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I really enjoy listening to this podcast. The hosts are all enjoyable and interesting, the content is great, and they don’t seem to miss any news. It feels like I’m listening to my friends talk about Apple news.
This podcast has really turned around with the new host. Informative but not preachie.
This podcast is truly the one to listen to for all the latest and greatest updates and exciting news about Apple products and software updates. Been listening to the guys for about 2 years now and never get tired of it. Dan, Victor, Mike, etc..., you guys are great! Looking forward to hearing more great episodes down the road! Peace!!!
Miss the old host like a lot! New guy is okay, but really lacks the personal feel they used to have.
I started listening to this podcast back when victor was on the show. I’m thoroughly enjoying the new updated format for the show. Very informative and fun to listen to!
Always love the podcast and it's non-sugarcoated approach. Definitely glad to hear Steven is back, but I do miss Victor as well. Wish you guys could rotate a little bit. Also enjoy William's perspective. Keep up the great work guys. I'm always out here listening.
***UPDATE*** I came around. I got used to the new format and now listen just as much as I used to. Robles and crew do a great show each week. ————————————————————— First, I have no issue with the new host, Stephen Robles. From the few episodes, he seems to be a knowledgeable person. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the duo of William and Victor. AI was my go-to each week. I’m not saying I’ll unsub (let’s not get crazy..), but I may now choose other Apple/tech podcasts first. Hearing William the other day was nice, but still not the same. I’m sure I’ll come around to Robles but not quite there at this moment.
Stephen and William are a great pair. Listening to them is always a hoot, and the inside info they provide is invaluable. It’s their experience and insight into the Apple nitty gritty that counts the most with me. I wish more Apple-focused tech podcasts would follow their example: less of the hipsterism, please, and more of what’s critical to me as an Apple user.
As a long time fan of this podcast I was afraid that the quality might have suffered from the recent change in hosts. But the reverse was true. The quality of the content, format and delivery have taken a quantum leap forward. Keep up the great work guys. I love the podcast even more and look forward to each new episode!
Update: I like the new guy, he’s nice.
Much improved since Stephen has taken over.
New host is fine, but miss the banter of Victor and William. Why not let loyal listeners understand the Change of hosts. Seems a bit like Zoom’s practices...
It looks like Victor is gone from the podcast with no explanation, even a BS corporate speak (wants to spend more time with his family. I found Victor entertaining as well as knowledgeable. The addition of William as a full time cohost really struck the right balance and made the pod a weekly listen for me. If I missed something, my bad, but I’ve searched a couple times for some sort of acknowledgment by AI of the change. This tells me you are clueless about the basic inherent nature of podcasts and the connection good ones develop with their audience. If I don’t hear anything soon, I’m going to stop listening, stop reading AppleInsider and stop using AI promo codes (like I did last summer for a loaded MacBook Pro)


Love it! You should get it has great information!
Been a fan of the web site for many years. The last three years the AI podcast. Always found V. Marks analytical reasoning that I found muck more based on logic& reasoning that comes from his long background i tech. With William joking the podcast I’ve beo finding the snow veryentertIng with not only the great tech info , but a very banter that added a level of that brought me back every week. So what happened. The last two weeks has brought a new host. I don’t have any issues with the content. He and the others are doing a fine job. But I came not only for AI but to hear the worry dry exchanges. I wish Apple Insider the best with the new road ast but if it’s permant I wish them panache humorous Must say. If it’s temp“I shall Douglas MacArthur
Love the new hosts! Andrew was great!
I used to LOVE this podcast, I actually WAITED for new episodes. But, I will probably unsubscribe as Victor and William are no longer hosting.
Downgraded to 4 stars because I preferred Victor and William to that Republican Mike Wuerthele.
Victor is smart and i don’t think he should be talked down to and it ruins the professionalism of this show
I’ve only recently started listening to the podcasts, but I love it. AppleInsider has always been the first place I’ll go to read about Apple (and tech) news, and the podcasts are informative and enjoyable to listen to when I’m not in the mood to read.
Look Victor, we get it. You hate the current US government. Ok. Now, keep your conversation on this podcast about Apple, it’s products and devices. What service best fits who? What products work best for different objectives and uses. Give us your opinion on that. We don’t need your opinion about politics
Potentially great info but it have become unlistenable due the constant arrogance of the US host. The UK host try to lighten up the show but that clearly gets on the nerves of the other mr. Know-it-all host, making it not a good listen. Better ways to the your Mac news and info than this show. Take a chill pill dude. Smug arrogance is not appealing. Too bad the UK host have to suffer from these negative ratings. It is just not a good match of hosts.
Victor is a very knowledgeable and seems like a smart person but It seems like he always talking down to Victor. It seems like a parent/child relationship. Be nice to see a more balanced approach to the podcast.
I listen to podcasts to hopefully learn something new or get the opinions of the pros that work in tech. Lately there isn’t much value in listening to this podcast. Also, the advertisement transition tries to trick listeners think it’s part of the show. When I don’t get the value, I leave. The Vergecast is really good quality. Perhaps API should take a listen. I’ll revisit in a few months to see if anything improves. ttyl....
Lots of criticism and negativity. Slow pace.


By mmangin
Victor thinks he’s always right and no one else’s opinion matters.
I used to enjoy this podcast much more in the past, it now rarely provides anything beyond the articles on Appleinsider. The chemistry between William and Victor seems a bit off. William doesn't seem up to date on the latest news nor does he have much to add to the conversation, if its an act, it's just not flattering. Victor is very knowledgeable but at times he does come across a bit condescending. When Neil, Daniel or Mike W were on to provide their thoughts and insights, the show was much more enjoyable and didn't seem like a simple reading of the Appleinsider articles.
When I last gave AI a poor score, it was because Neil stopped co-hosting. Victor brought him back for one episode and we were all happy again. Then Neil dissapeared....again. And it’s been months since. Look, I have nothing against William. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy in reality, but I’m in agreement with a lot of people here. There is little chemistry on the podcast. It does sound like he doesn’t want to be there and Victor is constantly getting on his case. William also sort of shows lack of information on current events with Apple. For example, when asked about the recent Intel Modem fiasco that happened very recently, he was blanking and had to have Victor explain. When comparing 9to5mac’s Happy Hour, both hosts are always on point with current events so there’s never a hiccup in the flow of the podcast. Right now the podcast is pretty boring. Bring back Neil and this time not for just one episode. He brings a lot of information, insight, as well as energy to the podcast. His opinions are sometimes very fierce but that’s what makes it entertaining to listen to. Make Apple Insider Podcast great again!
Really enjoy all the co-host/personalities. Informative and unique takes. I always say “oh it’s an interview episode” and listen anyway....only to learn something new every time! The Victor and William dynamic is always interesting. Seems like you guys enjoy chatting one week and then I’m not so sure sure the next, only to be totally silly the following week. It keeps the show interesting, and the variety is why I have been listening for over two years now. Bonus points for having Hammercast as part of the mix! Keep up the obvious research and hard work, and keep the guests coming!
The two boats don’t mesh, and the British one comes across as though he really doesn’t want to be there, and worse, isn’t up on the issues so he has little to add.
British gentleman sandbags everything. There’s no chemistry. It’s just one dude with something to say being repeatedly interjected by someone with nothing to say.
You’re both a pleasure to listen to on homepod & 🍎Tv.
The latest episode was the most awkward thing I’ve every listened to on Apple Podcats. “after-the-event-apple-card-arcade-tv-and-qualcomm-denied”
Please save this dying Podcast. Where are the other folks from the TEAM. Stop listening with the current lineup of hosts.
I used to listen to AppleInsider weekly, on Fridays when the episodes were released. While I still enjoy listening from time to time, I find that the discussions on this podcast have gotten too deep into the technical components of Apple devices instead of actually sharing personal stories or advanced tips. Just to be clear, I am not an elementary user and do not appreciate podcasts filled with basic getting started tips, but at the same time, only discussing tech specs can make the podcast dull and boring after a while. Victor also seems to correct William constantly and interrupt when he is sharing some good insight! Overall, this is a fine podcast, but if they want me to go back to being a weekly listener, they need to improve the content and the overall flow of this podcast.
Apple Insider is my go-to place for Apple news and reviews. I’ve enjoyed this podcast for a few years. Keep up the great work!
I really enjoy your podcast. I just started listening after listening to a different podcasts for quite a while. I enjoy the fact that you two don’t mind calling out Apple company, software, and hardware issues. BTW, I agree with William about lighting charging cables. Even the Kevlar cables are not that durable. I have a couple that are hardly moved from place to place and they are beginning to show wear and tear. Thanks for the great podcast!
More objective than some fanboy Apple shows. I have listened frequently for past several years and am lowering my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars because: (1) I dislike the recent move to integrate ads into the narrative, which creates the same ethical problems for Victor and AI as when news sites publish external content created by advertisers without clearly marketing it as much. Prefer to hear “our podcast this week is sponsored by Acme Anvil ...” (2) I am not fond of Victor’s controlling style of hosting. It sometimes sounds as though he’s cross examining William Gallagher rather than a co-host situation. This would be a better podcast imho if it were less of “The Victor show” and more of a free discussion.
Vic I reckon your awesome in your knowledge and delivery as is Neil. However I find without you two the podcast quality suffers quite a bit. Becomes quite ameturish.
Victor's voice is sometimes good and sometimes it has vocal fry. The content is good but sometimes the sound/voice/vocal fry is not. Fortunately, there are plenty of other Apple podcasts where the voices are always good. Without good voices, I can't give an audio podcast more than 3 stars.
I just want to say thanks for bringing back Neil Hughes, seems like you listen to the comments.
They have a great rapport and an easy to listen to, not overly technical, style of delivering the important information. Their analysis was based on the same type of questions and decisions that most of us are asking ourselves, making it far more useful. It is interesting, as well, to get perspective on the differences in the way things work from across the pond. Keep up the excellent work and I look forward to future episodes.
I read just about everything Apple Insider posts to their website. I subscribe to the YouTube channel and enjoy all their videos. But I had to unsubscribe from the podcast. It’s mostly just a rehash of the written site content without much commentary or discussion and the host seems like he’s more interested in hearing himself speak than anything. He interrupts other speakers, quickly dismisses their input so that he can talk, and really only allows them to speak at length when it fits into his own narrative. Not a fan of the podcast, but do enjoy the rest of your content.
I am listening from Bangladesh. I like reading AppleInsider, and have the installed too. You are the No.1 guys I read , since 2011.
The loss of Neil Hughes is really starting to rear its head. Too much of a reliance on interviews about mediocre subjects (a lot of history on specialized audio gadgets). This might appease to some, but not what I’m looking for. After years of listening, looks like it’s time to start searching for another show.
Great podcast, just wish there weren't any interviews
I started listening to this podcst last summer when I was at the beach. This podcasrt provides great insight into apple products and technology in general. Keep up the good work!
I love Apple stuff. I’ve listened to this podcast off and on for a couple years. For me, it’s interesting about a third of the time. Just too much talk. Victor is pleasant to listen to, but y’all need a time limit. Any podcast over an hour is suspect and I just can’t listen that long. 45 minutes should be a max. Depend too much on rumors. Frustrating to hear someone mention a HomeKit accomplishment and then no ‘here’s how I did it’. I’ll keep subscription for now, but it’s getting tenuous.