
It's personal and shares some great stories! Hearing other women share their experiences and the outcome of those is very inspiring. I love it and am looking forward to more!
Outstanding stories, incredible interviews . The best part for me was the straight forward advice that will lead to action in the lives of so many, including mine. Please don't stop this program.
Love these interviews. The advise and solutions are relevant and insightful. Thanks Casey for understanding the struggle of the shy, quiet female entrepreneur. I'm looking forward to your next segment.
I may be outside of the target of this show, but I can safely say that Casey Lightbody is a treasure of insight and information for those who need it most. She started with an idea, a quiet idea, and built it into a powerful revolution…and now she’s on a mission to help others do the same. If you have a small voice but a big dream, you need to listen to this show. You’ll thank me. :)
I’m always looking for unique, inspiring interviews and Casey is bringing that with the Empowered Women Show. She interviews women with small voices, big dreams who are making a massive impact in the world. It’s has a different feel than the average interview podcast…and that’s a good thing. If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration and actionable advice this show is for you. Keep up the great work Casey!