Reviews For Darken the Page: Conversations about the Creative Process

Thanks, Dave Booda for creating such an interesting podcast! It's hard to find anything really helpful and worthwhile about the creative process. I just listened to your interview with Dave Manon. Just terrific!
If you are a writer and it doesn't mater what kind or what you write, this podcast has something for everybody. I just finished listening to Episode 30 with Obi Okorougo and it was amazing. Great tips for, especially since he is a Copywriter and so am I. I just can't say enough great things about this podcast. Listen...thats it. Just listen.
I absolutely love this podcast. I listen to an episode a day. Just found out about it a couple months ago and have been hooked every since. Just listened to Episoe 34 with Comedian Mal Hall and it was great. Just great. Keep up the entire great job you are doing Dave. I so appreciate you, your talents and the talent you bring on the show.
Loving this podcast! Awesome resource for creatives of all types. It’s specifically for writers, but it definitely blends over to musicians, songwriters, and any creator who is pursuing a path of knowledge and advancement in their craft. Really dig the diversity of guests Dave invites on, as well as the thought-provoking questions and helpful information that comes out of each one. As a musician, songwriter, and fiction writer…. 5 STARS! Will keep on listening...
Gives me a boost whenever I feel like I hit a creativity wall. Love this show!
As a song writer, I have found so much inspiration for song ideas, writing styles and new perspectives with this podcast! A must subscribe for any writer.
If you're an author looking for great information on the creative process, or moving through it. This is the podcast for you!
I love this Podcast! It totally makes you think about things in a different way and opens up your mind. A must listen!
I love hearing about the writing process. As an aspiring writer I want to learn what I can about it. This is the place to do it! :)
We writers are admittedly odd. Dave knows exactly how to present to us the info we need both as creatives and as book marketers. I'm a fan!
The first episode of Darken the Page that I listened came recommended by a friend I respect. It impressed me but more importantly it influenced my work immediately and made the project I was working on noticeably better.
Dave is an interesting character, great host and has wonderful guests on his show. I especially enjoyed your episode with Kamala Chambers and the different processes that one goes through to create. Thanks Dave!
Thanks so much for this timely info!
Consistently high quality content from a great host - keep it up.
As an aspiring author, I'm always looking to grow. This content is really empowering.
Great place to share authentic conversation on how real writers do real writing.
I love the mix of Dave’s interviews and his own personal insights. He has a great voice and interviewing style and draws me right in to the conversation. His guests seem like they are enjoying themselves and the whole listening/learning experience is just fabulous. Thank you so much, Dave, for your work on this podcast. :)
As someone who is writing her first book, this podcast is so helpful to hear all the various ways authors honor their own creative voice.
I saw a link about this Dave Booda guy on Facebook and followed it to this podcast. Several happy listenings later, I am really glad I did. It is so much fun to listen to other writers talk about how they do what they do. Keep up the fantastic work, Dave!
I loved learning about Dave’s writing process.
Great podcast Dave! I really enjoy your interviews and how you are able to pull so many bricks of gold (answers) from your guests. Great tips and tools for the trade of writing and getting your creative process under way. Keep up the great content!
What a great listen! I write, but never really think of myself as a creative. But that process is there and I really like hearing other people's creative journeys. It gives me great ideas to get unstuck.
If you’re at all into the creative process, this is a fascinating glimpse into a wide variety of writers’ worlds - habits, practices, relationship with muse, etc. Dave’s got an easy style and I find these are great company for long walks. I give it a 4 as I know it’s just going to get better the longer Dave’s at it - that’s how he rolls. Gotta leave some room for growth!
You've got to have this feed on your device. Quality content, excellent guests, well produced!
I really enjoyed listening to your podcast so far. I loved your intro episode with the music in the background. Just listening to the production value you can tell that this podcast is a creative interviewing other creatives! Can’t wait to hear more!
I love Dave's podcast. It is raw, honest and authentic. It is refreshing to hear interviews that dig deep going beyond shallow subjects. We need more authentic shows like this one.
Dave Booda has this incredible ability to ask the question beneath the question. Even though the podcast is about writing, at a deeper level, it's really about the creative process as a whole. I love that.
As a writer myself, this podcast really brings it home for me.
Dave’s sets the stage for great conversations to come to life. Very organic. Very relatable. Very entertaining. It’s a great environment to receive valuable insights and perspectives. You will be very happy that you subscribed! Chuck Wang
These interviews have lubed up my writing process. My page is darkening. Thank you!
Dave’s a fantastic interviewer. I’m not a writer, but I find all kinds of value learning from how writers create and think. Dave creates a relaxed, easy space for people to open up and share their process. Tune in, turn on, create something.
I have had the privilige to be interviewed by Dave Booda and I've also had the honor to listen the other wonderful interviews Booda created on this podcast. Dave has a way to bring out things we've hidden, hadn't thought about and puts it in a way to allow listeners to get their own insights! If you are an author, writer or just want to sit back, relax, and allow your creative genius to come out...Then throw this in your car and just listen...
Darken the Page is awesome! If you're an aspiring writer or even someone who's published books, this is a fantastic podcast for you. I've read many books and listened to a lot of different podcasts, but this one is the best. Keep up the great work!
This show really gets my creative juices flowing. There are great topics from finding your rythm to story structure and writing style. It's my new favorite podcast to listen to on my way to work. Highly recommended!
makes me want to write! Thanks for bringing this to us. Yes.
I don't ever listen to podcasts, so when my friend asked me to check it out because he was in fact doing a podcast, I had to listen. Dave is the man. Big heart, funny twists, epic conversation. Dave is the type of person you could hear talking about anything really, like how to wax a bowling ball. Trust me, it would be a thrilling fun discussion!
Dave… you have a magical way of creating space for the creative juice to flow out of people. This podcast is a beautiful representation of that gift. This is packed full of insight.
Dave Booda is the coolest guy ever. You have to listen to his podcast! He is entertaining, insightful, articulate, charming. There are incredible guests on this show and Dave has this way of pulling every string out of each one. Dave is such a wise man, there is so much you can learn from him through this series of podcasts.
As a creator, This podcast just really turns me on to my source. I love when you can connect with other creative minds and let the conversation flow. This is what Dave Booda does in these podcasts. The only drawback is that you can't jump into the conversation that 's taking place but in my head I am. I receive great stimulation from it.
Writer-gasm Definition: When a writer discovers a resource so transcendent, he explodes in a state of creative bliss. That’s how I feel after discovering “Darken the Page”. I’m a big creative ritual nerd so this podcast is like crack to me. Give me…give me more!
Knock, knock..who's there? This is the gatekeeper to the zone of genius. Let me in. Poetry, prose, haiku, memoirs, articles, books..Doesn't matter. Listen. Create. Flow. Let go. Thank you, thank you for making this available to all of us. This is one of those podcast I could listen to forever, and ever. Open your flood gates of creativity baby! Subscribe.
This is Rick Smith. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Dave. His questions brought out new insights for me about my work. i also love the way he blended the final product, highlighting key pieces, especially for those thinking of self-publishing.
Approaching this from your personal experiences really makes it pop.
Lots of wonderful thoughts about the creative process, looking forward to more - great voice.
For the aspiring, devout and curious writer. It's rare to find a resource that both demystifies the creative process (which is so unique to each individual) and gives practical support on how to become a Writer with a capital "W." Dave Booda is a true ally for writers and an amazing curator of inspiring voices.
This is an amazing podcast full of great content and insights. A wonderful listen for the creative mind.
Thank you for creating this beautiful podcast. I subscribed today and have already listened to three episodes. They are exactly what I needed as I've been trying so hard not to try hard in my writing and it was like squeezing toothpaste from an empty tube. Listening today helped me find a vein and the writing flowed like water. What I have been trying to do is give myself permission to just make ART. Somehow, listening to your podcast set me free to do so. I'll be a new avid listener! Love, John
Dave, you’ve done again! I always love your work and now you’ve gone deeper. As a writer it really helps to have a podcast that speaks to me directly and keeps me inspired.