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Horror news and entertainment presented by the tops from our genre.
This show is THE news source for any and all things horror. Brian and company put on one hell of an entertaining show. Nothing more I can say but listen for yourself.


By tmnk
I love this show so much. Brian, Mary, Dave, Matt and all the guest hosts are great companions for a day at work or a commute. I've found so many new authors to read and some older ones as well. I never miss an episode.
Like many listeners I have been a fan of Brian Keene for at least 10 - 12 years after reading and being blown away THE RISING. I enjoy listening to the beginning episodes and hearing the interviews of other authors. They are extremely informative about how the writing and publishing world works, as well as being intimate and extremely funny! I look forward to to each new download I get and listening to the back catalogue as well. GREAT WORK!!!
I like the content which covers topics not heard on most podcasts. I like the gossip. I like the honesty. I like the insiderness. But the one thing that chaps my hide is Brian Keene's ego. He needs to get over himself a bit. Not one show goes by when doesn't mention how long he's been in the business, how popular his books are and how he was the first to do one thing or another. I like the guy but take bloviation down a notch please.
I have been a Brian Keene fan for about 12 years. I even had the pleasure of meeting him once in NYC a few years back. However, I only started listening to this podcast about a month or so ago! If you are a major fan or casual fan of his, this is a must listen.
This is an excellent, engaging podcast that keeps you informed about all the latest goings on in the horror fiction world. The hosts are interesting and keep the show moving along briskly. Very highly recommended. I also purchase at least two of every item that is advertised on the podcast.
The best source for news and the sometimes harsh realities of being a professional writer. Always entertaining with many great interviews.
Featuring news of the horror genre, (books, music and television), as well as in depth discussions of novels and all the sub genres of horror. I listen every week.
Insightful, honest, and entertaining. Brian is an excellent host, but co-hosts Dave and Mary really help to round out the show and offer a contrast of opinions.
Every episode is just great listening for anyone interested in horror writing. I never miss it!
Today I listened to the podcast for the first time. It reminded me of about a year ago when I met Brian and Mary in Colorado. Brian told me if I could write full time, be sure I fell under Someone’s health insurance or else keep some kind of employment. Solid adult advice lol I found myself laughing at the banter and genuinely intrigued by their insight. Such a fun crowd. Phoebe is, no doubt, super bubbly and fun to.. and poor Dave. You guys are great. Keep it up!
I've been listening to The Horror Show with Brian Keene since the Fall of 2015 and every week I look forward to Brian's news, opinions and reviews as well as his thoughts about horror, comics and general nonsense, all with an interesting perspective. Brian, Dave, Pheobe and Mary all seem to love each other and this makes it a fun and engaging weekly podcast. I look forward in listening every week and being educated about this genre!
I drive an hour to work and listen to them every week. Brian Keene is insightful, and hilarious. Dave is great. As is the rest of the cast. I look forward to new episodes the same way I do a favorite tv show. Also bought books and audiobooks referenced in the show. Looking forward to next show. Thank you .
Love this podcast. Very funny and informative.
I look forward to hearing Brian's news and his guest interviews
Hosted by a top author in the horror field, Brian Keene, this entertaining podcast offers in-depth interviews as well as the latest news in the horror genre (books, movies, comics, and more). Keene is irreverent and pulls no punches.
More fun than punching a sleeping baby!
Listened to this show from the very start. It’s funny, educational , smart. Brian and Dave with the other co host are fantastic! They always bring their A game!
I listen to a lot of podcasts while I’m at work and this is far and away my favorite. Brian and Dave (and the other hosts, when they’re in studio, as well) are always entertaining and engaging, whether it’s just back and forth banter or a serious news story.
Every podcast is like having a master class in the horror genre -- the way it was, the way it is, the way it will be, blisters, boils, and all. It features interviews with genre icons, rising talents, and cool people who just "get" what makes horror literature attractive and essential to its fans. They talk a lot of $#!* about industry idiots too! I feel like I'm hanging out in the room, listening to some buddies. Thanks for this, all involved (especially Max)!
The Horror Show with Brian Keene and Dave Thomas is a delicious slice of unrestrained perversity served with a side of humor and heart. The interviews and discussions provide an insider's look at the industry - as well as pop culture. Despite some occasional sound-quality/level issues, this podcast is a must-listen-too for anyone interested in the horror genre. Note: THE GREAT AMERICAN TIRE FIRE goes down as one of the funniest, most horrifying stories I've heard in recent history.
An eclectic mix of all things horror and an entertaining listen.
I heard Brian Keene on the Writing Excuses podcast. Up to that point I had never heard of him. After just listening to him talk about writing for that 20 minute episode I was hooked and had to hear more of what he had to say. When I listen to the Horror Show I feel like I'm listening to one of my older friends and one of his friends banter back and forth over topics of the day and stories from when they were coming up back when they were my age. It's just a phone show to listen to. And to top it off they have some truly awesome interviews with some of the best writers in the horror genre today and from as far back as the 70's. The podcast really opened up my world to horror fiction far beyond what's on the shelves of my local Barnes & Noble.
Keene is a legend in the horror field and his discussions with veteran co-host Dave Thomas offer invalauable insights into horror writing, comic books, film and more. Ideal for genre writers and creators looking to learn more about the inner working for the field.
One of my all time favourite authors, and a fantastic Podcast host!
If horror is your game, then this is the podcast for you. I've expanded my horror knowledge of past and present because of this podcast and have learned of new authors, young and old. Dave Thomas is the perfect co-host (the prog in Brian's rock, if you will): he rants, offers insight and knowledgeable opinions about various topics from film to travel to food, and is a genuinely insanely funny man. You get a real sense from listening to the podcast that Brian and Dave take this podcast seriously (especially when reporting on speculation and accusations, exposing the true creeps of the industry), but not too serious to bore you (there is the occasional F-Bomb). Their guest interviews range from musicians to authors to film makers to publishers and they are always interesting, insightful. Again, if you're into horror, The Horror Show with Brian Keene is in your tribe. Subscribe now!
Very enjoyable...anything and everything about the horror genre and writing,publishing...good thing is Keene is openly honest about everything...warts and all..unlike other podcasts, there is no dead air or shortage of topics and interviews...has introduced me to some good (Headful of Ghosts, Bryan Smith) bad (The Bighead is just silly) and ugly (Nick Patcione, Ed Kramer..etc)...Dave, Dave, Dave...a truly likeable dude, but compl;ains too much about crowds yet goes on cruises, ProgPower and spends a lot of time in grocery stores. He also must have a deal with his girlfriend that he has to mention her name every seven seconds!!...please stop that...
I'm way behind on life as a whole but I've finally gotten caught up on this podcast. It is in my top 3 podcast of all time. You can't go wrong with Brian and Dave.
A great show with two entertaining regulars, Brian Keene and Dave Thomas, and a larger cast of semi-regulars. News, interviews, opinion, a lot of f-bombs, drinking, and laughing. Every episode is a party!
I discovered this show almost w year ago because I'm both a fan of the horror genre and an even bigger fan of Brian's work and heard him talk about it on his website. This show keeps me updated with what's going on with the horror genre nowadays and has even gotten me into a lot of great writers that I had never heard of before. This show has become part of my Thursday routine at work as one of the things I listen to and I look forward to it every single week. If you're a fan of the horror genre, this show is a must listen!
I’ve been a Brian Keene fan for a few years now and even more so since the launch of this podcast. All the shows are entertaining. I seem to find at least one new author to check out after every episode and so far I haven’t been disappointed with them.
I am so glad I found this podcast. I love to listen to Brian's stories on publishing and writing. Plus, he is so well connected in the horror field, providing great insights into a genre I love and which gets little attention in regular media outlets. He is a great author too so listeners should check out his books. Thanks, Brian.
Lots of great information on current horror reads, the horror book industry, author interviews, and everything Keene related. Excellent rapport between Keene and Dave. Subscribe now!
Brian Keene answers many questions regarding his popular books! I have learned a lot about The Rising, Dark Hollow, and Earthworm Gods just by listening to this podcast! Brian answers questions from his fans every so often! He also recommends really good horror novels to his listeners. Five out of five stars from me! I am a fan for life! Also Dave Thomas & Geoff Cooper are amazing!!
I've listened to every episode and have enjoyed this show very much. The news is relevant to the horror genre, the guests are interesting, and I like the banter and personal stories. My only complaint is that I'm going broke picking up all the new books and authors the hosts keep recommending. Also, Ice Bat is awesome :)
listened on a recommendation. wasn't familiar with Keene prior to listening. It's been enjoyable and i've gotten some good book recommendations from the show.
Writing is a hobby of mine, and though I've always been a fan of horror, I've only recently begun experimenting with creating in the genre. I have no horror authors in my circle of friends (who does?), so discussions on the subject are sparse. This podcast feels like that. Like a discussions with a few friends on all things horror (albeit there are topics here and there that are only loosely related, but that's fine with me). The hosts have a wealth of knowledge in the genre, and I've discovered many authors, books, and films through their recommendations. One thing I've noticed especially about this podcast is how quickly it seems to go by. An hour and a half long show seems to be over before you know it, and I believe that's a good sign that they keep things moving and interesting. I'd recommend this podcast to anyone who is a fan of the genre, and especially to writers who are looking for insight into the minds of talented horror authors.
Keene rants about a lot things, but lately most of them aren't horror. He rants about Avengers, movie trailers, people he doesn't like, etc. His co-host talks about crabs and his endless vacations and his girlfriend. There's a severe lack of actual horror news, a severe heaping of Keene's ego, and a severe ton of rants that go nowhere in particular. Occasionally there is a good interview, but far too often Keene makes the show "Brian Complains for an hour." P.S. -NO ONE cares about Ice Bat.
Just wanted to let you know that we've had a show called The Horror Show Podcast since early 2014. We have over 50 eps already plus 130 eps on YouTube. Just letting you know that you may have wanted to check before naming yours. There will be confusion. Tried the podcast, but the sound was pinging my speakers.
If your going to listen to someone rant why not make it the best. Brian Keene is an Author of Comics & Novels that keep you on the edge of your seat. This Podcast is (as you may be able to tell by the title) about his adventures in all things horror. Be it his or others Novels, Comics, Music, TV, and Movies. If it bleeds or is terrifying he'll get to it.
I normally don't rate first episodes but if the first episode already has sponsors then all bets are off. The sound quality is bad. It's all over the place. At this time the upload appears to be bad and cuts off a few minutes in in the same spot. On the plus side I had not heard of this author and now I find myself on amazon checking out his books.
If you like Brian Keene you'll love this podcast. Thoroughly enjoyed the first episode and I am looking forward to the future episodes.