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This podcast provides such a wide range of material...Certainly and marker, business owners, or entrepreneur could benefit from. John and Jayme bring a fun style and fresh perspective. Take a listen.
Love this podcast! I love the message Jayme & John are putting out to the world, combining both a positive message with actionable marketing tips. Great stuff!
Full disclosure: I was the subject of a Heart of Marketing podcast. But the reason I agreed to do the segment is because John and Jayme's pragmatic and positive approach to marketing lines up well with the values I lived by in 35 years in the field. Their segments are pragmatic, grounded in real-world situations with take-aways marketing professionals can actually apply themselves. They really do have heart and deliver a positive message about building and growing and competing on excellence. The segments are diverse, which makes it a pleasure to listen to multiple ones. Each one brings it own basket of knowledge, tips and inspiration. And they are entertaining, which adds to the listening pleasure.
Marketing can be a dull topic to talk about UNLESS you're listening to Jayme and John! Fun show with loads of heart and marekting insights.
I had the honor of being interviewed by Jayme recently and she's someone I've admired for a very long time. She and John make a terrific team. I love their interviewing style, the way they interact, the information they share and the people they're able to get on their shows. What a delight to listen to them both and you can't go wrong subscribing to their podcast. Thank you both for all you do for the marketing community.
I was lucky enough to be a guest on the Heart of Marketing Podcast and was so impressed with the production value, quality of conversation and personality of the hosts … they make you feel like you’re settling in for a cup of coffee and talking shop … great stuff! :)
Jayme and John explore the ever-changing world of marketing with curiosity and a positive attitude! You will want to add this one to your subscriptions right now. It will make you feel energized and ready to tackle anything.
Jayme and John truly get to the heart of marketing in this podcast! Their fun banter helps make each topic lively while at the same time providing useful insights and takeaways. You will walk away from each episode ready to connect with your customers and prospective customers on an emotional level.
First, this show is entertaining and that matters. Second, the pace is lively and that matters. Third, both bring specific things to the podcast: experience, achievement and personality. Fourth, to understand the value of this podcast listen to episode 21. They want to know why this episode is a standout. I say it’s because they address the conundrum of the hour. Do you need to be a Jack of all trades or a master of one. And can either be enough to earn the money you expect? A final note: Both the hosts are skilled in a specialty, Jayme in PR and John in Direct Marketing: but show the steady hand of generalists who have learned and applied a wide range of information to their customers and clients. I give this podcast a 5 Star rating. By Billy Delaney
There are several reasons why I love The Heart of Marketing podcast. The first is the expertise of the hosts—Jayme and John know their stuff. Reason number two is really the "secret sauce" of the show—the chemistry between the cohosts. If you're trying to make your way in the digital marketing world, do yourself a favor and listen.


Absolute expertise presented expertly
Both John and Jayme have excellent advice for practical marketing in the digital world, and their topics are fun and informative! Youger or new listeners should definitely listen to the Taylor Swift episode: it's one of my favorites.
Jayme and John provide actionable ideas for getting to the heart of marketing, in a fun and entertaining fashion. 👍
I love the chemistry between the cohosts! Jayme and John know their stuff. Any marketers or business owners looking to connect with new customers will find practical and useful advice here.


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John and Jayme know what they’re talking about. I’m getting excellent tips for my business here!
Worth a listen!!!!!!