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Supergirl Radio is a super amazing podcast. The hosts Rebbeca and Morgan do such a amazing job with the podcast talking about the show good , bad and have fun talks about aspects of the series and Supergirl as a character. A great podcast and well worth a listen !!!
I had written a review previously for Supergirl Radio. I recently decided to update it because my feelings had changed a great deal about the podcast. Now that I have been listening to Rebecca and Morgan for a couple of years. It feels like I am joining my friends for a healthy, VERY FUNNY and insightful recap and review of one of our favorite shows. From Boardroom to Ballroom where they go into detail of all the latest fashion. And try to explain how in the world Kara can afford those outfits. Or how Lena can wear a full long gown in a science lab and still be able to make her Hope robot come to life. Which by the way Morgan can do a great impersonation of (Makes me laugh every single time). They also review the latest comics based on the girl of steel. This podcast has it all. I highly recommend it for all true Supergirl fans. Keep up the great work, ladies!!
Supergirl Radio is my favorite podcast. The hosts do a wonderful job reviewing and disussing the tv show. I'm not a comic book reader, so I love that they're able to talk about comic book characters/storylines and how they can fit into the show. I still have faith that Dir. Bones will make his heavily anticipated appearance. One of my favorite things about the podcast is the humor and running jokes. I've never seen Dallas or Revenge, but now I want Judith Light and Nolan as guest stars just so I can hear Rebecca and Morgan talk about it. I absolutely recommend you give this podcast a chance. You don't even have to watch the show to listen to the podcast. :)
Supergirl is one of my favorite dc tv shows and the ladies that host this show are knowledgeable and fun to listen to. Sometimes they lack empathy towards the departure of characters like jimmy (which destroyed me, I love guardian), but nonetheless they are always a group I look forward to hearing from. I follow the podcast on twitter and everything.
I sampled two other Supergirl recap shows before trying this one. The hosts are very funny and I really enjoy listening when they crack themselves up. I am really glad I found this show.


By Jpmoto
Usually a good show, Elseworlds crossover...only part I had a question about? It sounded like someone had a CPAP on, or they were tired and kept yawning.
Hello people I’m monika I think super girl takes a twist many seasons and her growing up to her cousin is bigger then her.When her world got destroyed she had to take care of her cousin.But overall I think it’s good just sometimes I don’t understand a few stuff but the show is great!
I loved season 4!!!!
Kinda oblivious
This podcast has been my favorite SG podcast as of late. Good mix of analysis and fun. Love the running jokes (James living under the desk, R.I.P. Kelly, Brian). However, PLEASE stop bringing Andy. His jokes are not funny and he cannot stay on point.
Supergirl radio brings this show to life! Can’t get enough this show deserves a 5 star
The thing I adore about this podcast is the combination of the wealth of knowledge about the characters and history of Supergirl and the sense of humor these girls bring to the episode reviews, especially. They aren’t afraid to have fun and make fun of a show they love. They tease because they love. I giggle at almost every episode. Bravo, ladies!
Been listening to this podcast for 2 seasons now and it’s one of the most enjoyable podcasts out there. Rebecca brings the knowledge and Morgan brings the Edge ( HAD to do that). Give them a listen. You won’t want it to end. Rated 5 snaps out of 5.
This podcast is tons of fun to listen to and really helps with getting through the long work day. Waiting for the Brian the alien spinoff podcast!
I have been listening since the beginning- Rebecca, Morgan and Carly always deliver an entertaining podcast that also fairly critiques each episode.
Love the Supergirl series and this podcast does good job covering the show
If you are a fan of supergirl on the cw you should definitely download supergirl radio podcast. Not only is it one of the best podcasts about supergirl out there but the three hosts rock. They are very knowledgeable about all things supergirl,and if they don't know something they will go the extra step of finding out about it. I love their banter. It makes me feel I am right there sitting amongst them ,talking about a show we all like. @carlylane,@mojotastic and @derbykid are a super fantastic trio of hosts. So thank you for every week for giving me something to look forward too.
You come here for Supergirl, and you get that, but also so, so much more. The hosts Rebecca, Carly, and Morgan have fantastic and insightful analysis and discussion on the also amzing tv show, Supergirl and the other characters, themes the show explores, and an awesomely hilarious time (snaps for snapper!). The ladies do an amazing job and give an incredible amount of justice to one of my all time favorite superheroes. Highly, highly recommended.
Truly enjoy the podcast. I love this show and love listening to others take on the show. Enjoy everyone's opinions because not everybody has the same opinion and that makes it even more interesting.
Supergirl Radio is the perfect supplement to the excellent Supergirl show on the CW. I've been a Supergirl fan for a long, long time, and I love how the hosts dig into backstory, character developments, and Kryptonian mythology! They are very knowledgeable, and they have fantastic chemistry together.
Just started listening and you girls are awesome. You guys have great banter, and nice but give different opinions and perspective and does so in respectful way. You guys have great discussions every week, and really explore the show and the characters. They will even do their research and come back with comic knowledge that the even the nerdiest of nerds couldn't pull. You really get the whole package here. I love the passion. I enjoy keeping up with the show but you guys definitely enhance the experience. You guys are so much fun. I love the discussions. Please keep it up. You guys are really awesome.
Supergirl Radio is a great podcast! They are knowledegable and have great insights and observations. Their conversations are fun. They do a great review of the episodes and are on top of all the news about the show. They also take time to read listener e-mails, Tweets and comments and will share a good amount of them on the podcast.
I love this podcast. I can always count on the folks at Supergirl Radio to articulate just what I'm thinking and feeling after a new episode of my favorite show and to point out details I might have missed about the episode or connections to other DC media. Thanks!
You're the best Podcast I listen to. Absolutely my must listen to after each Supergirl episode on the way to work. Love listening to you gals :-)
Now that the new season has started I'm going over some of the older episodes of this podcast and looking forward to your views of this new season.
The best Supergil podcast is hosted by three--say it with me--super girls! Now that the awkward pun is out of the way. Carly, Morgan and Rebecca host the Supergirl Radio podcast. For Supergirl fans this is required listening. They'ew smart. funny. nerd cool serious fans of the genre. IMO the best podcasts have hosts that not only get along, but bring the listener into their world. These three re extremly good at that. Check this out. And happy birthday Carly!
I only watched Supergirl out of duty to my own nerd-dom. Then I found this podcast which gave me a perspective unlike my own and helped me appreciate the show so much more. Now I understand the signifigance of the characters and have an insight into what this show means to others. Now I'm addicted to it.
I love this show! Rebecca Johnson and Teresa Jusino offer great commentary and insights into each episode and have a great rapport with each other. After the most recent episode, it looks like Carly Lane is going to step in for Teresa very ably. Great show.
Great audio quality, content, and chemistry. Hosts are sincere and insightful, genuine and entertaining. Love every minute and don't miss an episode. Many times they bring up something I totally didn't pick up on or bring a different viewpoint. Even better, they can sometimes disagree but in a respectful manner that's completely engaging and charming. I've seen disagreements devolve into reoccuring grudges on other shows, but here they keep it light and friendly while no less opinionated. It's real, respectful, and substantial... not phony, juvenile, and surfacey.


By Dcm2002
The hosts always provide a thoughtful character analysis of Supergirl
I have been listening to these girl’s awhile now maybe since the summer, and I’ve really enjoyed their growth in learning about the girl of steele before the tv show started! I’ve always been a huge fan of Supergirl! Glad to see she is finally starting to get some attention! I really wish I paid more attention to detail that’s why I like listening to these podcasts, cause they are really knowledgeable! keep up the good work ladies!
I really like this podcast these ladies are just as into the show as I am and that's awesome I love that they don't claim to be know it all just enthusiasts like me I really enjoy the character discussions they provide and I'm excited to hear the comic examinations they announced this a podcast for people who love intellectual analysis of awesome superhero shows.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽💕💕
I really love this podcast. The hosts are fun to listen to and of course the subject of the podcast is the best - Kara Zor-EL. I have been a Supergirl fan for many years. I mostly like the Silver Age and Bronze Age Supergirl but Melissa's portrayal of Supergirl is now my idea of Supergirl. Let's hope the ratings are good enough to merit many seasons ! Meanwhile, I can listen to this wonderful podcast. By the way, I agree totally with your review of Episode 9 - Blood Bonds. Thanks for doing the podcast. Also, the theme song for your podcast is great !
Simply super! The hosts are phenomenal! Truly quite knowledgable and passionate about the subject matter. There is truly more to the "S" than Superman! Listen and enjoy the podcasts fellow comic geeks!
This podcast provides a new dimension to the show with the panel's well-thought comments. I get to appreciate the show in a deeper level. Two-thumbs up!
As a comic nerd and a new Supergirl fan, I was excited to hear about the show. Listening to Teresa & Rebecca take on the series and more is awesome. Fun and informative show. Love to hear BTS news and spoilers!
This is by far the greatest one I've listened to out of all of them. Season 0 was a fun way of getting to know the character as well as the other minor characters that would appear on the show. The hosts know what they are talking about and have fun while doing so! Can't wait to see how this season will turn out!
to it every week!! keep up the positivity and good discussions!
I absolutely love this show. It keeps me informed and is fun for all ages. I can't wait to hear what the ladies have to say about the show as it airs. Thank you for being the primer that we need for season one!
A great show with some great moderators! Gave me lots of history on the characters and prepared me for the shows premiere.
I really like this podcast. The hosts are fun, have a lot of enthusiasm for the character, and are very well informed. They've done a great job at introducing the character and discussing all of her incarnations over the years. It has only helped to add to my excitement for the upcoming show. It's the only Supergirl podcast I'll ever need.
What a fantastic podcast!! I did not know much about Supergirl until I listened to this podcast!! The two woman hosts are professional and articulate and have clear understanding on how to put on an entertaing and informative podcast. The hosts love for Supergirl clearly shows from their vast knowledge of Supergirl's histony. Every venue is thoroughly covered from comics, animated movies, fan response to breaking news about the upcoming TV series. This podcast really helps in building excitement for the show!! I highly recommend this podcast for anyone wanting to learn more about Supergirl and the new live action show!! Thank you ladies for all of your hard work for making such a wonderful and unique podcast!!!
I was worried about this one. I mean, the show hasn't even aired yet! What could these two hosts possibly have to talk about? but they have stepped up, and I have never failed to be entertained and informed. I can't wait until the show airs. This is worth your podcast time.
I've always known the generalities of the Supergirl mythos, but this show has really taught me a lot about the character and her different incarnations. I'm enjoying the ride along with the hosts as we lead into the premier of the TV show. They not only keep me up to date on all the news and info about the show, but reallly keep me entertained. Listening to Supergirl Radio makes my Wednesday morning bus ride to work a lot more enjoyable.
I really love this podcast. It's nice to see this character getting so much attention, and I really appreciate the hosts' exploring the character through multiple mediums, including the animated shorts. That is why I think they would appreciate the Pendant Prodcutions fan audio dramas of the DC universe. It started with a Superman series, with other characters eventually getting their own. Supergirl was an important character, eventually getting her own series. They mentioned knowing someon from the Superman Homepage, so he may be able to get them some copies. They also mentioned having to deal with spending a long time in traffic, and it would be a fun way to pass the time. Personally, I think the Supergirl featured in the Pendant audio dramas was my favorite version of the character. I know it isn't canon, but I think it was very faithful to the spirit of the comics. I know I have been going off on a tangent, and I don't think this was the best place to make this suggestion, but I thought they might like those fan-made audio dramas, and it would help make those long drives more fun.
Great show!
A wonderful podcast by two super ladies. Keep up the good work you two.
This is by far the best Supergirl podcast out there. These ladies know their stuff, they do their homework, and their delivery is polished and professional. Their passion for the character is never in doubt. They cover not only the new CBS Supergirl series, but they go into her history in the comics and her appearances in all forms of media. This is the definitive Supergirl podcast, and a must listen for any Supergirl fan.