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They manage to never have a bad show, despite pandemics, protests, and everything else. Murph and Paully have incredible chemistry. KNBR should give them tenured lifetime contracts - golden gate James.
Wish we could have the entire show as a podcast!
Murph & Macs Chemistry Is Second To None! Love This Show And Love How Much They Care! Will Listen Til The Day The Show Ends!
Can you finally make full shows available for download like every other radio station?! Usually the best parts of the shows are NOT during the interviews. Figure it out
These guys put on a fantastic show every weekday on the Leader! I love this PodCast to catch-up on things that I may miss.
Dude u guys are great man I look forward to ur guys’ podcast every week & always get mad wen there isn’t anymore...I’m from Southern California & I still listen to a lot of ur podcast besides the ones that cover the 49ers
They decided to go political. Who wants to listen to that at 6:30am? I don’t. Thankfully Tolbert and Lund are there with enough content till Gary and Larry come on.
Love Murph and Mac! They are the best in the business as far as I’m concerned. Only recently discovered the pod and my only complaint is that they seem to have stopped uploading the entire show. I have a short commute to work so I never get to catch too much on my drive in. As recent as last week, they were uploading every hour. Now it’s basically just the interviews. Go back to uploading hours 1, 2, 3 & 4! Not sure whose job it is but I blame Medium Impact Bryan!
Most of the reviewers are pro Murphy and against Mac. I have to disagree. Lately, Murph has been smarmy and wants to be a political wonk too. Yes he deserves credit for hiring Harbaugh, but he also shoulders blame for annoying Harbaugh to the point where Harbaugh ended the call. Overall, listen to this for the guests if you can stand Murph.
Listen every morning!!
Appreciate the year on going analysis Murph & Mac provide ...side feedback ...I've stopped listening to Chip Kelley weekly...just to get to the point Chip is annoying and borders unprofessional.
C'mon KNBR, get your interns to get their act together and update these podcasts. A week late pretty much defeats the purpose.
How long does it take to update the info? It seems to take weeks!
Seriously, who is in charge of podcasts at KNBR? Things got inconsistent at the beginning of the summer. As summer went on, you couldn’t count on the podcasts being updated. Days would go by then suddenly there would be 5 days worth of content. Now, you’re lucky to get one episode every two weeks. What a shame, they are missing a great opportunity to share their content with listeners who don’t have schedules that allow them to hear it live.
This podcast was better when broken down into segments. This looks like the producer just took audio off the skimmer, which isn't fair to listener. But it is good for this show to be back on iTunes.
Murph and Mac podcasts used to be the best - all the good interviews, quickly uploaded, easy to find. And then it all got screwed up! Why, KNBR, would you force the faithful listeners to scroll through 30 minute plus audio files to find the interviews we want to hear? Please take us back to the good old days...
Please, please resume breaking out and listing the interviews! It's not helpful to have an entire unlabeled show for download. Why did you stop labeling the available segments, and including guests interviewed? Thanks!!
who decided to ruin the knob podcasts! no description!! ii used to be able to fill the holes of whatever i missed, now too frustrating. this is cheaper no doubt but this is pointless. i’ve switched to kqed during my am commute to avoid getting frustrated trying to catch the end of a segment or whatever.
Found ya! The trouble is, I really don’t have time to listen to the whole dang show again. I just want to be able to pick out the good parts - in my case, that would be interviews with the beloved Giants. I miss some of the good stuff when I go in to work. So PLEASE…? Break it up into manageable segments! Not just Kruk & Kuip segments (although I am grateful for those bits that are segmented out) but all of it. For those of us who just can’t go through an hour or more of podcast per day. Thanks! ***EDIT*** Okay, I poked around a little more, and found the segments on the main KNBR podcast. I’m glad to have found them, but geez, you don’t make it easy to find! Looks like some cleanup is in order; lots of duplications, etc. Hope you get it fixed soon!
couldn't find the show for a week....I have to pod everything so it was a big void for me.....found it again though....all is well.....:)
Murph who was a sports writer has become one of the best interviewers in the sports business in my opinion. Does a fantastic job, his interview of J.York after the Harbaugh FIRING was priceless. He wasn't trying to make the son of the owner look bad but he did make him look as bad as Dr. York after his terrible firing of Mariucci. Great show!!