Reviews For Bullhorn Leadership for Entrepreneurs by Sam Crump

With a relaxed, reassuring voice (that you'll never tire of hearing), Sam Crump shares insight that will help you clarify and achieve your goals. He has a knack for discussing things in a universal level, while asking questions that help you answer in a way to fit your own specific situation. He's a gifted storyteller and will become a dependable voice of common sense, wit and motivation in your life if you subscribe. Highly recommended if you are ready to elevate all aspects of your life.
I love listening to Bullhorn Leadership! My favorite podcast!
I met Sam Crump over twenty years when he became a client of my father’s company. At the time, Sam was practicing law and serving as a member of City Council in Sebastopol, CA. Our family got to know Sam and his lovely wife Colleen when they attended our annual client appreciation parties. In 2002, Sam mentioned that he had accepted an offer to work with a firm in Arizona and was planning a move within a few months. Coincidentally, I was also planning a move to the Phoenix area. Within a short few months we became neighbors in Anthem, Arizona. Sam decided to run for a house seat representing our district in the Arizona Legislature. I was excited for Sam and knew he would be an effective legislator if elected. He was elected for two terms and represented our district very well. I was honored to work for both of his election campaigns. Sam has represented my father and myself on a few civil legal matters over the years and always felt that he put us first and protected our interests. I moved to SE Asia in 2009 but Sam and I continue to keep in touch and will meet on occasion when I visit Northern California. Sam is a man of character, a loving husband, father, brother and am honored to call him my friend. With regard to Sam's podcast "Bullhorn Leadership for Entrepreneurs", it is insightful, educational and entertaining. The quality of the audio is very clear and properly modulated which makes it easy to understand. Sam obviously invested in the proper equiptment. I am the type of person that doesn't like to waste time on frivolous activities so this podcast is perfect for me. Thanks Sam!


By Grudey
After listening to the very first episode of Bullhorn Leadership, I am excited to say that it is off to a great start. I feel that it offers significant value to the listener and well worth the investment of their time. The host, Sam Crump, is well spoken and articulate. I feel that he is relatable to a broad spectrum of people, which is probably due to Sam's apparent depth of life experiences. The title states that is is for "entrepreneurs" but, as Sam points out, the podcast is not solely geared toward new enterprise start-ups or the traditional business community. Anyone in a leadership or mentoring capacity that is trying to achieve a goal or objective will find this podcast relevant. As someone who has completed my MBA, I hope to validate Sam's message and intent to deliver a sincere, well-crafted, informative, positive, and inspiring program. I look forward to further episodes. Well done.