Sleeping With The Boss

Reviews For Sleeping With The Boss

I have to say the more I listen each week the better it gets!!! I really do walk away weekly with some new Idea to make me think or improve my life!! thanks for what you guys are doing really enjoying it!! you guys are an inspiration to me and I am sure all who listen!!!
This is a hilarious and honest podcast that provides more great info in about 15 minutes than many do in an hour. Perfect example of quality over quantity.
Good job you guys I really appreciate the sincerity and amount of forethought you put into this podcast. Listened to the whole thing in one day! Whoa what an avid listener I am *pats on the back*
You guys are such a cute couple. I can definitely relate to many things you talk about together. Love the topics you choose, please keep them coming. I'm a "religious listener," lol!
I'm going to be sad not getting to listen to their podcast every day. But looking forward to longer shows.
My wife and I are in the process of building a family business out of our home, and it’s been encouraging to listen to another creative couple work through something similar. They’ve got a lot of great insight and their outlook is awesome. The brainstorming episode, specifically, has been really good for us as a couple new to living AND working together. I hope they keep doing something after this month...
I've followed Jason's work for some time and got to meet Caroline once as well. They are such an amazing team, and balance each other so well. I listened to their episode on Money and not only did they give valuable information but it was so genuine and honest and transparent… something you're not going to find on many other shows. Oh, and they're so adorable on the air together, you're going to want to reach through your headphones and pinch them on the cheek.
First off Mr. ZOOK (aka….sadler, headsetsdotcom, surfrapp, creative sir) is one of the most inspiring guys I know! I’m always using his examples in my presentations I give about Anything is Possible! Secondly Caroline is just sweat heart who is equally as AWESOME and talented as ZOOK :) Now getting to see the two of them come together and inspire the world on how to be entrepreneurs and have an AWESOME relationship is one BIG HELL YES!! Love these two and LOVE this podcast! CHECK IT OUT NOW!! Rock and RoLL!!
Seriously, from top to bottom this was amazing. Highly recommended!
I have been listening to podcasts/iTubes since about 2008. This my first ever review. Jason and Caroline are so funny, poignant, and down to earth, I had to write this. So many great insights on working and relationships! I look forward to their new episodes every day.
So interesting, and some great inspiration. Thanks for sharing!!
If you don't like what you experience, you won't come back for more. Fortunately, I was immediately drawn to the energy and fun Jason and Caroline provide and I'll keep returning for more! The content is valuable to couples in relationships where both individuals possess the entrepreneurial spirit. But I would also argue that it is a good listen for couples in general. I'm glad this podcast exists. Just go listen already and you'll see what I mean!
I've been actively following Jason for 5 years (this month, actually). I even got to meet him and Caroline last year. It's really great to listen to this podcast and get to hear their stories of the past and present with great advice along the way. These two really know what they're talking about. Also, the podcast is really fun!
Thanks for creating something that makes me smile while I am listening. The fact that it is a good listen on a short drive to or from work. Many of the instances of wisdom are very helpful now only to a younger generation just learning to do the relationship thing, but also for those who need to remember to always be renewing your relationship and making efforts to keeping the relationship fresh. Communication IS the BIGGEST thing. Thanks for making people smile. --- from former IWYS listener to the newest member of the GoogleKnucks hahaha.
Just listening to honest people have an honest conversation about their daily lives … it's quite grounding. Jason is such an inspiration; I've been following him since his t-shirt days. And now I'm getting to know Caroline a bit. I'm going to love watching where this goes. Whatever you do, guys, keep going!
Jason and Caroline really speak to me, as a fellow work-at-homer with my wife! They’re real, they encounter a lot of the same challenges as my wife and I do. If you are building a business and a relationship, you NEED to listen to this podcast!
This is an honest, no smoke and mirrors podcast about relationships - Not just professional relationships, though that context provides a good frame, but any long-term romantic relationships. Jason and Caroline aren’t messing around with vague concepts, they’re diving into private conversations, bank accounts, and gritty every day occurrences. Look no further than the Money episode in which Caroline and Jason both put a number on their debt, and Jason talks about living with that debt while paying Caroline’s way through life.
A great little experiment by two fantastic people. I do hope they continue the series.
Candid, funny and real as hell. One of the many things I love about both Jason and Caroline. It’s a refreshing look at all the “human” stuff that often gets swept under the rug when we talk business and entrepreneurship.
Is it weird to review your own show? Probably. But I’m having a blast, so who gives a crap?? Thanks for the support GoogleKnucks!
Love this. If you are able to relate to this idea in any way, this is worth a listen. My husband and I have been working together for a couple years and it is so nice to hear another couple’s approach to all of the things (good and bad!) that come along with being entrepreneurs who live and work together. Every relationship is different, but Jason and Caroline seem to make sense of challenges that even my husband and I continue to face! Not to mention, listening to them talk and laugh about different aspects of their relationship is fun and goofy and it puts a big smile on my face. :)
Love the playfulness, transparency, and overall fun of it all.
Love this perspective of modern day entrepreneurship and relationships. Must download!
Jason and Caroline. Caroline and Jason. They tell it how they see it. This podcast is entertaining, informative, insightful … and just fun. It’s a topic that needs more attention - and this couple brings it all out in the open. A must listen!
Revealing and engaging to better understand balance of work and the dynamic of a relationship when working together and pretty funny to boot.
This podcast is a great look into how couples who live and work together. Caroline and Jason share their experience in a fun, as well as helpful way. My partner and I live and work together too. So it's helpful to see how others manage. After the 'Money' episode, I left with new ideas about getting on the same financial page with my partner. Thanks for a fun and unique podcast!!
SO happy. I’ve been friends with these two for a moderate amount of time and done a little business with Jason. I enjoy all the time I’ve spent with them but now I don’t have to see them to get that same satisfaction. Whew.
I love the banter between Jason and Caroline - so real, thoughtful, and entertaining. Thanks for doing this podcast!
In one of the pre-episodes Jason and Carol preface the podcast by stating they are not relationship experts. However, after 4 years of living together they just might be. As someone who works from home it’s great to hear perspectives of how they handle a relationship in the midst of work. Give it a listen you won’t be disappointed.
Jason & Caroline are hilarious! I love that each podcast episode is full of great information and that I find myself smiling while listening to all of it. The easy banter between Jason and Caroline feels comfortable and is always very entertaining. I think I found my new favorite podcast!
I listen to lots of podcasts so when Jason and Caroline started one, I quickly added it to my queue. I was a little weary, being that my partner and I don't work together. However, through each episode these two have ventured into thought provoking topics, genuine relationship advice and real conversations. I particularly love balance of male and female perspectives. They give their listeners attention that is not easily found in other shows. Highly recommend, ya googleknucks!
I literally find myself laughing out loud listening to Sleeping With The Boss. It’s been my favorite new morning ritual!
As a couple who also lives together / works together / sleeps together (that’s how Julia sometimes introduces us) we know it can be difficult to balance it all. Love. Romance. Work you do separately. Work you do together. Non-work advice. Money. Food. I’m glad Jason and Caroline are publicly discussing and addressing this. It’s fun to hear how other couple deal with these common issues.