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By Jim XZ
I come from a place where everyone has a nickname. Welcome Megsy to nickname land. Great show mate. Community-quick action-survival and the countdown to start the day. Enjoyed the show
Well developed !
No more episodes. Would be nice if HubSpot put up a notice of this probable outcome.
I thought this episode was great! She definitely seems relatable and had very good frank advice. I think it was smart not to go with an investor that doesn’t respect the founders and feels comfortable using the term gold diggers for women who created their own business that is successful.
Really invited up podcast on how to grow a business.
The Growth Show is one of my favorite business podcast. It has evolved and continued to get better and better each year. Just listened to the first episode of the new season and its got tighter interviews, better production quality, and excellent story telling. 5-STARS!
If you haven't listened to this podcast yet, you definitely should! Every episode is filled with actionable tips, great banter, and a solid structure. I would 100% recommend this show to anyone looking to learn more about the marketing industry.
Engaging and fun
Great stories and fun to listen to. It’s really cool to hear the behind-the-scenes details, thoughts and events that transformed companies and people into their current form.
Loving every episode of The Turnaround!
Great stories, truly inspiring.
As a lifelong learner, I love anything that provides new ideas or pushes people for growth - this podcast does just that.
While I have only listened to a few of the episodes, the ones that I did listen to were incredibly informative and interesting. The interviews were fantastic - asking all the important questions and the guests have such great stories to share. Looking forward to more.
Some business/tech podcasts get caught up in esoteric trends or stupid this vs that debates. Not this one. For the topics they cover, the hit rate is surprisingly high. It's as if you picked up a business book at the airport and found it to be thoughtful, balanced, and well-written. In other words, a rarity. The best notes it hits are when those interviewed get specific and personal, and the host relates well to the content. It seems to hit those notes, for me at least, in 2-3 out of every 4 episodes. Strong effort and well worth the subscribe.
Megan is a great host! Really easy and valuable short listen
It's a great show packed with great info, ideas and insights for learning.
love this show, so many professional insights and life advice to use for years to come
I'm using the Growth Show as my powersong every morning while jogging. My industry is engineering service and learning from everybody a little bit is a big deal. Keep going guys!
Took me a google search to figure out how to review a podcast that's how good this podcast is. Seriously the best show on here and it's helped me a lot in staying on focus with goals. A must listen.
New subscriber - recommend for comms/marketing professionals looking to learn
Such a great podcast to learn from! Be sure to listen to as much as you can!
It's usually a nice length and easy to listen to. The content depends a lot on the guest on any given week and some of them are really interesting or funny, while others just don't quite click for me. Definitely worth it if you want to learn about companies and people you may not have heard of.
This is a really dependable podcast. They always talk about something that I never would've thought about when it comes to how to grow a business.
Very practical information is gained through the great interviews with great guests. I recommend this podcast.
I love hearing from other big names in the business world. It inspires me. I also get lots of neat advice and nuggets of wisdom - sometimes from unlikely sources!
Very informative and useful content for today's marketers! Great work!
The growth show is full of actionable and useful information about something that can be incredibly hard - growth. I've learned a ton from this show, and highly recommend it!
I appreciate all of the great insights and advice this show provides. Looking forward to more!
I might actually like that the production isn't very polished.
It is great to hear perspective from industry experts. A great way to continue eduction, even while listening at work.
This podcast is perfect for inbound marketers. If you have a long commute, it's especially helpful for getting in the right mindset before you start your workday.
Kip and the rest of the HubSpot team does a great job finding and interviewing some of the biggest and best industry thought leaders, allowing every day marketers a valuable look inside how some of the world's leading brands are innovating with their marketing both through new sools and systems and processes. The episodes are short enough to listen to on your way into work and easily digestible to help you take new ideas away from.
I always feel inspired and motivated after listening to the show. A requirement for marketers, but even if you are a business man, entrepreneur, or creative, this podcast is for you. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to the Growth Show
I love hearing about how all these different businesses got started and how they achieved such great growth. It just adds to the entrepreneurial fire!
Some great marketing ideas and great guest entertainment!
This show is all about growth and is perfect for entrepreneurs. It has great guests with so many different experiences. I'm a fan!
Highly recommend this podcast because the guests each have unique yet relatable insights on growth.
Deep Dive into what successful business and how they achieve goals overcome obstables and become leaders. Small and large businesses represented.
I'm new to the podcast world, and this show has singlehandely made me want to stay in it. I listen during my commute and find that it provides my daily dose of inspiration. It's hard to know where to focus your attention these days, with the countless articles, shows, and stations to follow. I can assure you, this one is well worth it.
This is a great podcast. It explores a wide range of business topics that are hot right now. The interviewees represent a diverse group -- small and large companies, tech and non-tech companies -- so it's relevant for anyone seeking to learn more about the modern business landscape.
I love how each episode focuses on a different industry or person or problem. So much information from interesting people.


This is very informative, I love how it makes you think! I have to mention the sound quality could be better.
Absolutely love how humanizing, exciting, and in depth TGS gets with some of the most interesting and innovative thought leaders and brands in the business. The "inside look" is not just about methods, but rather aims more powerfully at ways of thinking about some big picture questions. The resulting insights gained through that approach are directly applicable to my own way of thinking and doing business. Though its been a relatively new addition to my **weekly** ritual (currently going back and listening through their archives), listening has really made me think about how to approach my own career, and helped to re-shape my perspective. Whoever is producing the show obviously cares about selecting topics, guests, and themes carefully, and then really working to connect with the TGS's audience. While listening, I very much feel like I am part of a conversation, not just being lectured to, and that is a part of my istening experience that I value a lot. Well done GrowthShow!
Excellent content on a variety of subjects. The guests are the best in the industry and the topics are always presented in an interesting way. You should subscribe!
As always, HubSpot offers great, valuable content as part of their mission. This podcast is no exception, and is well worth the listen!
The presenter stated that the gap was applicable to millenials, and not baby boomers. That is NOT true. I am a baby boomer, and chose to listen to this podcast, but it was not focused on boomers. I have a gap -- having left a large career/executive position -- to caregive my elderly parents, and then handle the estate. Many of my boomer friends have done a similar thing. Boomers face a gap, AND age discrimination. The presenter did not address this segment, and actually dismissed boomers.
I really appreciate the amazing people you are interviewing; and the style that you interview in! I love that your podcast excites me about how thrilling it is to be alive right now - and how much business is taking us forward into great things. Thank you.
As someone who uses HubSpot on a daily basis, this is an essential podcast. So much educational info and it is a lot of fun too.
I love The Growth Show! I feel so informed after each one and the guests are so great!