The Pickleball Show with Chris Allen

Reviews For The Pickleball Show with Chris Allen

I really like this podcast. It gets to the point and doesn't have a lot of "fluff" talk. I learn something with every episode. He also get a nice variety of guests on his show. Keep up the good work!
A good combination of entertainment and instruction.
I think your PB show is GREAT and I esp. love the tips. BUT the last episode with Scott Moore preaching was a bit much. Keep god, JC, Santa Clause, and the Easter bunny off the pickleball courts. Thank you for all you do Chris.
If your a Pickleball enthusiast this show is a must. Chris is fun and has high quality guests from the Pickleball world. Gets me fired up to play.
I love this podcast. If I'm not playing, I'm listening. It's almost as good as playing
Great tips from the pros. Interesting format.
This show is for novice and experienced pickleball players- it is informative, instructional, fun, and timely - thanks Chris for a great show!!
This has been a great source of information. I'm on my second time listening to every ep. Has helped me improve my fundamentals and strategy twice as fast then if I was just playing.
This podcast covers the numerous aspects and intricacies of this wonderful sport. The guest list is constantly varied and consists of the top pros and influencers of the sport. I am always excited to get my weekly fix and discover new ideas and concepts to integrate into my game. Thanks to Chris for doing such a good job!
I really enjoy the show. I listen to it when I am biking and driving. Wonderful tips from great teachers. Thanks Chris
Thanks for sharing the love of pickle ball. Love hearing about who enjoy Pickleball as much as I do!
Thanks for an informative show. I look forward to each episode and improving my game.
Outstanding show with great content. Thanks for doing this.
So jazzed to find these pod casts. Thanks Chris, for the tips, reviews & interviews, plus links to more pickleball websites.
For a sport to reach critical mass, it needs publicity and The Pickleball Show is a great way to get our sport into the public discussion. Chris Allen is an excellent host. His sense of humor, knowledge of the game and personality are entertaining. The podcasts are very informative, even the topics I didn’t think I would care for provided some information I found useful and/or interesting. I recommend this podcast to my playing group and anyone interested in picking up tips and strategies! Super job Chris!
Look forward to each new episode. Thanks!
I look forward to this show each week. Chris does a great job of making this show one of the best I listen to each week. Good guests, meaningful topics, and very professionally done. I listen to many podcasts each week and this has become my number one. Keep up the good work and I'll spread the word to all my pickleball friends.
the best game ever and you don’t need to buy balls every time you play, thanks chris for starting this podcast. you have all my support. come to stuart florida and join in. growing fast down here. played tonight at clear one in orlando. always fun to play. adios.
So glad to find this podcast that will engage the current and the upcoming pickleballers. Let's get out on the courts!
....about my latest addiction, the game with the funny name!
The myth buster that seemed to have some good merit to it was getting some pace on a serve that is deep…folks who do that do seem to gain some advantage with the serve…..great episode! Keep them coming..loving it. :)
Thanks Chris for creating a podcast dedicated to Pickleball. I like watching pickleball videos, but I can't do that all the time and now I can get insight into this great game just listening while driving or walking the dog. Looking forward to your interviews and to comments from other pickleball enthusiasts!
It is so great to have a Sports Podcast for something in which I am interested. I pay NO attention to any sports and I could not understand how others could watch and listen to all the shows that, for me, held no interest. Now, I will have my Mondays to look forward to a new Podcast. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Very informative podcast…I’m hooked on listening to the show on Mondays.
Great podcast - looking forward to listening weekly. Great host! I only wish they were longer!
I was listening to your show and ordering The Art of Pickleball at the same time. I am a beginner but was thrilled to hear that I am a 4.5 at hitting the ball when my partner yells"NO." I will work harder at achieving your 5.0 status. ;)
You just brought your A game when you put out this show.....kind of like the game I bring to the court!!!! Keep up the good work!! Keep em low old guys think you might need to reconsider that one!!
Loved the first episode and look very forward to many more!
Chris Allen has created a winning combination that’s almost as much fun to listen to as the sport is to play: a podcast show devoted to Pickleball. His initial offering already sounds great, and I’m looking forward to getting each new podcast when it comes out. Thanks, Chris — you have a great manner and you’re doing a good service for the sport.
Can't wait for the first show. Just listened to the sample show and I'm excited for more!
Thanks for this Chris! All the best and the first show is a winner!