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Reviews For The Casey Lewis Podcast

As a fellow podcaster (the Fish Nerds) I know the amount of work that goes into making a great quality show. This show nails it. I've just started listening and have already changed my relationship with money. Nice work and keep it going. -Clay cohost of the Fish Nerds podcast
Casey Lewis does a GREAT job of taking the complex worlds of consumer and small business financial information and making them easy to understand. In addition he provides simple, actionable steps to help people get out of debt and make a difference with their finances. Thanks Casey!!
Casey provides sound and common sense financial advice in a way that is modern and approachable. He speaks from experience and provides practical everyday applications to the finance lessons your grandmother taught you. If you love debt and you love being broke you should download it just for the joke of the week. Aiden is the break out star of the podcast anyways!
I heard Casey being interviewed on another podcast and searched his podcast out. Good stuff!
Finally, financial advice given in a practical, easy to follow way. Enjoyed his approach and real life examples.
Casey is the voice of reason in a world that often provides conflicting or bad advice in financial matters. His straightforward and practical advice on personal finance and creating an awesome life are a breath of fresh air. Anyone wanting to learn more about how to improve their financial life should listen to this podcast!
Casey provides the right information in a concise, effective format!
Casey is an outstanding writer & influencer. I am grateful to call him a friend as well. I have waited for this podcast to launch for over a year. I am glad that I do not have to wait any longer! Great stuff... subscribe today!
Casey Lewis provides sound advice on those financial questions that you want to ask, but are not sure who to ask. My husband and I utilized Casey as a financial coach when we were working on merging our finances after we were married. We had an amazing experience and feel that our relationship is improved now that we are on the same page with our money. I look forward to listening to Casey's podcast weekly as he continues to provide insight and knowledge to his listeners.
I've followed Casey's blog for years, and being a serial podcaster I was excited that he had started one of his own! Thankfully I wasn't disappointed. It's a good mix of good advise, humor, and honesty that works pretty well so far. Looking forward to hearing more!
Wow! Casey really hits these out of the park with practical advice and information. Can’t wait to hear the next installments!
I’m enjoying Casey’s approach to the often difficult subjects of life, relationships, and finances. He shares real world, practical advice from an easy-to-relate-to perspective. Also, the podcast sounds fantastic! Like he’s been doing this as a pro for years. Well done, Casey! Can’t wait to hear more.
There were so many good things about this podcast, but what I liked most is that Casey explained it so simply. When I listened to it, it all just made sense. He explained things so that for a person who’s not good with numbers (like me), could actually understand it. Also, these podcasts are just the perfect length of time. I highly recommend these to anyone who uses money as currency :)
I have a small business and your advice is spot on! I recommend this to others
Great show for anyone that are looking to learn more about their finances, money, real estate and more. Casey delivers complicated information in an easy to understand language.
Casey is passionate about helping people change their financial future. He offers good advice and challenges you to think differently. This podcast will help people change their lives if they're willing to do the work. Looking forward to more episodes.
I really like Casey's advice. He has practical solutions that make sense. It is so nice to listen to a program where the pod caster gived it to you like it is.
I've subscribed, downloaded and listened to every episode of The Casey Lewis Podcast and they are all great! I look forward to hearing more information and awesome jokes. I've been following Casey on Facebook for about a year and he is always quick to answer a question or help out with financial advice. I am glad #soon is finally here!
Casey does a great job at tackling hard personal financial questions. I love how he respects the reality of the situation, then proposes reasonable, actionable steps. And he's funny! I appreciate that he brings his personality to the show with the songs that he features and that his kids participate. Great podcast, I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about their financial well-being, and enjoys a good joke at the end! 😉
With a heart for the dreamer, Casey guides us through making sound financial decisions so we can build the dreams we were created for. The artist spotlight and joke of the day great too.
For fans of Dave Ramsey, Casey Lewis is something you'd enjoy. With a strong voice, a knowledgable mind and a heart for helping those in financial straits, Casey answers questions, shares his wisdom and has a little fun on the way. I got a kick out of the show, and knowing he's this good this early, he'll be even better once he truly finds his footing in the podcast world.
Casey does a remarkable job of presenting down-to-earth, good advice for people trying to sort out their finances, and even for those trying to maintain good habits. The podcast is easy to listen to and the joke of the day will surely make your kids laugh at dinner.
Practical advice and solutions for everyday challenges in everyday life. In an effortless manner, Casey delivers a podcast that is very easy to listen to and has earned a subscriber here. Keep up the good work, Casey. Great job!
I love learning something practical that I can apply to my life immediately. I would recommend this podcast to everyone. We can all use some kind of practical advice!
Casey is passionate about helping people save money and live out their dreams. His podcast is funny and easy to listen to, not dry and boring like you might expect from a financial/business podcast!
Casey provides a new voice for people looking for help with their money. Practical advice. Real life scenarios and experience.
Casey Lewis is passionate. I have followed his blog for years and I can now put the name with the voice. Excellent advice. Excellent topics. Excellent podcast.
Lots of awesomeness is packed into this podcast. I’ve followed his blog for a while and really like what I heard on his first two podcast episodes. He gives really clear and to-the-point advice about money and business. The most inspiring part is that he is living the dream because he followed the principles he is sharing. Can’t wait for more episodes!
I appreciate Casey’s uplifting yet practical advice. He is constructive with an honest approach. The hobby business information was especially interesting. I look forward to more translucent/honest/solidly grounded podcasts from Casey