HCSKL 2011 Podcast

Reviews For HCSKL 2011 Podcast

This is a must hear! If you think you have to experience the wilderness or the valley times, and if your relationship with Jesus seems like a dull routine, and you struggle with thinking your just an old sinner saved by grace who said a prayer to get your name in a book (for fire insurance) and the Christian experience is a Sunday only thing. Man you need to listen to this. If you want to go from knowing about the Love of God to actually KNOWING (having an intimate knowledge) the love of God, it all begins with the foundation of knowing your REAL identity, a child of the most high God who loves you.
Dan Molher is the best teacher i've ever herd on the simplicity of the Gospel and Identity. Finding this teaching is been life changing. I've been a christian for 20 years, 2 years of Bethel Ministry School and I can say that this is been the most rewarding and simple powerful teaching on the Gospel I've ever herd. So much revelation and freedom. No steps. No methodology, Dan Molher nails the Gospel and is a straight shooter and does a genious job at explaining everything he teaches with examples, answering questions and releasing freedom. I've always wondered why Todd White was so ridiculously free, to the point that was borderline annoying to the one in chains. Now I know…Dan was his mentor. So grateful that this is free and available to all who want to take responsibility and accelerate their growth and maturity in their relationship with God,. If you are one of those people who are wondering how come I'm never feel or seem free, and are burned out form inner healing and 5 step programs to healing, there you go, listen to it from the beggining. Stick to it. I've been stuck on one only day for months! So much revelation. I can't find words to express the greatfulness I feel in my heart. Dan you rock!
I'm attributing my start of relationship with the Father to this message series.
This series changed my life to live out the Christian life by GRACE, instead of striving by works! I recommend this out to everyone, and I know 3 generations of people that listened to it and passed it on to someone else. This is so good! Even though this is missing day 13, this is epic!
This was the single most important time of learning I've ever experienced. In April of 2013, my life was completely changed after diving into this 51-day adventure. I've been a Christian most of my life, but I found out who I was when I found this gem of a message. Thank you Dan Mohler.
I have my degree from a Bible College, have passionately studied the Word, faithful in church attendance and ministry, diligent w/spiritual disciplines and yet, this 51 day school was without a doubt the MOST challenging, most EFFECTIVE tool God has used in my life for transformation and revelation! God called Dan to demonstrate love NOT teach it because His children have too much "teaching" and I am SO thankful for this Kingdom school that drove me to prayer and adoration of the Father and a love for people I have NEVER known/experienced! I am humbled, undone, rocked! My husband has been deeply effected! EVERY single friend I have recommended this series to has come back in tears and GRATITUDE! I wish every Christian would listen and the world would be a WILDLY different place!