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I love hearing old school artists talk about their time in the scene. Just wish the host was a better interviewer.
I like hearing these conversations, I know most of the guests so it brings up a lot of rad memories. The only downfall is having to skip over parts of episodes where the guest goes on and on about something unrelated to the host questions. Other than that, I love listening to it! Thanks BP


These conversations reveal what happened behind the scenes with many of the musicians I love(d) growing up and even now. Answers many of the questions I've had over the years of why and how things went down the way they did. Thanks!
Love hearing behind the scenes stories from the "golden era" of The Christian metal scene. Great conversation style interviews. Thank you so much for having people like Matt Putman & Jonathan Ford on the show. Brilliant dudes.
Especially your anniversary ones. Super interesting
I love this show so much. There have been so many great episodes it’s hard for me to pick just one. I’ve learned so much about a ton of my favorite artists from this show.
This show features interviews with some great guests and I love checking every couple weeks to see who's next! Love the old school Christian metal band guests and others such as Daughters. I also love that music is often interspersed throughout the show. Keep it up!
As the Story Grows is hands down my favorite podcast. I like how every musician has a life story. Even for stories that arent really that interesting, the way Travis probes people for information is truly inspiring and makes any story interesting. Aptly titled podcast that has like 100 hours of content. Its just awesome and you should check it out. -Dan Discography Discussion podcast.
One of the best interviewers out there. I love Trav's style of interview. Great guests and some great music. Thanks for putting out quality content.
Just a few episodes in and I was hooked. This podcast has brought back so many memories. Trav is a gracious host and has way of drawing out stories and humour that might otherwise be left unsaid. Anyone who likes the more obscure side of heavy music should give this podcast a shot.
Fantastic podcast with a funny and informal tone. The hosts’ passion for the subject shines through, and they have a great knack for putting the guests at ease and drawing out interesting stories and details. The format more closely resembles a dialogue than an interview, and as a result the listener gets a deeper and more humanized perspective of the guest, as well as a better ‘feel’ of his/her personality than they would in the typical podcast format.
You guys are amazing! I love this podcast! Keep up the great work!
Awesome guests, likable hosts, awesome tunes ranging from indie rock and pop to death metal. The Jayson Sherlock (from Revulsed, Horde, and Mortification) and Bruce Fitzhugh (Living Sacrifice) episodes have been my favorites so far. Other good episodes with guys in the scene not heard from in a while like the drummer from Warlord and the percussionist for Living Sacrifice (Putman)
Great guests (particularly Cory from Norma Jean), good questions, cool stories. I’m glad I found this podcast!


Great questions from a truly inquisitive host that seems to be sincerely looking to get into the guests mind space instead of retreaded questions you would hear in your overdone normal interview. What a pleasure to listen too!
Keep up the good work! I'm proud of you.