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Thank You for being such a cheerleader for organic and starting with the right nutrients needed for healthy gardening!
The show shares tons of great information. Jackie is passionate, well-educated, and clearly loves her mission and wants to spread the good word about organic gardening. It's great listening to someone who is so engaged, open, and responsive to the needs of her listeners.
The host sounds like they haven’t done any research. The host does not seem to have insightful or thoughtful questions ready for the guests. Host is distracted a lot. To many noises; phones have gone off in episodes. Advice to the host: be ready for your guest, be ready to record, show more thoughtfulness / mindfulness.
Finding this show was exciting for me because Dad has been an organic gardener my entire life. With greenhouses and orchards he spends hours a day tending to his plants. Jackie’s Garden goal challenge with time saving tips gave me lots of food for thought in how I can help him leverage his time outside. 👍👍👍
We’re building out our backyard “mini-farm” and this podcast landed in our laps at just the right time. Thanks, Jackie!
Host is so awkward! I tune into podcast to gain knowledge but air time is filled with guest trying to fill air time because host isn’t say anything. I want to learn about organic lawn care...not debating about Facebook and Instagram or building a website. Total let down
Great content, but bad host. As if she’s not even listening to them half the time and clearly hasn’t done much research on her guests or questions to ask them.
Browsed a few episodes and just can get over the awkward transitions with guest speakers. It’s almost as if she is not listening to anything the guest says.
The content of this podcast is great and the guests are great. However something that is driving me crazy with this is the hostess does not do transitions very well. For example she says “yeah, uhhh ... sooo “ Those pauses needs to be edited out. Additionally she has a tendency to cut off her guests which I find is really rude. Lastly another place for room for improvement is she needs to silent her phone, I hear the ping from her iPhone in the background. That is not professional and really distracts me from the content.
As a fully organic vegan I can really appreciate this podcast. Jackie thank you so much for making organic gardening fun and exciting and SO insightful. Keep it up!!
More people need to understand the importance of not using pesticides and herbicides. ORganic growing is so rewarding and healing. This is a show to share with your friends for sure. Thank you for the tips Jackie!
I feel so motivated to garden after listening to each episode :)
I am a podcast addict, ranging mostly from economics, health, theology, and comedy, and The OG podcast is for sure the lowest quality audio and budget yet at the same time the MOST practical and applicable. I take notes on every episode of things to research further, then often times end up buying a book. So good!
Just what I wanted to find out about! Love Jackie’s interviews she always knows the right questions to ask!
There are always great take-aways from each of your podcasts and I find you to be a very engaging interviewer! As a landscape designer, I would love to hear more about design....thank you, Jackie!
Jackie packs her podcasts with great informative guest. I have learned so much!...great techniques, super shortcuts, and incredible tools. Totally worth my time!!!
I very much enjoy the guests but find it difficult to tolerate the host. Her lack of knowledge and constant assumptions about gardener's backgrounds and what influences how we grow things is off putting. Millennials are not all fabulous and baby boomers are not all backward thinking. I'm neither so this is not personal. Her questions often make me think she's not really listening and just wants to plow through and stick to pre-prepared inquiries. Wish I could just mute the questions and hear the answers.
Starting a garden and a healthy lifestyle can be intimidating, but this podcast is loaded with information and encouragement for anyone who is tryng to grow their own food and be conscious about their health and the environment. The host, Jackie is personable and fun to listen to, and her guests are very knowledgeable and inspiring. One of my favorite podcasts!
Jackie did an interview with me a few weeks back and featured myself and my organization (Alfrea) on the the OGP! I was super excited about being a part of the podcast and I have since become a follower so I can learn more. Thanks for producing great content!!!
I look forward to being inspired by the shows.
There are thousands of podcasts on iTunes, but only one real gardening podcast. I have no reason to ever look elsewhere for awesome gardening audio content. Just listen to this podcast and you will see that Jackie is passionate about what she does. She brings in great guests who bring with them a wealth of knowledge. There are so many issues regarding agriculture and the environment. As people become more educated on best practices for growing food sustainably, I believe Jackie will be known as a great influencer in this movement. There's not enough people in this world who are passionate about doing good and sharing that passion with others. She's a true inspiration.
This was the first podcast I started listening to last year (2015) and I love it! Jackie is clearly passionate about her topic and the guests she has hosted have been from a wide range of the gardening world, and then some! The information for me has been incredibly helpful in guiding my lifestyle toward a more organically minded one. Growing tips, seed saving, limbing trees, earthworms, bees, cooking tips and so much more. Highly recommended.
I enjoy all the different guest Jackie interviews,they are all amazing people with lots of real world experience to share.I never knew about so many different types of farmers.I have learned a lot and enjoy listening to her podcast when i am outside working in my garden.I think she is a very sweet person and kind to both her guest and listeners.Thank you for working so hard to spread the word about how good it is to grow your own food.Keep up the good work.
Great Podcast! It's full of excellent info and guests that are very knowledgeable in their fields. The format has a nice easy flow with Jackie asking questions that a beginner gardener would ask. With a positive attitude and a passion for organic growing, she makes this podcast one of my favorites. Great job!! 👍🏽👍🏽
Jackie’s assortment of guests ranges from the organic gardening veteran to the first-year newbie. The interviews share a single set of questions, and it’s always fascinating to hear the diversity of answers and perspectives on gardening. Her interview style is informal, conversational, and makes the listener feel like she’s eavesdropping on a conversation among friends. Highly recommended.
Wish I had a garden!!!
Besides the awesome content, Jackie is like a motivational speaker. Her bubbly personality is infectious. This is such a great show!
I've been a hobby landscaper/gardener for about 7 years, and started listening to this show about 2 months ago. Jackie is a great host and provides a lot of cool ideas. I've done a lot of landscape gardening, but never done vegetable gardening. I'm planning out a small patch to get started with that first thing this spring after I prepped the ground this Fall. Keep the good stuff coming, Jackie!
I love Jackie's style in these podcasts. By sharing natural, friendly conversations with truly knowledgeable people she teaches and motivates you to do more! Keep the interviews coming, Jackie!
First I would like to say that Jackie is one of the most supportive & kind people I know. Her podcast is an example of the incredible person she is. This show is extremely informative on the topic & does a great job of guiding her listener’s to learn more. GREAT WORK!!!
Good info. Needs a bit better sound quality if possible. Interviews are good. The host occasionally needs to avoid interrupting the guests and/or to encourage guests to provide detail on topics. But you can tell she is passionate about the topic.
Be healthy, stay healthy, eat healthy! It's amazing what proper nutrition and organic produce can do to help us stay healthy? As someone who lives on an active American farm I believe that the show has great value and can help a lot of people. Keep up the great work Jackie.
This podcast provides excellent information while facilitating independent thought and further research towards a healthy, fun, and self sufficient lifestyle.
Jackie's podcast is like sitting across the table from her having a convesation about this important matter of growing helathy and safe foods - the podcast covers a goof variety of topics
Highly recommend this podcast. Great interviews with interesting people doing inspiring work. Makes you want to get your hands dirty!
Love the focus here, makes me want to start gardening! Thanks Jackie, keep em coming!
This is a critical ability that we all need to have. I love Jackie and her enthusiasm for organic gardening. I’m starting my garden this Spring!
Great show Jackie! I love gardening and your show really helps me to understand how to create the biggest yield in my small garden while doing it in a way that is both healthy and delicious. Thank you!
Ever since I watched “Forks Over Knives” I’ve been trying to eat a plant based diet and grow a small garden at home. This podcast has taught me a lot - and I love how I can listen to it WHILE GARDENING!
I was just in a conversation with a group of friends last night about organic gardening. It was quickly apparent how little we all knew about the topic. Well, not any more. I'm excited to dive in and get educated on the subject.
Ok, this is the first podcast I’ve heard of that speaks SO much insight into gardening and I LOVE IT!!!
No kidding. This is good stuff. After reading Vani Hari’s book “The Food Babe Way” I was convinced that there is a link between what we eat and how we feel (especially if you’re over 30). This is a great resource for anyone who’d like to have some of their food grown at home. We got a hydroponics system- and this podcast was a great tool to make it hum. Way to go. Get green, get healthy!
I wanna learn how to grow organically because I can't afford to buy it in the store. Thanks for all of great information
Jackie gets some amazing guests and we get to know each one personally. Most importantly, I learn about how they got into gardening and the lessons they've learned. It's all done in a casual style which is perfect while I'm gardening. I've noticed the episodes have gotten longer which tells me the interviews are going more in-depth which I prefer. I like the intro music too. Great job!
I love finding podcasts in small niches because the hosts are always passionate about their work. This podcast is no exception. Jackie is passionate about her work and it comes through in her inspiring podcast.
Someday soon we all may be organic gardeners again...with Zombies! JK :D Great stories about falling in love with organic gardening.
As a vegetarian for 17 years this show I can truly appreciate, the content is top notch and any vegan or vegetarians dream. LOVE IT. 5 Stars
Jackie B serves up just the right amount of gardening insight and inspiration to make this my year-round additiction. Never too much science or clinical nutrition - gardening is really about enjoying life....
I’m glad I found this and look forward to listening to more episodes. Thanks for helping us learn.