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Loved the energy systems training series, and I always have a good time nerding out about exercise science and physiology with Eric
Such a great resource of information on training. Each episode needs to be listened to at least twice! So much good stuff to absorb.
Eric has helped me, to take on my mental game!!!! As well as the physical side!!!! Love it
I like Eric’s suggestions on climbing because he talks all aspects from mental to physical to nutrition and other complimentary exercises. In addition, he talks about how everyone is different so apply the techniques to yourself as you need. Although it is for climbers I do believe his podcasts could help any athlete with some fine tuning of complimentary exercises.
I have followed Eric Horst's writings for many years and have become a better climber for it. This podcast is remarkable - loads of high quality content absolutely free of charge. I am no dogmatic follower of rules or prescriptions, nor of fads or 'the next best newest thing', and this is not what Eric is offering. He is offering pertinent information gathered and gleaned from the best current research on our extremely complex sport/hobby/life style of climbing, and if you are serious about improving your climbing than this is an excellent source of information to add to your knowledge base, and will help you become your own best self-coach.
Eric provides a great variety of info at a very high quality level. The podcasts have solid audio quality and Eric has a nice tone and pace. I have used this podcast to discover training methods, supplements and tactics that have been a launching point for focused efforts to improve in climbing. Glad for this podcast. Redpoint 5.11a Onsight 5.10c Indoor boulder V6 Indoor redpoint 5.12
Other climbing podcasts about training meander through interviews where you have to listen for hours for that golden nugget that can help you. Not so with Hörsts podcast. He clearly plans them out to deliver the info you need in a applicable package. More like a training audiobook than a podcast, and I mean that in the best way possible
Eric Hörst does a phenomenal job with these podcasts. I feel lucky that these are free and available to everyone. He has great training advice and ideas and talks through how to implement them. His energy system training is a GAME CHANGER for any serious climber wanting to take this sport to the next level. I listen to these podcasts while mowing the lawn, riding my bike, and cooking food. Many of the you need to listen to multiple times to get all the information out of. I also enjoy how Eric’s books follow along with what he says in the podcast (reading his books and listening to the podcast is the best way to learn). I have emailed Eric through his nicros website and he responded quickly just like he says he will try to in podcast. I think it is very kind of him to respond to personal emails from climbers that are no where near pro status. I greatly respect Eric and all that he does. I feel like if I ever ran into him at the crag he would be incredibly friendly. Thanks for doing what your doing Eric. We all appreciate it!
The information on this podcast can be good, once he gets to it. The messaging could be much clearer and more to the point. In a recent podcast, he kept on repeating “again” — he knew he was repeating information, but either couldn’t or wouldn’t stop. In spent over 30 minutes waiting through his build up for about 5 minutes of good information.
Eric’s the man. Best podcast out there! I’ve listened to each episode a couple of times. Positive, informative, encouraging, and even relaxing. I couldn’t recommend more.
Too bad all we here about is the book and his new collagen product. Unsubscribing.
I was pretty skeptical with some of the marketing of his products but there’s a lot of good science behind this and it’s been tested. I’m a connective tissue injury prone climber. After a week few days of his collegen product and protective training protocol though I could already notice an improvement in finger pain. It all takes time but it works.
If you are a climber looking to improve your knowledge and ability- look no further. Eric is an authority on proper training to maximize performance and minimize injury. As a middle aged dad- this is brilliant. Thanks Eric for what you do.
Eric is incredibly passionate and a brilliant researcher. I’ve listened to every single podcast and love them.
as someone with a background in healthcare, eric does a great job of synthesizing tons of complex research and explaining it to a broad, non-scientific audience without dumbing it down. he brings the information to your level of understanding but does not leave things out for simplicity of explanation - which is much appreciated. thanks eric! - nolan
Super Informative
That’s it... there is some good info in this podcast but it could be 1/6 of the length if the organization and clarity was better
Used to be sixty minutes for thirty minutes of good info back when he was merely hawking his books. (I own three—they’re good books, but that’s not the point). Now that he’s selling a collagen supplement, it’s five minutes of useful information on collagen supplementation and the rest is sales talk. (I bought his collagen supplement and use it happily because I think it will have a marginal benefit, but that’s not the point.). The point is this: there’s some good info in these podcasts, but it will take a lot of your time to get it.
Most recent pod comes across as poorly written ad copy. It follows the familiar formula... “Don’t believe what they say, there’s hope for you. I’ve been doing this research for two years. Others may have tried to sell you snake oil. We found a formula. This is what I do every day. The only way to improve. The only source for this breakthrough formula is my new website.” I want that hour back. Remember the first rule in nutrition supplements is there is no magic formula. Anyone who tries to sell you on one is a shill. I was quite enjoying listening to this guy but this one was such a turnoff that I don’t know if I can trust anything he says or if I’ll be turning on an infomercial when I’m looking for a podcast.
I have listened to nearly every episode at least twice these past few years. By far my favourite climbing related podcast. Getting into the nitty gritty of the sport science and always at the forfront of scientific research. Thank you Coach Hörst!
It’s awesome that Eric brings new information into the game. No other podcast is doing this and Eric is killing it. I took one star away though because he tends to ramble a lot about somewhat unrelated stuff, makes it hard to listen to sometimes. I’ll keep listening, but I might curate which episodes I choose because of this.
Hands down, this is the best climbing training podcast. Eric is very articulate in correlating scientific evidence to training methods. Eric always explains why you should do a particular training protocol. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your knowledge.
I’ve listened to the others, and this one is the most authoritative and scientific climbing training podcast. Thanks for your hard work Eric!
Excellent technical information about training for climbing. Definitely has made my approach to training more intelligent and informed. After just a few months of listening and applying the info from this podcast, I’ve already experienced great gains - and the improvements feel way more sustainable than they ever have. I feel confident I’m on a solid trajectory to exceed my former peak!
Eric's podcasts have allowed me to expand my coaching through a better integration energy system concepts with the technical coaching I'm known for in my community. I had been looking for a better way to give the athletes who trust me more advanced training in aspects of climbing I'm not as proficient at, and bionergentics appeared to be my primary weakness. Eric's podasts on Energy System Training have given me a better grounding in our sport's energy requirements. I highly recommend the series, though as Eric says, you may have to listen more than once. - Taylor
Eric Horst has given us a great look into the practice and science of climbing training. These training lectures are truly excellent teachings, he delivers this information fully without becoming boring. Thank you professor Horst!!
Eric Hörst is deeply knowledgeable. His podcasts are helpful, practical, and inspiring. I have learned so much about how to become a stronger climber from these podcasts. I highly recommend it for anybody looking to improve the quality of their climbing training.
I majored in Exercise Science and I've got to say, Eric's understanding is on par my favorite ex. physiology teachers. His ability to apply it and create strategies for rope climbers is outstanding. Eric is a great teacher! For those without any prior background, it may take a few rounds to absorb the material but it is worth it.
My climbing partner and I eagerly await each new episode and discuss in depth afterward listening. Following Eric's training recommendations has allowed both of us to improve greatly in the last two years!
This podcast is great I have his training for climbing book already but this podcast keeps me up on latest science advancements and often answers questions I have in regards to my training. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
The most informative and well researched podcast on training. The sheer volume of the information can get overwhelming at times, but that means I just listen to it multiple times. From thousands of miles away I feel lucky to have access to this type of cutting edge information. The show notes with a rough outline of the podcast really help, you really want to focus and sit down to listen to this stuff.
Super informative. Enough info in these to listen multiple times.
The best training advice I've come across online. You can tell this information is coming from someone who is (A) a lifetime climber, and (B) dilligent in his research. I also have his book, which I love.
I have been climbing for 13 months and to be able to stand on the shoulders of 40 years of genuine experience is beyond valuable. Because of this pod cast I can visualize the arc of current to future climbing/trainig. Eric leads by example (Pod 5.13b/8a) and at age 54 makes a human proud by by climbing smart, precise and powerfully. Thank You Eric.
Have really enjoyed the podcasts! the latest ones have all the science, but sometimes the simple message of "the average climber using a 7/1 ratio for length of time on each hold vs 2/1 for ondra" is very helpful. Been trying out picking up my speed and that is a great "hack" that shows immediate results! Also love the 3 categories of P/E training discussion. Great job on a great podcast!
Coach Horst’s books are great guides to improved climbing performance, and these thoughtful podcasts provide additional context and instruction that is really motivating. I learn something from each episode.
Eric Hörst has such a clear and genuine interest in rock climbing, and he generously shares his deep knowledge and expertise for the sport in an easily understandable and digestible manner. What more could a motivated climber looking to improve ask for?! I get a TON of value from each episode and can’t wait to listen to more. Keep ‘em coming, please!
While there are useful nuggets, I feel most climbers would prefer far less exercise science jargon and more detail on methods that can be applied to improve one’s climbing without opening a textbook.
Eric Hörst covers climbing related topics in each episode in a very informative comprehensive way.
As a podcaster and climbing coach myself, I appreciate that Eric's approach is the opposite of my own, and that we can come together and learn from each other. This latest offering in the massive knowledge base that Eric has put together is worth the time if you're serious about improving or learning more about the science of climbing harder.
Great for all experiance levels!
Along with these lesson laden podcasts of Eric’s, I’m reading “How to Climb 5.12”, also from Eric. I’ve been a recreational climber wanting to get serious for about 8 years. With Eric’s detailed hangboard workouts, I feel like I’m finally at a point to take 5.12 trad a serious shot. Looking forward to implementing his 4-3-2-1 training schedule as soon as I get my own home woody. Both podcasts and book are perfect for accurate training tips and insight.
Listening to this podcast is basically having a personal climbing trainer for free. Eric provides a lot of specified insight for all climbers (of any level) for all seasons. I also have his book “Maximum Climbing”, he is widely acclaimed for a reason. If you want to grow as a climber, physically and/or in knowledge, you need to subscribe to this podcast.
It doesn’t take long to realize that coach Hörst has done his research when it comes to training for climbing. This podcast is presented in a lecture format centered around a specific topic related to training. Hörst is knowledgeable in a wide realm of subjects ranging from physical preparation to lifestyle attributes that are common among the top athletes in our sport. He is a master at presenting topics in an easy to digest format that’s applicable to a wide audience. Although he has a tendency to be repetitive at times, you can tell that coach Hörst really lives and breathes his climbing philosophies and I’m sure you’ll be inspired to adopt some of those philosophies yourself.
My Sauce was weak. After 2 children and a masters degree, my fitness had slipped and I had lost my feeble grip on the plateau I had achieved. Then I discovered the teachings of Eric Horst. Fantastically delivered in podcast form, they have helped me navigate the busy life and been an encouragement for disciplined training that maximizes the small amount of time that I had. Thanks to the teachings of the prophet, I have surpassed my old milestones by leaps and bounds. The crag is open to me. Follow the teachings of the Prophet of Send, and you too can achieve personal climbing glory!
Eric's books have helped me come back from knee and back injuries to climb harder than ever. His scientific approach to training is well thought out and organized in a way that was easy to follow and adapt for my individual needs. This podcast is a great addition to the information in his books.
Clear and precise information on training for climbing, backed with scientific facts as well as the experience from top athletes and trainers.
First off thank you Eric for taking the time to make this podcast! This is such a great organized podcast. I recently got in to climbing and this is really helping me with climbing!