Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast

Reviews For Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast

Have yall talked sbout cutting time at snytime. I love the podcast but the intro and procrastination in the beginning lasts way too long. It's usually half way thru until the interview actually starts.
Love hearing stories from Dr Tom about his time in the business. He’s got one of the best minds for the business ever. Also one hell of a trainer, look at his resume
Love me some Francine, such a gem.
Holy moly. Dillon is a drip. Abort! Abort! He doesn’t respond to the host’s prompts and drones on.
Shane Douglas gives great entertaining content about the all things wrestling. If you hate Vince McMahon then this is for you!
Wrestling and politics don’t mix well.
Please get Shane mic , just garbled mess
It’s the Franchise, nuff said.
Two Man Powertrip of Wrestling knocks it out the park every time. John and Chad get right to the heart of the questions and topics wrestling fans want to know about with their guests each week. Keep doing it guys.
John & Chad are doing big things in the wrestling podcast world. The guests are a who's who of wrestling legends. Great work guys.
they need to change the show a little bit and get more professional but the show is ok
I listen to this show everytime if i am at work or on the go. I like Chad and John Poz. I loved there indepth interview with PN News and Matt Morgan.
The show is good, but can be unlistenable at times due to John sounding like the microphone is in his mouth. He needs to get a windscreen & keep the microphone around 7 inches from his mouth, while projecting his voice. I'm just saying this because the audio distorts when he is on the microphone.
The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling is a balanced and well-formed look into wrestling of old stars and the new age wrestlers of known independent organizations. Chad and Primetime Poz's interviews are insightful and well prepared and focuses on the guest rather than pushing their own agenda like you may find in other podcasts.
One of the best wrestling podcasts/radio shows out there today!
Hooked on this show since finding it. Hosts have a great chemistry and clearly do the homework necessary of these lengthy interviews. I can’t imagine who you have next.
Two of the most knowledgable and passionate rasslin fans delivering insightful interviews with past and future legends. A must listen for fans of any era of wrestling!
This podcast keeps knocking it out of the park!
These guys don't have the financial backing of the Chris Jericho or Stone Cold podcasts but are every bit as good in terms of guests and quality of their shows. A must listen and a credit to the business.
Great show! So many shows to listen to and what an impressive guest list :) love them!
Cool podcast and a lot of big name wrestlers.
This show is the best wrestling podcast.
Most underrated show on iTunes
Better collection of guests then on any of the big name podcasts.
Stumbled onto the show and must say its a very cool presentation. No messing around and right to the guest and definitely the kind of show that flew by with a great pace. Can't wait for more!